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  1. J

    Random Thoughts Continued

    Is it actually getting cooler in other states?? Because it doesn't feel like that here lol. It's supposed to be 90°F this weekend :facepalm:
  2. J

    Random Thoughts Continued

    Would a 6 gallon cube tank be secure on the top shelf of a sort of flimsy (but earthquake proof) ladder shelf?? I don’t have space for a tank anywhere else unfortunately… and I miss having a betta :(
  3. J

    Betta has cut/wound on head

    Can you describe the wound? I can't see it clearly from the picture. It would also help if you filled out the emergency template!
  4. J

    Random Thoughts Continued

    I was today years old when I found out black tomatoes existed :o
  5. J

    Random Thoughts Continued

    I wanted a new pfp, but I was too lazy to actually pick one out lol. I’ll probably update it when I get a new fish. I’m currently fishless :(
  6. J

    Random Thoughts Continued

    Does anyone know when the next dollar per gallon sale is? I’m thinking of setting up either a 6 gallon betta tank or a 3 gallon shrimp bowl… I’m not sure which one I’ll go with yet :)
  7. J

    Wild-life photos

    I haven’t posted on here in a while… I couldn’t get a good picture, but here’s a baby possum! And this is probably my favorite picture of a jumping spider I ever took :)
  8. J

    3 gallon bowl for 1 nerite snail?

    The bowl is going to be in bright indirect light and I’m planning on getting a small aquarium light for it as well, so I think it’s going to be okay. I also started considering getting shrimp instead of a nerite. Does anyone know if that would work better?
  9. J

    3 gallon bowl for 1 nerite snail?

    I was considering ramshorns, but I’m not the biggest fan of “pest” snails. Although if they happen to sneak into my bowl I’ll let them stay lol. Algae seems to grow pretty fast in my current 1.6 planted tank. I guess I’ll have to set up the bowl to see if it will be a suitable home for a nerite...
  10. J

    3 gallon bowl for 1 nerite snail?

    I wanted a planted bowl for a while now, and I finally decided to get one. I’m getting a 3 gallon bowl. It’s going to be completely planted and I have a heater that will fit in it perfectly. However, I don’t want to have a filter (I think I’m going to be trying the walstad method) and I wanted...
  11. J

    5 Gallon Tank What’s up with my Betta’s fins?

    His coloring is so pretty! I love the light blue spots on his tail :) I agree with RMtanks and I have an additional question, do the tips of his tail seem darker?
  12. J

    Bay Area Fishlore Group!!

    I didn’t even realize it, but yeah they’re illegal here :( Water spangles and red root floaters might work!
  13. J

    Bay Area Fishlore Group!!

    I was told that my local PetSmart temporarily stopped selling fish. Did anyone's local PetSmart do the same? I think it might of been because of zebra mussels, but I'm not 100% sure if that's why.
  14. J

    How should I dispose of antibiotic treated water?

    After trying all non-antibiotic treatments to treat my betta, I was advised to use ciprofloxacin since he most likely had a gram negative bacterial infection. Unfortunately my betta did not make it this time (S.I.P. Tyler) The first time I treated him with antibiotics, I flushed the water...
  15. J

    S.I.P. Tyler

    A couple months ago, with the help of others, I was finally able to figure out why Tyler wasn't doing well. It turned out he most likely had a bacterial infection. I treated him for it and I thought he fully recovered. He became active and his fins were finally starting to heal. Unfortunately...
  16. J

    Random Thoughts

    So pretty!! I love your designs! Did you use wax for the designs or did you scratch them? I tried using wax this year, but it wouldn’t stick to the egg. I think I either used the wrong wax or my eggs were too cold If I figure out how get the wax to work, I’ll make some more this week
  17. J

    Aquarium Racks PSA to Californians

    I’ll just leave this here lol Earthquake
  18. J

    Betta is.. shaking? Paralyzed?

    It would really help if you filled out the emergency template that way it will be a lot easier to help Since your tank is 10 gallons, there's really no reason for you to be taking him out of his tank during water changes. What do you mean by deep cleaning the gravel? A picture of the fin rot...
  19. J

    HELP Clear Jelly in betta tank

    That looks like it could be protein film. Protein films are nothing to worry about, just scoop them out with a cup. It’s probably there because your filter isn’t on. Having a filter is necessary for your fish tank. It sounds like the one you have, has a flow that is too strong for your betta...
  20. J

    HELP Clear Jelly in betta tank

    What kind of rocks did you put in his tank? Can you post a picture of the jelly?
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