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  1. LuckyGourami

    Gravel on Sand?

    I have a little 8-gallon tank with two gold twinbar platies. This tank has been running for well over two years. Lots of plants, mostly Anubias and Crypts. Sand substrate, so I supplement with root tabs and liquid fertilizer. The crypts are doing really well. The trouble is that these platies...
  2. LuckyGourami

    Platies Grazing on Algae After Water Change

    Like most platies, mine occasionally pick at the algae that grows on my plants, but lately I've noticed something a little odd. Once a week, I do a 30 percent water change, net out whatever detritus has accumulated, and clean the glass. For the rest of the day, they go bananas and eat every...
  3. LuckyGourami

    Do Male Gouramis Stop Eating When Making Nests?

    Blue, my Dwarf Gourami, has been hanging out near the surface blowing bubbles almost continually for the past 24 hours. I was worried that my cycle somehow crashed, but all tests came back normal. Then, I noticed that the bubbles were gathering along one edge of the tank, and now I am pretty...
  4. LuckyGourami

    I Treated For Ick And It Got Worse

    I posted a thread about this in the disease forum, but the situation has gone critical. I have ick in my one-year-old established 8-Gallon tank. The tank has been cycled for over a year, and I have not added anything new to the tank recently. The tank was stocked with one platy and seven neon...
  5. LuckyGourami

    Is This Ich Or Something Else?

    I am battling what I believe to be ick in my one-year-old 8-gallon tank. I am performing 25% daily water changes and treating with Tetra ick guard, but I want to make sure that this really is ick and not something else. I have not added anything new to the tank recently, but these fish had ick...
  6. LuckyGourami

    Subdued Flourescent Lighting

    So... I finally got my 20-gallon tank cycled and scaped, and my Cherry Barbs are settling in. I have four males and six females. I am beginning to think the fluorescent light on this tank is too bright for them. When the light is on, the males chase each other quite a bit. They also bug the...
  7. LuckyGourami

    Planted 20 Gallon

    After a few hiccups, I finally got the tank cycled and looking nice. I brought home two Nerite Snails and 10 Cherry Barbs last night. They are settling in. The Cherries are going to stay by themselves for a week or two. Then I'm moving my three Peppered Cories from my 8-Gallon into this one...
  8. LuckyGourami

    I Put Duckweed In My Tank And The Filter Is Blowing It All Over The Place.

    I wanted to add some floating plants to my 20 gallon long to provide more shade. I looked at several top ten lists, and duckweed appeared frequently as an easy-to-grow floating plant. I ordered some and put it in my tank, thinking it would congregate in one corner of the tank and just float...
  9. LuckyGourami

    All Male Or All Female Cherry Barbs?

    I am thinking about possibly getting a school of Cherry Barbs for my new 20 Gallon Long. It's a planted tank, and there will also be three or four peppered Cories in there. I know Cherry Barbs do best when the females outnumber the males, but would they be happy in a school of all males or all...
  10. LuckyGourami

    What Are These?

    I saw these at... DUN DUN DUN... Pet Depot. They were labelled as Rosy Barbs, but I think they are actually Gold Barbs. Thoughts?
  11. LuckyGourami

    Sunny And Friends

    This is my 8 Gallon tank. I've had it for nearly a year. I originally had a Betta in it, but I made the mistake of trying to do a fish-in cycle, and sadly he didn't make it. Once I did get it cycled, I added a school of Neon Tetras and a Gold Twinbar Platy. His name is Sunny, but I've thought...
  12. LuckyGourami

    Shipping Java Moss

    I recently bought some Java Moss from an online US-based seller. It arrived in plastic cups with no water and no cold packs. I would say 90% of it was brown on arrival. I put half of it in my established 5-gallon and the other half in my new 20 Gallon, which is cycling. I added plenty of excel...
  13. LuckyGourami

    20 Gallon Tank Two Weeks With No Nitrites

    Hello all! I have kept a couple of planted nano tanks for about a year, and I recently set up a 20 gallon long. I am doing a fish-less cycle. The filter is a Fluval U2 underwater filter. The substrate is sand. It's a planted tank; I have some Lucky Bamboo and Java Ferns in it. Day one, I added...
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