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    Driftwood for sale

    My husband and I had some nice freshwater tanks last year but due to moving we had to take them down. We got rid of most of our supplies except the driftwood. We are focusing on our pond now so I am selling the driftwood. I am posting pictures of each piece, but they can be bought together. I...
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    New to koi pond

    HI there. My husband and I bought a house last October and it came with a pond. He and I cleaned it out and started fresh last month. It has a black heavy liner and is surrounded by a wood frame with rocks. It is about 700 gallons by our measurements. We bought a pond filter (TetraPond FK5...
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    Want To Sell FS everything must go

    Everything is sold so I will close the thread.
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    Types of filter media and cleaning

    Greetings! I have an Eheim 2215 as well as a Penguin 350 HOB. I haven't cleaned my Eheim yet but it is getting time to do some maintenance. Before I go cleaning it out I want to make sure I do it right. I know I only have to rinse most of the media, but the polishing (white) pad should be...
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    40 Gallon Tank Rescape: Going Dirted

    Dave and I decided we wanted to change our substrate which had become a mix of dark something or another under sand under flourite red and we were sick of it. We wanted to go dirted and have a nice gravel mix so it is safe and clean for the new stock and so the plants can flourish. So I special...
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    Thinking about getting Under Sink RO Unit

    This is very interesting. My husband and I were thinking of getting an under-sink RO system, either this: or this: Does anyone have any experience with either of these? I am wondering if you need to use anything like Prime when using water from these systems. I am also interested...
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    Lost an entire tank in one night. Stocking ideas for 40g breeder.

    Well, my husband and I are pretty upset. We just set up a CO2 system recently and were finally feeling good about the tank nearing completion. We had to house sit last night so we were away from home for about 16 hours. Well, my husband got home today and saw all of our fish dead and our entire...
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    Wondering why my pH will not change no matter what?

    Okay, our tap water is 7.2. Our tank water never ever goes lower than 7.0 even with CO2 injection, driftwood and indian almond leaves. Anyone else experience anything like this?
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    How To Tell The Manufacturing Date On Food

    Hello everyone! Someone had given me a bunch of cans of fish food but I was a bit unsure of how old they were. So I e-mailed Hartz (Wardley) to ask how to tell when the food expires. They say their foods' shelf-life is 3 years, but once it's actually exposed to air, I'd think less time. So here...
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    Quick, hopefully easy, plant question.

    We have a LFS employee, who has never steered us wrong before, tell us that the plants we buy should be fine if left bundled together by plant anchors (the way they are when purchased). So is it better to leave them that way or to separate each individual stem? If it makes any difference, the...
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    New Co2 injection system - HELP!

    Hey all, I'm Dave (Mary's Husband) and I've got a little problem. I've just set up a Co2 canister & Milwaukee MA957 regulator and have run the air line into the tank. I can't really seem to find the information I want on how much flow I should be putting into the tank. So, what is the rate at...
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    40 Gallon Tank Some tank progression photos.

    I decided to start a little thread to show our tank's progression from when we started it in August. It started because SOMEBODY (my cat Dude) would keep me up at night, so I thought watching a fish would keep him busy. I found a cute betta on sale for $1.99 at Petsmart, so I figured I'd give...
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    What do you feed apistogrammas?

    So my husband and I successfully got an apistogramma pair of Triple Red Apistogramma cacatuoides (what a mouthful!) from ApistoDave on aquabid. They are awesome! Super healthy, happy and active! I have noticed them eating foods, especially brine shrimp, but spitting out flake. Is there anything...
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    Free Male Pearl Gourami

    Okay, my beautiful male pearl gourami has just become way too territorial and I can't stand watching him batter everything. I am giving him away. I just took a picture of him with my phone, sorry for poor picture quality. If you are local I can meet up, you can pick him up, or I can attempt to...
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    Where To Find Flag Fish?

    Does anyone know where one can get flag fish? They are so cool.
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    40 Gallon Tank Need help choosing a filter.

    Okay I am going to my LFS today to talk to them about canister filters, but I'll likely purchase online and after I hear from you guys. So, I currently have a Marineland Penguin 350 on my 40 gallon breeder. I feel like this is not enough filtration, plus it has a lot of water disturbance. I...
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    Want To Buy Apistogrammas

    Okay, my tank wasn't ready for a new addition when the EBRs were being sold, but now we are ready and looking for rams/apistos. My husband wants to get a couple of apistogrammas (specifically "Apistogramma baenschI “Inka”") and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on finding these, or has any...
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    Is this normal harlequin rasbora behavior?

    I noticed some of my rasboras getting very orange in color and doing this little "dance". They put their fins all out/up and do this shimmying around and mirroring each other's behavior. Are these males posturing or is this a spawning behavior? Thank you
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    Vampire shrimp finally coming out of his shell...(videos of shrimp + adfs)

    ...not literally! The other day we found some bamboo shrimp and I couldn't resist. Since adding them and taking out some cherry barbs, at least one of my vampire shrimp came out to filter feed! Love it!
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    How do I get that "fish tank" smell out of my room?!

    Okay, we have our tanks in our room (a sort of no-no for allergy/asthma sufferers), but it doesn't really seem to bother me. But lately our room has gotten that lovely fishy smell (probably from getting water on the floor by accident here and there...). I could steam clean, that may help, but...
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