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  1. Dennis57

    Pleco ID

    Hi all, My Grandson just sent me a picture of a pleco that his friend just gave him. Anyone have any idea what type it is?
  2. Dennis57

    Store out of Root Tabs - gave me Root Sticks?

    Hi all, So another trip to my LFS to grab a few things, and 1 of them was more root tabs. They were out of them, the salesperson gave me fertilizer sticks for aquariums. These are made by Laguna. Has anyone used anything like this? He said they last 1 year. Numbers are 16-9-12 16%...
  3. Dennis57

    Help with an Angel Fish

    Hi all, around 6-7 months ago 1 of my Angel fish was diagnosed with stomach cancer. His stomach is swollen. He does eat well and other then his stomach, which has shrunk a little over the months, he swims most of the day on a 90 degree angle and he always seems to stay where the air bubbles...
  4. Dennis57

    Question: water change with poison ivy

    To start with I'am not really sure where to post this so move if necessary. 2 days ago I was diagnosed with poison ivy, first time ever, ( and ever is a long time for me ) My question is water changes. How do I go about doing this? ( please don't say ask the wife ) I only have it on both...
  5. Dennis57

    Plant ID

    Good morning all. I have been keeping live plants now for about 7 years. 2 days ago I had 2 plants (pop up) yes just magically appear in 1 of my planted tanks. I never planted them, and I do not have any thing like it in any of my tanks. Anyone want to help me out by what is it, and maybe...
  6. Dennis57

    KH & GH Question

    Not sure what happened but in my 1 tank the KH went from 7 to 3. My GH is 7. This is a day after I do 75% water changes. My other 3 tanks are fine. This tank is 125 gallon, normally the GH is 7 and the KH is around 6 I was told to add 1tsp of Acid Buffer and 1tsp of Alkaline Buffer...
  7. Dennis57

    Spray Bars for my 125 gallon tank

    I was thinking about building a spray bar for my 125 gallon tank. I have a FX 6, Marineland 400 and a Fluval 405 in there now. A few people I spoke to said that if I build a spray bar I can lose the marineland and the fluval 405 and just run the FX 6. This is a tropical tank with give...
  8. Dennis57

    Help With A bloated Angel Fish

    Hi all, I have an Angel who I though at the time (2 months ago) had eggs inside. She still is very bloated, but then this morning I noticed a pimple on her 1 side. She is eating, swimming and acting fine. Any advice on what you all think?
  9. Dennis57

    Need Help! Is this ICH

    HI all, hope everyone is staying safe and smart. OK, I have been keeping fish for many years and will honestly say I never had a fish come down with any type of disease. Can someone tell me if my Angel has ICH? If so what's the best way to treat it? I have 4 tanks that are all set up, I...
  10. Dennis57

    What type of snail is this

    Hi, I have nerite snails in my 4 tanks, and have had Nerites for years. I came home tonight and noticed this 1 snail that is very small and not sure what type it is and where it came from. Other then fish, I have not added any new plants to any of my tanks. Any clue as to what type this is?
  11. Dennis57

    Fish Desk

    Sorry all but I thought this was worth a post. My wife sent this to me and asked want a new desk? No that's not me, but I would not mind his offish I started cleaning my desk ( lol )
  12. Dennis57

    Egg Shells for calcium?

    HI everyone, I over heard 2 people last night at the LFS talking about putting crushed egg shells in there tank. When I finally asked why? They said its good for the snails and also adds calcium into the tank. Has anyone done this? Will it affect the PH?
  13. Dennis57

    Polishing Filter

    Hi, has anyone ever used a polishing filter for there fresh water tanks? Do you even need them in a fresh water set up? Two of my neighbors are both big into salt water and they both use them. They were telling me that I can manual turn it on for like an hour or two a day and it will help...
  14. Dennis57

    Ferts dosing schedule

    OK, I have a question for everyone with real plants that uses ferts. I was at a LFS today and overhear a customer and worker about what and when is a good time to use ferts when you don't use co2. I have been dosing my 4 tanks for years and do not use co2, I use Niloc Thrive, and Niloc Thrive...
  15. Dennis57

    Need help with Rams

    HI all I had 2 bolivian rams in my tank for just about 3 years. 1 passed last night. Went to fish store today, picked up 4 small blue rams. The 1 bolivian ram will not leave 1 of the blue rams alone. For over an hour he has chased him, nipped him and will not stop. Is this normal...
  16. Dennis57

    New addition

    So my wife says to me want to run to the store with me? OK, just pull up Ill run in. HMMM ( look a fish store across the street ) I go in look around and pick up 4 blue rams and more neons for my grandsons tank. Here are 2 of the 4
  17. Dennis57

    Nitrates Exploded

    HI all, on Saturday I do all my water changes to 4 tanks, on Monday I checked all the readings everything was perfect except my 125 gallon tank. The nitrates were 110 ppm. Did a 75% water change Monday. Tuesday I checked and it was 80ppm. ( YIKES ) I went to my LFS and bought 2 bags of API...
  18. Dennis57

    Can I add a Betta

    HI all, OK so I was wondering if I can add a male Betta to my 125 gallon tank. ( Ive never had a Betta before in all the years) A quick look at what I have in there, 4 large angels, 8 neon tetras, 2 congo tetras, 6 rummny nose tetras, 2 roseline barbs, 2 flying fox, 6 male guppys, 1...
  19. Dennis57

    Start Smart Complete

    HI all, I was just wondering if anyone on here or heard of anyone that has used this Start Smart Complete. They claim it instant cycles, biological clarifies and is great for weekly maintenance. Reduces the need for regular maintenance (reduced need for water changes, less cleaning of...
  20. Dennis57

    Snail Eggs?

    HI all, I've have Nerite Snails for years and I never had them drop eggs. Are these Nerite eggs? If yes, how often then will they have them? I have 12 in a 125 and that is the tank where the eggs are. Will SAE or Plecos eat them?
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