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  1. SecretiveFish

    Betta changing color?

    I really appreciate the reply! Your fish sounds gorgeous! He did damage his tail two months ago, not sure how but it seems to be healing well. You can't tell from my photo, but the plants at the surface are red rooted floaters and the green blob at the bottom is an anubis nana. More plants is...
  2. SecretiveFish

    Betta changing color?

    I have had light colored bettas turn dark colored, but I haven't had the opposite happen before. Is this normal? He is a rescue Mustard Gas Halfmoon that came with swim bladder disease and fin rot. Can the marble gene do this? He is in a heated 78 degree F 5g with filtration. Nitrates...
  3. SecretiveFish

    55 Gallon Tank Help getting algae under control

    I just added Red Rooted floating plants last week! Hopefully that helps too. I wish I had done a full re-start instead of just warming it up, but hindsight and all.
  4. SecretiveFish

    55 Gallon Tank Help getting algae under control

    Update! Fingers crossed, but I think I have the upper hand! I manually removed what I could, reduced the light by 50%, started using Seachem Flourish, added 3 more SAE for 6 total and added the rest of the plants from the 40g I was shutting down.
  5. SecretiveFish

    Betta with dropsy?? Urgent

    If he is pine coning, it could be a bacterial infection. Just in case, I would pick one of the antibiotics you have to treat and hope that clears it up. I would then treat with a different one if that didn't clear up the dropsy. Unfortunately in many cases, the fish either succumbs or needs...
  6. SecretiveFish

    Wild or Fancy

    Wild are probably going to be significantly healthier than fancy males. However who can resist the appeal of the fancy male bettas... I decided to adopt whatever sick betta I found in order to keep myself from having to decide!
  7. SecretiveFish

    Are half my shrimp dead already??

    If there are any gaps in the lid, shrimp can manage to jump through them so it is possible they are not in your tank. Shrimp are amazing at hiding so they could still be in your tank; unfortunately, only time will tell. IME, shrimp do not handle stress well, and when I buy them, I buy extra...
  8. SecretiveFish

    Should You Quarantine Snails?

    I haven't in the past, but it is possible for them to bring something into the tank. I really wanted to get some nerite snails at my local fish store, but I am positive I saw a hydra in the tank with them. I can not risk a hyrda getting into my system...
  9. SecretiveFish

    Cherry or amano shrimp?

    3-5 amanos would be a good number! I hope your bettas are more agreeable to sharing their tank to shrimp than mine! I love shrimp!
  10. SecretiveFish

    Cherry or amano shrimp?

    Amano shrimp can get surprisingly large (I have one that is 1.5" long!) so I would be hesitant to put them in a 5g. A 10 gallon could work though. A word of caution, some bettas do not do well with shrimp and will harass/kill them. I have two bettas that are not shrimp safe despite having...
  11. SecretiveFish

    HOB vs Sponge Filter?

    It isn't necessarily a downfall, but you can't run carbon or other mechanical filtration with a sponge filter. I have not had good luck with sponge filters partially for that reason and prefer HOB, canister, or in-tank filters. Depending on stocking levels, a sponge filter might not be...
  12. SecretiveFish

    Is BulkReefSupply Legit?

    I choose to not tell you how much I have spent with BRS over the years... Live Phyto is probably the one thing I have not purchased from them.
  13. SecretiveFish

    Axolotl question

    Yes, a 20 gallon long aquarium is totally okay for one axolotl. Mine have never been very active despite the tank size, and the older they get the less they seem to move. I have 10 axoltols in a 125 aquarium and I swear some never move for days! They are very messy so large water changes can...
  14. SecretiveFish

    Betta fin rot HELP!!??

    It sounds like the power outages have caused imbalances in your tank and stressed out his immune system. If he is showing bloody patches, I would not use salt because it would burn him and would instead recommend treating him with Furan-2 in a treatment tank (not your display tank). I adopted...
  15. SecretiveFish

    How difficult is it cleaning a shrimp tank?

    I siphon the water out into a bucket and then fish the babies out of the bucket to put back into the tank.... It gets really old! My record is catching 22 babies.
  16. SecretiveFish

    Low stock, heavily stem planted, low feeding, still high nitrates

    This may seem like a silly question, but when was the last time that you cleaned out your canister filter out? After cleaning my Fluval 306 and doing a 50% water change, my nitrates are back down to 5ppm from 40ppm.
  17. SecretiveFish

    55 Gallon Tank Help getting algae under control

    I think they are SAE but will look at them hard this evening to see. I know... I need to figure out what is so out of whack but am failing. Since I started dosing the Flourish several plants are growing faster than the BBA which is something. I wonder if the Mollies would go after my shrimp...
  18. SecretiveFish

    55 Gallon Tank Help getting algae under control

    I keep calling it string algae but I think it is actually thread algae. So I have BBA and thread algae I am fighting with. The tank has 3 small Siamese algae eaters and can't seem to keep up with the growth. Should I get more? There are also at least 6 amano shrimp in there with some blue...
  19. SecretiveFish

    Unfiltered betta tank..

    At a minimum, I would have a small sponge filter or small internal filter to move water around to keep the tank evenly heated. I have anubis and moss balls in one of my betta tanks and in my other betta tank those with java ferns and Sagittaria Subulata.
  20. SecretiveFish

    55 Gallon Tank Help getting algae under control

    I am frustrated. Looking back I would have not done what I did, but here it is... My 55g tank used to be kept between 64-68 degrees F with axolotls. Enter tank shuffle! I wanted to move the axolotls to a colder room and shut down a 40g planted guppy tank and move all that to the 55g. The 55g...
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