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  1. Redviper

    180 Gallon Tank Need help - input/output placement & flow direction w/ dual FX6's

    The possibilities with your setup are wide indeed. My setup (similar to yours, sort of) is configured to move as much water as possible, with comfort and a more natural water movement patterns for my stock. About 6-months ago I became obsessed with avoiding dead-spots in my 72-inch long tank...
  2. Redviper

    Brown algae issue

    2-weeks ago diatom's were starting to drive me nuts. I tried SC PhosGuard since it addresses two major issues associated with our tiny brown buddies. 1 cup added to one of my filters, and improving tank flow a bit I think, is making a world of difference already.
  3. Redviper

    How does Chemiclean kill Cyanobacteria but not Beneficial bacteria?

    One of the changes I've made was to swap out 1/2 tank volume (salute to mattgirl) weekly. Secondarily, we've started to clean the foam in both filters monthly. My ultimate goal in the "war on algae/cyanob" is having a chemical-free, semi-natural environment where neither is a issue I can see.
  4. Redviper

    How does Chemiclean kill Cyanobacteria but not Beneficial bacteria?

    Fighting the same war here in Illinois. I decided on UltraL after cyano and blue/green just went crazy for me. Now algae cleanup is easy and fun again. A great plus for the entire issue is that it made me step up our game.
  5. Redviper

    Flow Tamer spray bar.

    The intake I initially saw at Amazon. They don't appear to be in stock ATM.
  6. Redviper

    Very different results from gravel cleanings

    That's fabulous news! It justifies a large expense I tried on a lark about 8-months ago. It also means we can carefully increase stock levels without undo worry. We're aces on both. I've made a deal for a good RO/DI unit complete with a custom install, with an eye toward having cleaner\safer...
  7. Redviper

    Very different results from gravel cleanings

    I used to be the same way. Just tons of things accumulated from ancient purchaser's I had no attention of using. All it took was 2-episodes of Hoarders to change my mind. :) I stopped using activated carbon about 2-years ago after reading that the only reason to use it was to remove meds...
  8. Redviper

    Very different results from gravel cleanings

    The change is so glaring that I wanted the improvement to be based on something "bigger." However, considering my tendency to overfeed, not using the AF is a fine reason for the improvement I'm seeing. Since I have your attention smee, I have a question for you (or anyone else). Do you use...
  9. Redviper

    Very different results from gravel cleanings

    Greetings! Without any major changes over the last couple of months, all of a sudden I'm not finding near as much dark detritus when we vacuum. What I see mostly now are tiny bits of white material and thin clouds of detritus. This is a good thing, I think! We vacuum a third of the tank (72in...
  10. Redviper

    Activated carbon as biological media

    In fact activated carbon functions just like standard biomedia. The downside is that it jams very quickly with all manner of debris and should be replaced monthly for maximum utility. Following that approach, one would loose that BB every month or so. Not good.
  11. Redviper

    Filter question

    Is there a computer sub forum here? :) I've been into PC's for so long that talking about the technology is part of my DNA! I know what you mean, I've thought for a quite a while that nearly every upgrade in contemporary computing is a grift to grow bank accounts. BTW, my first REAL computer was...
  12. Redviper

    Filter question

    It's great that you've figured out how to correct your issue. There's a third measurement that has vexed me for years now. The hard connection on whatever it is you want to plumb. In liquid cooling it's called a "barb." They can be composed of anything from plastic (like on a filter), to...
  13. Redviper

    Filter question

    Yeah, sort of old but still impressive sounds like Ridley's stuff. There's a contemporary version of liquid cooling that LOOKS real good, but it requires loads of measuring and cutting. That's a big no-no for me. :) Orientation of EC foam depends on the direction of flow. Oncoming water should...
  14. Redviper

    Filter question

    It's something I'm starting to see as too dangerous to continue doing. It's the insides of my gamer rig, with the hottest parts cooled by liquid. Mine is old skool, but it does look cool. I have some sponge that comes in 1/2 inch square blocks that look like "H's". They were a blast to separate...
  15. Redviper

    Filter question

    Or he could go with 30PPI foam as the final layer. It won't jam as quick as floss and it won't need replacement, just a good cleaning now and then. :) Got a pic, MP? Edit: This is how the danger/fun of PC water cooling looks. Plumb an aquarium, sure. Slap water to 3 grand of electronics...
  16. Redviper

    Filter question

    Great find, MP. I don't have a load of experience with DIY foam, but once I figured out how to cut it, making my own mats turned into serious fun. :)
  17. Redviper

    How do you know if your electrical outlets can handle all tank equipment?

    There are IoT devices that do this and more using WiFi. Go to Amazon (gag) and do a find on "smart plugs."
  18. Redviper

    Modifying canister filter

    The cool thing about plumbing is that the possibilities are nearly unlimited. Sure, you can plumb two filters to exhaust to a single spray bar. The trick is that you need the cash, the kit and the imagination to make it work. There's a company named flow Tamer that produces decent spray bars...
  19. Redviper

    FX4 maintenance - dangerous mistake

    My biggest recent tank error was simple, but expensive. I decided to buy a wavemaker for the added features over my circulation pump. I went with the second best reviewed unit. Since I ran the unit long enough to develop an opinion on wavemakers I voided the return period. Of course I found the...
  20. Redviper

    Distilled water safe to use?

    I love the look of the added filtration and resin modules, since I want it mounted in the open (easier maintenance). 3 stage is just fine as long as it produces what you need. Yup, but the reasons don't have to be THAT intricate because the wife is an easy sell! ;)
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