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  1. Jayd976

    Go To Fish Food

    What’s everyone’s go to fish food? I currently use the following foods: Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flakes and/or Formula Two New Life Spectrum Marine Pellets San Fran. bay marine cuisine frozen food In the tank are the following: Clownfish (2) Watchman goby One spot fox face Coral beauty...
  2. Jayd976

    Diy Aquaclear Refugium

    Here's how I turned my AC50 into a refugium years ago. Just found the photos and thought I'd share. Its a very simple project to do. Take out all the media so you're just left with the basket. Disassemble the basket into the three pieces (2 sides and the bottom). The bottom piece I siliconed...
  3. Jayd976

    Best Source For Chaeto

    Any recommendations on a source for good, clean, pest free chaeto?
  4. Jayd976

    Diy Macro Algae Reactor

    So I have a Magnum 350 that I'm not using. Do you think I could turn that into a macro algae reactor for Chaeto? Why spend the money on one when I think the Magnum canister can do the same job and just add on the LED strip as shown below. I was thinking the chaeto may get sucked into the...
  5. Jayd976

    Hydor Professional Canister Filters

    Anyone have any experience with these?All the reviews I've seen seem to be great and looks like a good filter for a decent price.
  6. Jayd976

    75 Gallon Sw Build

    I have a 90Gal currently Freshwater that I'm converting to a Saltwater FOWLR tank. My stocking plans are the following please feel free to make any recommendations or suggestions. For fish planning on the below: 5 - Blue/Green Chromis 1 - O. clownfish from previous 29gal tank currently running...
  7. Jayd976

    Converting 90gal From Fw To Sw

    In the near future I will be converting my 90gal freshwater tank over to salt and wanted to get some thoughts. I will pretty much be tearing down my 29gal saltwater tank and putting the 25lbs of live rock, etc into the 90gal and the 29gal will be a quarantine tank. For now once converted it will...
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