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  1. qldmick

    New 1000L Goldfish pond

    Decided to turn this tank of mine into a goldfish pond, plants arrived this week and have been potted up, tank was filled yesterday and 2 goldies went in today. This will be for singled tailed goldfish only, but they must have long, even, undeformed fins. I have a orange goldie and a white...
  2. qldmick

    160L first salt tank

    Had for a few weeks now, going pretty well.
  3. qldmick

    Plant ID

    Have these plants at my new rental, just wondering if anyone know what they are? have taken 6 cuttings to see if their cloneable. Original plant, Clones,
  4. qldmick


    Old breeding stock, Hard to beat these guys for color.
  5. qldmick

    Past Goldfish

    These were some of the nicest goldies I've come across in LFS.
  6. qldmick

    Minimum tank size to breed mystery snails?

    Hello just came across some purple mystery snails and am wondering if I can breed them in a 20L tank and how many individuals should I get? I'm afraid my clown loaches or crayfish or large catfish might eat them in my other tanks. Thanks
  7. qldmick

    Will bettas fins grow back

    Hello, I'm looking at buying this fighting fish, I'm just worried about his pectoral fins? will they grow back properly or stay like this? I love that purple color. Thanks
  8. qldmick

    Bloated Fighting fish

    Hi I've noticed that my fighting fish male has a huge belly and he spends most of his time near the surface just staying still. He still eats and I thought he was getting to much food as I need to feed enough that my kuhli loaches get a good feed too. Iv'e just been away for 5 days without...
  9. qldmick

    Crayfish molt

  10. qldmick

    Imitation creek garden display

    Re-did this creek bed decoration in my garden today, cleaned up the over grown bits and put down some nice pebbles. If you look up the left side is a new plant along side the stream. I'm really into bird attracting Australian native shrubs and trees.
  11. qldmick

    Young placidochromis phenochilus tanzania

    Star sapphire Mirrorball 4M 1F, 10 months from 4-4.5cm purchase, 6 x 5.5-6cm juvies. Just waiting for these guys to chip out(get their white/metallic flecks) and breed too, got some nice blue going on in the mean time.
  12. qldmick

    Cray, shrimp, fish, pleco hides.

    Picked up these whilst collecting fire wood, what does everybody think, the wood is a gum, which I've used before, just replaced a clay hide in my crayfish tank with one, i'll keep a few extra and maybe sell some.
  13. qldmick

    Emersed plants

    My sister brought this indoor hydroponic plant display. I tried some plant from a LFS as I know many are grown emersed and put under water to sell and aren't true aquatic plants. I tried purple temple and variegated rush, the rush is going well now but can anyone suggest another plant to go with...
  14. qldmick

    Frangipani Disease

    Not looking great. Think this frangipani has some kind of disease.
  15. qldmick

    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Wanted my own thread. In summary, purchased 1m 2f on 31/03/2020. Had 2 escapees, one death (the only male). he was replaced on 07/04/2020. All three have moulted since then, worried about them eating each other during moults. They ate 3 mollies, 1 cherry barb and chewed cory tails, currently...
  16. qldmick

    Cherry barb

    ok got three of these that I assumed were female, and 3 more thought to be male, just like it was suppose to be but I'm worried the "females" might not even be cherry barbs. they don't look like cherry barbs I've seen and are actually very aggressive towards the supposed males. females? male? both
  17. qldmick

    Thoughts on crayfish with fish?

    better pics thoughts on keeping these guys with fish?
  18. qldmick

    Jungle perch

    had for a few weeks now
  19. qldmick

    Peppermint bristlenose algae eating ability

    hey I have some 5cm peppermints in grow out tanks as algae eaters but they don't seem to keep the tank clean of algae like my albino bristlenose in another tank or even my goldspot and sailfin pleco in another larger tank. are they just not as good algae eaters or is it just me? I prefer the...
  20. qldmick

    I miss breeding...

    back in 2014 when I was breeding. growing some fish up now in case I want to get back into it.
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