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  1. SlyDeVekio

    20 Gallon Tank Texas to Florida move

    Ok, now I am moving from Huntsville Texas to holiday Florida. Long trip eh. So this what I came up with a lot of thought, correct me if any of this steps I have taken are wrong could be better. With that being said, I have purchased these items for my little family that I have been caring for...
  2. SlyDeVekio

    20 Gallon Tank Bio max in HOB

    Is this a good idea? Any input will be appreciated
  3. SlyDeVekio

    20 Gallon Tank Aeration

    I was wondering since I’m not using a air pump for aeration and such, is it okay to use the powerhead aeration attachment instead? How long should I leave on and how much flow of, example- like cracked open, 1/4, half, ect.. any help would be appreciated.
  4. SlyDeVekio

    20 Gallon Tank Noob

    Hello everyone
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