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  1. Momgoose56


    Howdy all! I have a couple of Figure 8 Puffers I'd like to transition over to brackish water but am not sure exactly how to do that. Is there a Brackish Forum or somebody who knows how I need to do this? Thanks! I found the brackish forum, Mods can you move this there? Please?
  2. Momgoose56

    Canine Coveting

    Two bud's enjoying a good chew together.... Hmmm... I can haz dis? Mmmmmm! The Chewie is ALWAYS tastier on the other side of the paw LOL!
  3. Momgoose56

    I have 'em, but know nothing about 'em!!

    I got two little homeless puffers today, delivered to me in 4 inches of very dirty water in a 30 gallon hex tank, with nitrates at least 160 maybe higher. But it gets worse! They are accompanied by 3 glofish and a rainbow shark! Other parameters of the water they were in: pH 8.2, ammonia 0.25...
  4. Momgoose56

    Solution Concentration ISSUES Dr.Tims Ammonia

    Another member of this forum is having dosing issues with Dr. Tim's ammonia. Might be on the alert and dose half what the instructions say, to start...probably mislabeled. Actually you might start with 1 drop per gallon in a bucket and test it before putting it in your tank. Inconsistent Ammonia...
  5. Momgoose56

    Syndontis Decorus

    My catfish makes a rare daytime appearance. He's about ~9" long now. He was about 2.5" when I got him Dec.2018, so he's averaging about a little over 1/2 inch growth a month.
  6. Momgoose56

    Will Corys Survive This Water?

    I'm not new, had Corys 30 years ago and loved their funny little selves. I have a 30 gallon tank languishing in the garage. My municipal water has changed drastically over the last 10 years so i'm not sure I can do Corys now but would like to build a habitat for a herd of them if possible. My...
  7. Momgoose56

    Co2 In A Soda Bottle??

    I saw a video recently (don't ask, I can't seem to find it again) of a guy (fish breeder) somewhere in Asia who stuck water and small plastic bottles, upside down, in his tank's and filled them with CO2, with a curved glass pipette attached via a rubber hose to pressurized CO2 canisters...
  8. Momgoose56

    Because She's A Good Old Dog...

    ...the dishes wait to be put away.
  9. Momgoose56

    Wanting In, Wanting Out...

    The glass is always cleaner on the other side...
  10. Momgoose56

    Rattlesnake Bit Dog

    Well, it's the season and my grandson's dog can't seem to be able to smell snakes. He's terrified of them and tucks his tail a scoots behind the nearest human if he sees one 20 yards away! He's a 90lb foxhound mix so his inability to smell them is baffling. He can smell lizards. They've tested...
  11. Momgoose56

    Spring In The Sonoran Desert

    Short walk down the road this morning. Prickly pear, small blooming Palo Verde tree, to left Agave cactus, back Mesquite trees. Blooming Ocotillo and Giant Saguaro cactus. Prickly Pear in bloom.
  12. Momgoose56

    Gila Monster!

    The first one this summer!
  13. Momgoose56

    Okay Freshwater Fish Experts...

    Why can't I find an "article" written by a fish expert describing, in detail, how to do a "fish-in" cycle? Even in the Beginners "Starting The Cycle - Cycling With And Without Fish" there is no explanation for how to do this. Can someone who is an expert on the procedure, create an article we...
  14. Momgoose56

    Small Batch Repashy Snello

    This is how I made my first Snello. Snails haven't found it yet but the Cichlids and Rainbow fish in my other tank LOVE it! 3 Tablespoons of Repashy Soilent Green 1/2 teaspoon Flukers Calcium powder 1/2 cup boiling water Mix together and I used syringe to squirt 1 teaspoon of mixture into each...
  15. Momgoose56

    Smiling For The Camera

    My common pleco. Just put him in his big new made him smile!
  16. Momgoose56

    D3 For Mystery Snails?

    This has vitamin D3 in it. Can this be used for Snello? Is D3 okay to feed to Mystery Snails? Nutritional InfoIngredients Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, Cholecalciferol (Source of Vitamin D3). Guaranteed Analysis Moisture 1.0% max Calcium 38.0% min Calcium 43.0% max Vitamin D3 10,390 IU min
  17. Momgoose56

    "nom" Is Being Eaten Alive!

    Here's "Nom" after the goldfish (looking very guilty in the background) got hold of his tentacles! She has since moved "Nom" in with "MarkSuckerberg" (Suck, for short) the purple Mystery snail in the other 'friendly' goldfish tank.
  18. Momgoose56

    This Poor Snail...

    I rec'd 10 mystery snails on Feb 2 and noticed they all had some shell problems, scaly areas, thin lip of shells, a couple with small tears across the lip of the shells and this little guy. He never fully emerged from his shell and couldn't seem to stay upright. I just thought he was a goner and...
  19. Momgoose56

    Feral To Domesticat!

    This is Patches. She was a feral catch/spay/release cat who ended up in an adoption center at about 18 months. We inherited her from our elderly parents who couldn't take care of her properly. She ended up getting Valley Fever and had to have her eye removed but is now enjoying the life of a...
  20. Momgoose56

    Got My Fish-tank Evolving

    My 125 finally finished cycling and I went and got most of my cichlids and other fish yesterday! 5 redfin rainbowfish 5 red laser rainbowfish 4 saulosi 4 blueberry OB cobalts 4 rusty 4 z rock 4 lemon jakes 1 decorous cat (I might go back and get the other one) This is taken from the end of the...
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