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    My snail had a baby.

    It came out of no where, it was hiding in the castle all day, so I picked up the castle and out comes a small black snail. What should I do?
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    10 Gallon Tank Looking for a better filter?

    I got my filter in a kit made by tetra from pet supermarket. I have another filter that is better and it is in my other tank, so both filters have beneficial bacteria. the problem is the better filter won't fit the tetra light hood and I need the hood for light and to keep my fish and snails in...
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    I have two questions about platys

    First one, if a platy has a huge white stomach is it mean its pregnate? Second, there is like pink/brown strings coming from the rear of the fish. Is this (poop) what is it
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    10 Gallon Tank My tank has cycled!!

    My new 10 gallon has cycled. Would it harm my snail if I took it out of its tank and put it in with the bettas. I am aware of the possible issue but algae is starting to grow and if there is a problem I can always move him back to my original 10 gallon.
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    5 Gallon Tank Stocking?

    Any ideas I would like a school? Thanks this is for a friend.
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    Do all Zebra Nerites look like this?

    I would like to add a few to my 10 gallon. Do they all look like the one in the link or is that like a snail model thanks.
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    10 Gallon Tank Newly Renovated Aquarium

    This is just an update to my fish tank. I moved things around yesterday! I will post more pictures after this post.
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    I would like to speed up cycle?

    About a week or two ago, I set up another 10 gallon. It currently has 3 male bettas. How would I go about using the filter in my established aquarium to speed up the cycle in the new aquarium. the new tank is showing low levels of ammonia. Thanks
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    Funny My Snails Adventure!!!

    Today, when I woke up my gold mystery snail was missing, so I searched the whole tank all day and could not find him. I then decided to look behind the dresser that the tank is on. Well was I shocked when I found hie was out of the tank all day and part of last night, but I put him back in the...
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    White cloud montain minnow pregnant?????

    About a week ago I bought two wcmm and I believe one of them is pregnant. I am new to fish keeping and was not ready for fry. I took a video of the pair, could you tell me if she is pregnant and if she is what do I need to do for the fry and for the two wcmm. I believe she was pregnant when I...
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    10 Gallon Tank Want to add additional fish?

    I have tested my tank today, and my profile is updated with the proper measurements. I have 4 Serpae tetras, two white cloud mountain Minnows, two mystery snails, and a cherry shrimp. Either this week or next week I am getting 25 more cherry shrimp. I like dwarf gouramis and platys. Can I add...
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    Getting PH up?

    My PH is currently 6.6 I would like to get it up past 7. Any ideas? are my fish currently safe? This is about 10 gallon. Thanks
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    I woke up this morning to my platy laying on his side?

    what do I do, I am upset because I believe he passed away. Are my other fish sick also, this came out of no where? Thank you please respond quick
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    Dollar Per Gallon & discount Tank Sales

    Store flier advertising $1 dollar a gallon starting from 10 gallon and going up to 55 gallon. Only included the glass. Good Luck!
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    2 Gallon Tank Looking to add to my tank?

    I currently have a male Betta, and was wondering if I could add a Cory cat or any other algae eater such as snails and shrimp. Also how about any other small fish other than the Betta because I a considering moving him.
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    10 Gallon Tank Changing filter Cartridges?

    I have had my tank running for almost 6 weeks but have not changed the cartridge. When should I change it and how often should I change the water? Thanks
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    How much GPH does this filter have?

    I bought my tank in a kit and this is the filter that was included. My tank has successfully cycled but I would like to know the correct GPH thanks.
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    Were my snails mating?

    I think my new mystery snails may have been mating. Please click on the youtube link. Thanks
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    Got a cherry Shrimp?

    Please look at my tank profile and see if I could put a cherry shrimp in with them? Thanks
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    10 Gallon Tank Need help anchoring plants

    I can't get my plants to stay in the gravel so the float to the top of the tank. Any ideas? Thanks
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