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  1. mattgirl

    Snail in breeding net with fry?

    I really wouldn't worry about a bit of algae growing on the net. The fry might actually enjoy snacking on whatever is growing there. Personally I wouldn't put a snail in there.
  2. mattgirl

    30 Gallon Tank New guppies loitering by filter

    they probably will be. If over time we have difficulty getting this tank cycle you may need to add more filtration but for now we will just wait and see. I thought i saw driftwood. Thanks for the confirmation. Your pleco will love it. Fresh veggies need to be blanched to get them to sink. I...
  3. mattgirl

    Algae Blooming in Cycle! Good or Bad?

    Since you are cycling this tank for shrimp I highly recommend you wait until you are absolutely positive it is fully cycled. Shrimp are even more sensitive to ammonia/nitrites than fish are. You want to see a constant zero for both before adding shrimp. They do much better in a well seasoned...
  4. mattgirl

    30 Gallon Tank New guppies loitering by filter

    In this case all you can do it the best you can. I am sure your Dad had good intentions as I am also sure you will do your best for these little guys. Keep the light off on the tank for a couple of days to give them time to get used to their new home. The very best thing you can do for them at...
  5. mattgirl

    HELP!! Cloudy water and snails have died

    Let's hope the Gourami is thinning out the population if there are that many born each month. The OP said "too many guppies". In this case I don't know how many too many is. We will have to wait until the OP comes back before we can get answers to some question and go from there.
  6. mattgirl

    Fishless tank cycle question

    I would just go ahead and move the cycle and the fish over to the new tank instead of fishless cycling the new tank. Just move everything including the water and the fish over to the new tank. Everything in the 10 gallon tank has bacteria on it so the more you move to the new tank the better it...
  7. mattgirl

    HELP!! Cloudy water and snails have died

    It would take an unusually high spike in ammonia to actually kill off all the snails. This tank has been running for 6 months. The guppy fry are gradually being added. As they are the bacteria in the tank also increases to handle the higher bio-load. It would be different if dozens of adult fish...
  8. mattgirl

    10 Gallon Tank Two goldfish laying on bottom of tank

    No, you weren't imagining it. If we can avoid using water run through a softener we should.
  9. mattgirl

    HELP!! Cloudy water and snails have died

    Can you think of anything you've done differently lately? It is unusual for a tank to cloud up after running for 6 months. The fact that your snails died leads me to believe something drastic changed about the water you are using for your water changes. The dying snails could have caused a spike...
  10. mattgirl

    Ammonia in new quarantine tank

    I agree with LowConductivity With that many young fish in this size tank I highly recommend daily 50% water changes. I would not be adding Stability. By moving the seeded media you already have the type of bacteria you need to seed the cycle in this tank. The bacteria in the Stability isn't the...
  11. mattgirl

    Fry? Now what do I do?

    Some fish, yes but when it comes to most livebearers just put a male and female together and fry soon follow. They don't care what conditions they are in. It will be interesting to watch them color up since you can't know for sure what color the dad was. I was in the same boat when my one...
  12. mattgirl

    10 Gallon Tank Two goldfish laying on bottom of tank

    Depends on why it is being used and how you do your water changes. While cycling add enough for the full tank to detox all the ammonia in the tank. Once the tank is cycled if using a python type system add enough for the full tank before starting to refill. If once cycled you are using buckets...
  13. mattgirl

    Pleco help-eating wondershell

    I don't know if he could eat enough to hurt him but as I suggested, if you are concerned about it put it in your filter. If you just have it in there to add calcium to the water it will work just as well in the filter.
  14. mattgirl

    Filtration suction not functioning correctly

    It sounds like your filters are doing what they are designed to do.They are well stocked with media. Lots of places for bacteria to grow. I've actually never set and watched mine to see if anything gets past them. I would turn them up as high as I could. If they start affecting your fishes...
  15. mattgirl

    Going Nuts Over Fishless Cycle

    I agree and applaud your patience. At this point if I was experiencing what you are I would change out most of the water to get the ammonia down to zero. If one water change doesn't get it to zero do another one. We want to see a true zero before adding a fish. Once done go ahead and put a betta...
  16. mattgirl

    30 Gallon Tank New guppies loitering by filter

    How did you acclimate these fish to your tank? Going from a tank with high nitrates to one with none without a slow acclimation may have been hard on them. What you are doing now is a fish in cycle. Did you get some filter media from the tank the fish came from? If you didn't I suggest you do...
  17. mattgirl

    Fry? Now what do I do?

    That has been known to happen. I don't think it happens often but occasionally someone comes here trying to figure out how they ended up with fish they didn't actually add. They see tiny fry that shouldn't be there. They usually have to wait for it to grow quite a bit before it can be...
  18. mattgirl

    Fry? Now what do I do?

    Is it possible these aren't actually Platy fry? I can't see them well enough to see detail. Do you have any fish that scatter eggs? Various Tetras come to mind. Is it possible for eggs to have been pulled into the sump and have hatched in there? Normally these kinds of eggs get eaten before they...
  19. mattgirl

    High Nitrites in Tank - Need Help

    Welcome to Fishlore :) It is much easier to add the correct amount by using a cheap syringe instead of using the cap for measurement. Don't worry about adding too much. Too much isn't a problem. Not enough can be. The only reason I recommend measuring and adding the right amount is to prevent...
  20. mattgirl

    Restarting tank that had Duckweed

    Then I guess it is possible but if you've not seen it flowering I don't think you will have seeds in the tank. I know mine never has. I just know if I see one tiny plant, before long there will be a dozen or more.
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