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    Going to USAFA summer seminar

    As some of you may know I plan on attending one of the military academies, perferably the air force, if not then coast guard or navy. Well I have become rather inactive in the past six months to work on making myself look better for the admission process and it seems to be working so far, I...
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    Things have changed, anybody still remember the atmachine?

    Wow I haven't been on in like forever, I don't remember the last time I was on, summer maybe Things sure have changed, I see a ton of new people and new mods, Tom's a mod now, how cool is that, congrats Tom. So I've been really busy since summer with cross country, school, act and sat tests...
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    Pics from the smokies, mother bear with cubs,

    So when I'm able to use the computer with the pictures on it I'll post some each time. My mom is studying for her state licsense test which costs 500$ so she gets priority on this computer because it has her programs on it. I'll start out showing you some of the mother and bear cub pics my dad...
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    Changing lighting from CP fluorescent to T-8 fluorescent question

    Ok so I'm pretty sure I broke one socket for one of my bulbs in my cp fixture when I took the bulb out because it was in soooo hard, I had to use pliers and wiggle it back and forth for over a half hour before it came out. The bulbs are also expensive so I'm going to switch to two fluorescent...
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    Back for the summer, anybody been to the aquarium in the smoky mountains?

    Well school is finally out for me and I'm finally home and able to come on fishlore now over the summer. O whoops, I forgot just not next week because I'm going on vacation, maybe with the fish aliens I'm going to the smoky mountains next week and I'm hoping to go to this nice aquarium or so...
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    danio's keep dieing one by one

    So I have been busy and haven't been able to come on much but I've found some time now and I have a problem with my danios. If anybody remembers I had bought 2 zebra danios 2red zebra danios and 2 yellow zebra danios at christmas time. Well starting late April they have begun to die off and I...
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    Dead hermit, how long is average life?

    So I looked in my tank today and my hermit is dead, anybody know how long the average lifespan is or how long yours have lived. Mine was a blue legged hermit, had it for a little bit over a year. Don't know how long the store I bought it from had it for though because I saw it in a coral tank...
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    Anarchis turns brown....and i dont know why

    Hey guys I have a problem that is really ticking me off. My anarchis grows about 10inches then turns brown and looks really ugly. Along with it turning brown it grows fresh bright green shoots from the brown plant. I cut off the green parts and replant them and discard the brown plants but...
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    my $250+ equipment list and what I've been doing

    So as many of you know I work know at a local pizza chain, about 8hours a week and get about 200$ a month. It's going great and it's a lot of fun. With my new found souce of income I plan on getting some...I mean a lot of equipment. I save about half my money for college in case for some...
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    report button to moderators

    I was wondering where the button to report to moderators and Mike a message on a thread was? I used it once in awhile when I responded to a post that should be moved to a different section but can not find it now to do so again. thanks
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    Probably moving house

    My dad went to look at a house for the second time and I came with him this time to check it out along with my aunt and uncle and my mom's friend for their opinion. They all liked it and I especially like it. Down in the basement there is a cut out in the wall for a fish tank and a room to...
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    craigslist anybody

    Has anybody used craigslist and have good expierence with it? There's a listing in my city that I am interested in and was wondering if I should consider buying it from the person. thanks austin
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    How do i remove a cp fluorescent bulb?

    How do I go about removing a cp fluorescent coralife straight pin bulb from a cp fluorescent fixture? One of my bulbs in my dual fixture is flashing on and off and I can't seem to fix it so I must replace the bulb but I'm not sure how to remove the bulb. I notice that there are two philip...
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    Genetically altered fish, good or bad your opinion

    So I recently bought the genetically altered zebra danios so they are different colors. They were made this way to detect pollution originally and now are being sold. I'm curious to see what your thoughts are. Is it ok to buy and support this or is it wrong and we shouldn't buy them...
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    Additions to my tank, angelfish, glowfish coming

    Here's some pics of my new marble angel. Still working on getting the danios/glowfish they are way too fast so far. Here's one pic of them so far. More to come.
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    Restocking my 29, need some top swimmers

    So as some of you know my angels have passed away freeing up some space in my tank. Currently I have: 4 harlequin rasboras 3 male fancy tail guppies 6 female feeder guppies (will probably be donating these to someone by me soon) 1 male bn pleco, full grown at 3" 1 female bn pleco, full...
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    aww smash bros delayed for wii (anybody else have a wii)

    Smash bros. brawl is delayed for the wiI which means mario kart is going to be delayed too. Anybody else have a wii?
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    I got a job :)

    So I finally got a job. Reffing is over so I got hired today at a semi-local pizza place. I don't think many will have heard of it but it's Georgio's oven fresh pizza company, there in Ohio right now. I talked to the owner and gm of the store today and was hired. I start at minimum wage and...
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    condense stickys in general discussion

    Is there any way we can condense them or move them to a different board? I don't know if it's just me but it does get old and hard to find where the stickys end and topics begin because you have to keep scrolling on the screen.
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    Female angel now not doing good, any suggestions?

    Ever since my male died a little while ago as soon as he died my female has been "depressed" and just not as active as she used to be. As some may know my male had no physical signs of disease, he simply had a hard time breathing for a few days then passed away. He was 11 years old, so is the...
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