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    Keeping Amano and RCS together?

    rcs=red cherry shrimp?
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    Acrylic Tank Purchase

    You can look at drs. foster and smith, aquarium depot,, whichever has the size you like and has cheaper shipping. Shipping a tank will be expensive. You can always check out in your area and see if anybody is selling used tanks as well.
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    xbox 360 - anyone have one?

    hehe guess I should say the games for the wiI have sucked lately if your not a kid. I love my wiI because it's great fun to play with friends but I've been dying to have a game lately that I can play by myself, I'll have to look into the conduit, havnen't heard of it. I can't wait for the...
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    Going to USAFA summer seminar

    yea that's what I'm realizing more and more, part of the reason I want to go into the military is so I can have an active and exciting job along with the desire to serve. My cousin recently graduated from usafa and is now a tanker pilot, I'm waiting for him to let me know how many people that...
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    xbox 360 - anyone have one?

    yes yes, quite sure, third person shooters aren't my favorites and I'm not a big fan of gore, being able to cut somebody up with a chain saw bayonet is my idea of fun. I love the online of resistance 2, 8player co-op is fun and 64player online matches are crazy. O wiI fit is quite a workout...
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    xbox 360 - anyone have one?

    WiI honestly sucks, they haven't developed any new games really that are any good, all they have had are re-makes which in themselves are not bad, I thouroughly enjoy playing super smash and mario kart, but besides for the mario games they really don't have many good games, I haven't bought a...
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    xbox 360 - anyone have one?

    I have wii, though I like ps3 the best, best value. Have you played burnout?
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    Going to USAFA summer seminar

    thanks everybody, hope it goes well You know, I am considering the uscga, lately I have been leaning more and more to the uscg too, the track coach has been real friendly too me as he would like me to run for the uscga and as I look at officer careers I realize if I can't fly in the usaf the...
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    10 gal bad idea?

    yea inverts...shrimp, crabs(be careful with these), snails, upgrade your lighting you could get some nice corals. Clown gobies are also small enough to keep.
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    10 gal bad idea?

    oo I was fast posted O on two clowns, that would probably be too much for that tank.
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    10 gal bad idea?

    It would depend on the setup, but smaller tanks are a little harder to take care off. Reason, there is less room for change in the environment, a slight raise in nitrate would have a much bigger effect on a 10 gallon as compared to a 55gallon. Really the big thing is you are very limited to...
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    Going to USAFA summer seminar

    As some of you may know I plan on attending one of the military academies, perferably the air force, if not then coast guard or navy. Well I have become rather inactive in the past six months to work on making myself look better for the admission process and it seems to be working so far, I...
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    New Fishes!!!

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    Are Amano Shrimp Carnivorous?

    They are omnivores and will not attack your fish, they are not your culprits
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    TUrning the emperor 400 in to a mechanical primary filter

    bottom, it fits in nicely. I'll see if I can have the picture up soon, if I don't have it up by saturday, pm me and remind me.
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    10 Gallon Tank Too much current with Penguin BioWheel 100?

    The penguin series put a strong current into the tank for the first month or so, after a month or so the bio-wheel builds up bacteria and other stuff on it and slows down meaning more water is required to move the wheel. So originally you will have a stronger current. You can try stuffing the...
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    Amazon Swords

    It would depend on the lighting you have, swords perfer better lighting than what is standard on most tanks, so if you haven't upgraded your lighting at all you should probably stay away from swords and maybe look up crypts. Swords will not grow well in low light but there are some species of...
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    TUrning the emperor 400 in to a mechanical primary filter

    I have the penguin series and what I do for mechanical filtration is buy a pack of the aquaclear sponges that go in their filters and a big of filter fiber/floss. I put the sponges and pile the fiber on. I simply squeeze the sponges out every week and turn the filter fiber over everyweek till...
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    Other hobbies beside fish??

    Running, risk online, paintball, model rockets, flying R/C planes, video games all systems and handhelds(don't own them all but play them at my friends house's)
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    I need some help from a freshwater fish pro

    It has not been mentioned yet so I will, did you get dwarf frogs or clawed frogs?
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