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  1. LowConductivity

    Rio Vichada spawn #1

    Against all odds, spawn #1 went on the cone yesterday late afternoon. for the next week I’ll be enlarging all the doorways of my home. Have to make sure my ego fits now.
  2. LowConductivity

    Do I have magical cherry shrimp?

    Hello all. I’ve been keeping a 30 gallon long with RCS for 20 months or so. While I’m not terribly interested in cherry shrimp, I have some fish that like to eat red things, and they’ve been a terrific conditioning food. here’s the fun part… I think I’ve stumbled upon some magical shrimp...
  3. LowConductivity

    120 Gallon Tank Coolest fish, most boring tank. I’m stoked!

    After a few years of lusting, but being put off by the high cost and low quantity per box, I scored one of my “list” species on a flyer I took from an exporter a friend uses. The amazing chameleon whip tail, aka Pseudohemiodon apithanos, from Colombia. Not much to look at yet….unless you really look
  4. LowConductivity

    My (LowConductivity) fish room

    Thought it would be fun to catalog my fish room and it’s stock. Bank 1 (20 gallon longs) 1) 10x juvenile L046 (F1) 2) 20x Apistogramma sp D37 juvenile (F1) 3) empty 4)empty 5)2 pair Apistogramma cf geisleri “Careiro f1 6) empty 7)empty 8)empty 9) 2pair Apistogramma viejita (the real one)f2...
  5. LowConductivity

    RCS and water hardness

    2*dGH, 2*dKH. Newer shrimp keeper. Does this work in the long term?
  6. LowConductivity

    120 Gallon Tank Crazy spawns to come home to

    After a week of unbearable heat and an uncomfortably warm fish room, I came home to a nice surprise from both of my pairs….silly fish.
  7. LowConductivity

    B. macrostoma advice?

    Anyone have any macrostoma advice, specifically temp and humidity?
  8. LowConductivity

    Pre-spawn conditioning my next breeding project

    Water changes and live food bombs for these guys for the next week. Dicrossus foirni
  9. LowConductivity

    Week 6 freeswimming

    Today marks the 6th week since they went freeswimming. Bars are setting nicely. Could live without some of the dorsal and ventral extension breakage, but, what can you do.
  10. LowConductivity

    Limiting factors that constrain gH carrying capacity ?

    Trying to harden up some water to grow out fry. It appears I'm able to add enough magnesium sulfate and calcium sulfate dihydrate to get the TDS up to 170ish...but I have undissolved leftovers on the bottom of my tub. The leftovers will dissolve on the next filling. What am I missing here? Do...
  11. LowConductivity

    28 day live daphnia feeding

    Made it to the 4 week mark! Even managed to collect enough daphnia to sort the little ones out for the fry.
  12. LowConductivity

    Want To Sell Dwarf Cichlids

    Hello all, Have some dwarf cichlids in search of new homes. F1 Apistogramma sp abacaxis 1-1.5" $8ea F1 Ivanacara adoketa 1-1.5" $10ea Paypal goods and services only. Fedex Overnight shipping only (about $40 for up to 10 fish in the ConUS) Live arrival guarantee covers fish and freight cost
  13. LowConductivity

    My dwarf acaras

    Probably my favorite fish at the moment. Personality for days. Excellent parents. The "zebra acara"
  14. LowConductivity

    21 days

    My latest spawn is now 21 days freeswimming. Couldn't be any happier with the progress
  15. LowConductivity

    Apistogramma sp "Abacaxis"

    Here's another one that's an absolute eye burner. Apistogramma sp. "Abacaxis" sometimes refered to as Wilhelmi, or the pineapple apistogramma. A bag of these males will put the most spectacular line bred cacatuiodes to shame every day of the week. WC female pictured with couple day old fry.
  16. LowConductivity

    Apistogramma diplotaenia

    Super fun Apistogramma that's not seen in the hobby all that often. These guys spend their whole lives living on sandbars. Minimal leaf litter, very little structure, just little depressions in the sand. Super fun to watch....these guys and gals can move some sand around. 1 day old fry pictured...
  17. LowConductivity

    Membrane life expectancy

    How long do membranes last for everyone? I'm 20 months into a new membrane, and the rate my product water is produced is about 40-50% of what it was a year ago
  18. LowConductivity


    Hello all. New to the site. Figured I could use some help with my angle fish eggs that don't hatch, so here I am, reading away.
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