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    The Boys Checking Out Their New Tank

    Set up the tank (Fluval Flex 15) last weekend and let it run for a week (mainly to let the cholla wood to soak/sink). Took the extra bio-media I keep in my canister filter and put it in the filter. Managed to catch all the known males from the other tank and moved them to the Flex 15. The...
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    What Colour Morph Would You Call This Mostly White Endler?

    Backstory: At our clubs garage sale in September, I picked some endlers (male, female, around 5 fry). They were sold as K class. As expected, my little group of Endlers is not so little now. Most of the males look like chilI or black bar endlers, except this one guy; he's mostly white with...
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    Well That Didn't Go As Planned.

    This morning I was removing shrimp and fish from a tank I was planning on tearing down. Got the ember tetras out, got most of the shrimp, and was getting to catch the pygmy cories. Happened to notice these small dark things zooming around the sand. Turns out the pygmy cories managed to breed...
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    Bloated Zebra Danio

    We've had this particular zebra danio for two years now. This is the second time this fall it has bloated up. The previous time it went away over a few weeks. This time it hasn't gone away, and I have no idea what might be wrong with it, or if it's simply coming to the end of it's life. The...
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    Canister Filter For A 20 Gallon Tall Tank

    I'm considering switching to a canister filter for my slightly overstocked 20 gallon tall aquarium. I currently run a customised Aqueon Quietflow 30 HOB (200 gph) on the tank along with a dual sponge filter. Low power consumption is a key selection parameter. I'm considering the Eheim Ecco...
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    Sick White Cloud, Tail Drooping

    One of my white cloud minnows has started swimming funny lately. It tries to swim, but it's more like a wiggle. Looks like it's fins may be clamped and the tail droops. When it swims lower in the tank, as soon as it stops swimming it floats back towards the surface. Seems like multiple...
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    Hey, Where'd You Come From?

    I got home from work today and put my lunch kit in the kitchen. Like I always do, I take a look at my tanks. I glance at my 10 gallon tank with white clouds in it and noticed something doing a familiar dance on the sand; a young Panda Cory. The Cory tank is 12 feet away from this tank. After a...
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    Marineland C220 Leaking A Small Amount.

    Today at our clubs garage sale, I picked up a used C220 for $45 (original C series, not a Magnaflow). The main o-ring had been replaced prior to sale. I hooked it it up by filling the sink with water and putting the hoses in it. The filter runs fine, but leaked a bit at first before settling...
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    Killing Hydra In An Assassin Snail Tank

    I have a 10 gallon tank with assassin snails in it that I normally trade in at the LPS. I've noticed recently that I now have hydra in the tank. They are on the glass, filter intake, sponge filter, even riding on the back of the snails. I think it may have gotten into the tank via some MTS...
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    Zebra Danio laying on gravel

    This zebra danio has been laying on the gravel and in the plants lately. I've had one danio that's often not with the others and I think this is it. We've had it for about 20 months, not sure how old it was when we got it, but it seems it's life is coming to an end. Anyone have an idea what's...
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    White Panda Cory Nose

    I noticed that my female panda cory's entire nose recently turned White. Numerous times I've seen her moving quickly around the tank with the other panda cories around her; it almost looks like a ball of cories actually. I think she may have hit her nose and this is the result. She is also...
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    Sparkling Gourami Problems

    On May 25th I bought 3 sparkling gouramis. On May 28th I found one of them dead. It had a red spot on it's underside towards it's head. Of the remaining 2, one was very active and the other seemed to be hiding a lot. I thought it might be bullied by the other, so I bought 3 more on June 3rd...
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    Spotted A Baby Panda During Water Change

    This morning my plan was to remove the decorations and do a deep gravel vac of our 20 gallon high. When I lifted the castle up something very tiny swam away. I tracked it down and got a photo. This is the first one I've found this year, and fourth one since last summer. Hoping there are more...
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    Dwarf/pea Puffer No Longer Eating.

    My last dwarf puffer, which I've had for two months, has stopped eating. Up until last week he would happily hunt down bladder snails and take frozen bloodworm (thawed). Now he'll show interest in them but won't actually eat them. I've also tried MTS and freeze-dried Omega One bloodworm...
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    Pea Puffer Not Eating, Sitting On Bottom

    We've had a pair of pea puffers in a 10 gallon for a month. Tank has Amazon Sword, guppy grass, and java moss to break sight lines. Parameters are 0/0/<40 I've been feeding small snails from my other tanks as well as frozen bloodworms. The other puffer is eating fine. I've seen it Chase the...
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    Looking For Stocking Ideas For A 12 Inch Cube

    Our betta passed away early Monday morning, and we're not getting any more. I'm looking for ideas on what else we could stock the tank with. Bettas, neo shrimp, endlers, and pea puffers are not options, since we already have those in other tanks. Tank is a rimless cube, 12x12x12, has a lid...
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    Male Only Gardneri Killi Tank?

    There's been a setback in getting the mating pair of gardnerI killis. The young females we were waiting to mature all turned out to be males, so there are no females available. Would it be wise (not likely) to have more than one male in a 10 gallon tank? I'm going to check with my LFS this...
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    Recommended Flow Rate For Internal Filters

    We commonly see recommendations of 5x or more for canister filters and 8x - 10x for HOB filters. What's the guideline for internal filters?
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    How Much Clearance Behind Tank For Fluval 06 Series Hoses

    I'm considering switching from an HOB to a Fluval 106 canister for my 20 gallons high tank. From looking at pictures and videos, the holders that fit the top of the tank look to be massive. How much space is needed behind the tank to get them to fit properly?
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    Cycling Via Fertilizer?

    I've got a 10 gallon tank that has been running for a month in preparation for receiving a pair of killifish. All that is in the tank is substrate (sand), xy-2831 sponge filter, heater, and some plants. I did not attempt to do a fishless cycle on this tank because the fish were due several...
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