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  1. jmaldo

    "African Cichlid" Tank Interior decorator

    Been keeping Africans for about a year now. Raised them from juveniles about 3/4-1" length. They are known to dig pits, caught one of my "Electric Blue Haps" in action.
  2. jmaldo

    Northeast Ohio Fish Club Fall Auction

    Yeah! Club Auction Back. All Welcome! Great fish and plants, "Home grown". Hope to see there...
  3. jmaldo

    Want To Buy Freshwater Dwarf Puffer

    Anybody got any for sale?
  4. jmaldo

    20 Long Planted Pea Puffer Build

    I have been contemplating getting a Pea Puffer for awhile now. So yesterday, broke down a 20 Long which I was using for some Mystery snails hoping for clutches. All clean. Gonna take my time, "Plants" first. Before I added the substrate decided to position some Flourish tabs approx. 20 on the...
  5. jmaldo

    Want To Buy Amazon Sword and Vals

    Getting back into Plants, starting up a 20 Long looking for Amazon Swords and Vals. Anyone?
  6. jmaldo

    Wow! My/your first posts.

    I was doing some searching to find some info I posted. I went all the way back to 4 years ago and my first posts. Wow! Scrolling through, it is really provided an awakening to how much I did not know how much I did not know. What an eye-opener complete "Uneducated Newbie". Have had my "Trials...
  7. jmaldo

    Purchased Plants/Snails - Got Fry!

    Last Sunday picked up some. Normally, I just dump the water and rinse and inspect the plants for snail eggs. I also spray with with peroxide then clean/ rinse. I still let float in QT tank, to avoid any hitchhiker pest snails and such. As I was dumping the bags into a net, thought I saw...
  8. jmaldo

    Nice Crypts, Hornwort and Ramshorns

    Met up with Pwilly07 today, picked up some plants and snails. Found an added bonus, a tiny fry when draining the bag of Hornwort into the net. Picked out some baby snails and the fry appears to be a "Guppy". It's swimming around the tank all by itself, no predators. Let' see if it survives? All...
  9. jmaldo

    Jmaldo/Fishlorians 29g Planted Freshwater Build

    Ok, "Fishlorians". Need ideas, pick the inhabitants. Looking for something Different as far as fish . I have a 29g all cycled ready to go. p/H 8 Medium Hard Water Temp 79' Sand substrate Eheim 2213, Sponge filter Finnex 24/7 light I have kept or keeping: Discus, Angels, Rams, Mollys, Platys...
  10. jmaldo

    Unbelievable Find? Fish in filter!

    Last night I was performing a canister cleaning. Look what I found: EBA along with 4 very small fry. To my surprise when emptying the filter, look who showed up. I could not believe my eyes. It appears to be slightly deformed. It's about 1.5" long, large head compared to the body and smaller...
  11. jmaldo

    Important! After Water Change - Watch your Fish.

    As the title mentions, "Watch Your Fish". Possible catastrophe averted. Yesterday (10am), I performed a 60% water change on my 55g which I normally do 2x per week. Everything was fine (temp, water conditioner). Went about my day. Around 6pm noticed the fish acting strangely. A bit of what...
  12. jmaldo

    Corydoras sp. (CW127)

    Just received an e-mail from my fishclub, They will be having an online raffle for a group of 5. Looked them up, it appears they are rarer than most available, need cooler water (67-77). Any keepers with info to share. DoubleDutch ?
  13. jmaldo

    Jmaldo's videos

    Just a few of my "Freshwater Wet Pet" vids over the years: Bolivian Ram Wigglers EBA Grow-out tank Blue Diamond Discus Discus Spawn 55g African Cichlid Build
  14. jmaldo

    Aquarium Planter Idea

    Visited my LFS today. Looking around, they just moved to a new building. I saw a planter not on top of aquarium but inside. I thought what a "Unique" idea. It had the output filter tube attached to the back of the planter. Here are some pics. I just might give it a go.
  15. jmaldo

    Northeast Ohioans - Buckeyes

    Here is a link to the club website. NEOfish | Northeast Ohio Fish Club I have belonged to the club for 3 years now. Never even knew it existed. Sure "Glad" I joined. "Great" group of members. Normally the club has monthly meetings and twice a year Auctions. But, with the "Covid" issue, sadly...
  16. jmaldo

    API Ammo-Chips?

    I purchased some fish yesterday at a "Swap" meet. I noticed inside the bags some small what looked like rocks. I asked the seller what they were and he pointed to the box of API Ammo-Chips. He explained he adds a few to the bags of fish to negate the ammonia build-up which can occur. He has used...
  17. jmaldo

    Clown Loach playing "Opossum"

    I know it has been mentioned on other threads, but... Last night looked over at the tank and there was a Clown laying almost upside down, not moving at all. Got up to check and still no movement. My first thought was "Oh! No". About 30 seconds watching and then it swam away. Geez! LOL
  18. jmaldo

    NEOfish Swap Meet

    NEOfish Swap Meet, Great Northern Mall Sept. 13th 1PM to 4PM We know everyone has had a tough time with no fish meeting or a reason to get out of the house, so we have come up with on. The North East Ohio Fish Club – NEOFISH, will be holding a swap meet. Please remember we will...
  19. jmaldo

    Alerts, following members?

    For awhile now, been noticing that I am not receiving all alerts when members I am following post? Has there been a change or is there a setting I am missing? Please advise. edit: I use the forum website on a windows pc and android phone.
  20. jmaldo

    55 Gallon Tank Jmaldo's African Cichlid Build

    Will be taking it slow, but...It has begun. Wanted to wait until I sold the majority of the EBA juveniles (7-8 dozen) but it may still be a few weeks. Decided to take down my 55g Discus Community tank today. Re-homed the inhabitants to the other 4 tanks plus setup another 10g . Purchased some...
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