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  1. Jack B Nimble

    How to encourage red cherry shrimp breeding

    Get a tds pen and shoot for 250-300. Work with the water you have and do nothing. Feed only twice per week small bits, have alot of moss and dead leaves. Only top off water no water changes. I think your way over thinking things. My most successful tanks are the ones I do the least with. To...
  2. Jack B Nimble

    Looking into breeding?

    Id sure love to know what fish she bred and sold for $30 let us know.
  3. Jack B Nimble


    Id suggest youll need an extra 10g tank. Put a small plastic cup with moss in it in the main tank and remove the cup each day to the other tank or fill main tank with guppy grass for the fry to hide.
  4. Jack B Nimble

    Trying to setup a No Maintenance Tank

    If you had deep substrate or a plenium with about 6" of substrate, full of plants and only topped off with RO water or bottled you could do fine. For fish id stick with low stock micro fish like CPD. Check out LRB aquatics.
  5. Jack B Nimble

    GBR laid eggs 78degrees

    Read the article and all he says is the water was 82 in 1 foot of water the day he was there. That I agree with but, what I said is not all year and there are many other articles or videos of the water at 78 as well. Again we all differ but, my rams have lived in Canada for over 40 years with...
  6. Jack B Nimble

    GBR laid eggs 78degrees

    I am a breeder of the much hardier GBR and all my tanks are around 78-79. My GBR are very healthy and I have never seen an issue other than when I fed blood worms so don't. If you look at some professional breeders in Israel and most in Florida do not have high temps as some claim. The GBR will...
  7. Jack B Nimble

    Free swimming German blue ram fry dying

    I thought I would chime in on the fry grouping in the top corners once they are free swimming. I am certainly not coralbandit but, I have bred GBR in the thousands as well just to qualify my process. My solution was take a old dirty sponge filter from another tank and squeeze into a bucket just...
  8. Jack B Nimble

    CPD fertilized and non fertilized egg description

    They look like tiny clear marbles say the size of those round sprinkle candies on a donut. If they are not viable they are all white not clear. If you seperate eggs from main tank into a container you can use a bit of hydrogen peroxide to keep fungus away.
  9. Jack B Nimble

    20/30 gallon Fish breed recommendations?

    German blue ram, peacock gudgeons are my choice maybe even 5 or 6 rummy nose tetras.
  10. Jack B Nimble

    Banned / illegal plants 2021

    They will not mention aquariums because once a plant or fish is banned its irrelevant as to what someone may use it for. They cant possibly list all types of uses just the plant itself and if its on the list then that applies to indoor or outdoor water.
  11. Jack B Nimble

    Could use help on getting an accurate diagnosis!!!

    if the spots are not spreading in numbers I would not do anything. I have an angel with similar spot on fin and I assumed ick but, its also the go to once you get ick in a tank that all spots are ick so we panic. The angel has had same spot now for over a year and all is good and no other issues...
  12. Jack B Nimble

    Whats happening with my Bolivan Rams?

    I find with rams too much bloodworm or surface floating foods cause similar reaction. Or a parasite which for me I used a dog dewormer panacur c and mine seemed happier. If you are feeding bloodworm only do it once a week.
  13. Jack B Nimble

    50 watt heater suggestions

    I use Eheim jagger as well.
  14. Jack B Nimble

    40B recommendations

    I have 4 40g breeder tanks all Tetra and very well built and no center brace, love them and getting two more next week.
  15. Jack B Nimble

    20 gallon long oddball fish?

    id suggest peacock gudgeons a very pretty and friendly fish in a 20g. You could do a dozen or so.
  16. Jack B Nimble

    Banned / illegal plants 2021

    The most recent invasive species the zebra muscles have drawn attention by gov agencies and I am sure that in the future you will see very little aquarium plants imported or even allowed. In Canada where I live many plants have been banned for years and fairly recently all most all medications...
  17. Jack B Nimble

    Angelfish Eggs Look Good?

    You can use hyrdrogen peroxide to make sure the eggs dont fungus. I use about a cap full twice a day until you see wigglers. Hydrogen peroxide is easily available and since pandemic most people have it in the house anyway. It was also approved fairly recently by I believe the FDA for use on...
  18. Jack B Nimble

    50 Gallon Tank Please help, lost half of my beloved guppies to a severe drug-resistant parasite, out of options

    I would have suggested fenbendazole as opposed to flubendazole. Fenbendazole normally found in dog dewormer like panacur c. It will kill most internal parasites, all worms and flukes. I have used it on many types of fish as soon as i see stringy poop or flashing and ever time they are healthy...
  19. Jack B Nimble

    Shrimps for my 20 gallon?

    Id save your money as the shrimp will just be expensive food for the fish you keep.
  20. Jack B Nimble

    40 Gallon Tank German Blue ram possible internal parasite

    Anyone reads this later I cured mine with some blanched peas and removed skin. Made into small pieces and feed her. I think they can get plugged if you feed to much blood worms and some foods.
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