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  1. jmaldo

    20 Long Planted Pea Puffer Build

    Well, earlier in the week I thought I would need to share some disappointing news. On Tuesday I could not locate them, my son also searched. MIA? Thursday night my son texted me, he found them swimming. Yeah! They got a water change and brine shrimp yesterday. About to feed some bloodworms.
  2. jmaldo

    20 Gallon Tank Advice for a new fish keeper.

    Agree, your doing fine, far better than most "Newbies". Of course from time to time we all have had issues with our "Wet" pets. As mentioned continue your feeding and water change regime. I normally feed mine once a day and do have a fasting day once a week. Good Luck! Let's see some pics...
  3. jmaldo

    55 Gallon Tank Jmaldo's African Cichlid Build

    Just some pics...All 4"+
  4. jmaldo

    Bolivian Rams not pairing

    It depends on the fish. I have noticed this behavior with proven and new pairs. They will bicker, lip-lock, chase and also separate. It's her way to see if if he is worthy. "Mother Nature" at work. Give them more time.
  5. jmaldo

    My 3 year discus journal.

    Very Nice! I like the rectangle planters your using.
  6. jmaldo

    White specs on mystery snail and stone

    As mentioned appear to be "Nerite" eggs, a member here used the term "Snail-dazzled". Here is a piece of driftwood with eggs.
  7. jmaldo

    Potassium permanganate alternative

    I have used the PP treatment. Got the idea from coralbandit well know breeder here. Take a look at this thread may give you more info. Using Potassium Permanganate | Freshwater Fish Disease and Fish Health Forum | 397208 Good Luck!
  8. jmaldo

    Hello Fishlore friends!

    Welcome to the Community. Nice Puffers! Just started my journey with them.
  9. jmaldo

    20 Long Planted Pea Puffer Build

    Fed some bloodworms/brine shrimp to them a couple of hours ago. They were interested and even saw them take a bite of two. So here are a pics, very poor quality but.. at least they are eating. Used a pipette to squirt close to them, will eventually try the tweezers. Gotta find the macro lens...
  10. jmaldo

    Is this black beard algae?

    You may also try Hydrogen Peroxide, I spot treat with a spray bottle or a pipette. If it gets too bad then may need to remove and soak for around 3 mins or so. Good Luck!
  11. jmaldo

    20 Long Planted Pea Puffer Build

    Well water change today, they are still with me, in fact they came over to the siphon tube to check it out. Just watched a vid of ChrissFishes01 feeding his puffer with tweezers. Gonna give a try tomorrow.
  12. jmaldo

    Thoughts on my 10 gallons?

    Nice! A word a caution about the mason jar. I tried some glass globes when I first started, I was experimenting to create a cave and tied /glued moss to it. An SAE swam in but could not find it's way out. Good Luck!
  13. jmaldo

    Best Lighting For Cichlids Color?

    StanV Here you go. 55 Gallon Tank - Jmaldo's African Cichlid Build | Members Fish Tanks Forum | 468365
  14. jmaldo

    20 Long Planted Pea Puffer Build

    Thanks Everyone! Well, the 2 are still with me. They do swim together and have nibbled on some worms and brine shrimp, fingers-crossed....
  15. jmaldo

    55 Gallon Tank Jmaldo's African Cichlid Build

    Yesterday noticed some commotion, saw a Clown Loach had a Ramshorn snail. Tried to get some pics, it was swimming around so fast and of course the other inhabitants were photo bombing. Here the best of not so good 200+ clicks. Oh, and the Africans are doing fine.
  16. jmaldo

    Best Lighting For Cichlids Color?

    I have the Aqua Sky on my 55 African build, the fish look Great. Take a look at some of the pics in my thread. Good Luck!
  17. jmaldo

    Bolivian Ram spawn log

    Fingers-crossed for you and the pair, they should eventually get it right. Good Luck!
  18. jmaldo

    20 Long Planted Pea Puffer Build

    Thanks, for the theory it is a possibility, just so surprising and difficult to deal with. Just thought having a juvenile group might work. Probably will never know for sure. The 2 remaining do cruise the tank together. Fingers-crossed....
  19. jmaldo

    20 Long Planted Pea Puffer Build

    Son found another one last night. Well down to "2". One appears to have a bit of a belly the other not so much. Of the 3 found dead, two had a fin missing, and one it appeared part of the belly gone. ???
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