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  1. Feohw

    Sexing question; too early to tell?

    It has an orange throat, so it's a male.
  2. Feohw

    Something is growing in my filter

    Yeah, the pictures you tend to see are those that are still in the water, so the animals themselves are visible sticking out of the exoskeleton. These are out of the water and retracted so it can throw you off a bit.
  3. Feohw

    Something is growing in my filter

    You actually got it right when you said Bryozoan colony. Duncja They aren't a problem and some fish will eat them (mystery snails as well). Often used as good water quality indicators, tend to indicate that there is clean water that's rich in food. So very common in filters. The reason it...
  4. Feohw

    Well the whiskers say catfish. The rest looks like a loach.

    I'd say Ituglanis metae (or a species from this genus). So catfish.
  5. Feohw

    10 Gallon Tank Please help identify these worms that suddenly appeared in my tank

    Suction feeding worms. Function very similar to detritus worms in aquariums.
  6. Feohw

    Planaria rhabocoela or…something else

    None of the above. These are suction feeding worms. They function just like detritus worms in aquariums, so harmless little detritus eaters.
  7. Feohw

    Gourami lovers, which is your favorite Gourami?

    Betta sp. Antuta for me. SB or T type to be specific. They are gorgeous and filled to the brim with personality.
  8. Feohw

    Blind cave tetras with a betta, shrimp and snails?

    Not only do blind cave tetras have a reputation for growing more aggressive/nippy as they age, they also grow too big for a 10g.
  9. Feohw

    Male or female ram

    Yep, that's a female. It's natural for them to chase at first. The existing ram considers the tank to be his territory, so he'll act accordingly. Once some time has passed he should relax more. Just keep an eye on them to ensure they don't become overly stressed and make sure they have places to...
  10. Feohw

    How to tell if young Bolivian ram is Male or female

    Yeah, that does look like a female. And np.
  11. Feohw

    Weird bug in java moss, help ID

    Certainly is an odd one. Looks like one of the "false" water penny larvae to me. Unfortunately most species don't have pictures online, and given how diverse they are, this could be one of those without pics. The ones people associate water pennies with look like this. But this species for...
  12. Feohw

    How to tell if young Bolivian ram is Male or female

    Yeah, males will swim together at times. Especially when new to a tank and when young ime. Which one is dominant will depend on the individuals. Generally it will be the males, but that isn't a given. My male is the dominant ram in my tank, others I've spoken to have dominant females. It...
  13. Feohw

    What is this stuff in my tank

    Oh hey. Just bumped into you elsewhere. Stentor ciliates, no harm to shrimp.
  14. Feohw

    How to tell if young Bolivian ram is Male or female

    I'd say male from those pics too. If it's only an inch it may prove otherwise with time.
  15. Feohw

    55 Gallon Tank Underwater Caterpillar

    The eggs will usually hatch in 1-2 weeks. The larval stage depends on a few factors, such as the species, temperature, how much food they get. Some will overwinter as well. They have a long larval stage so over 20 days is typical. So they certainly could have come with your last plant purchase.
  16. Feohw

    How to tell if young Bolivian ram is Male or female

    Yeah, male for that one. If you can't get a good pic of the other, you'll just have to try sex using the tube yourself Male - small, more pointed. Female - thick, often with an indent in the bottom
  17. Feohw

    55 Gallon Tank Underwater Caterpillar

    Aquatic moth larvae/caterpillars. The eggs are laid in aquatic plants and when they hatch they begin to feed on the plants as well as to make the cocoons that you've seen.
  18. Feohw

    What is this worm?

    That's a suction feeding worm. Different to detritus worms but they both function pretty much the same in aquariums. Harmless. If you see them having a population boom, cleaning the tank, feeding less (if you overfeed) and dealing with algae should reduce their numbers.
  19. Feohw

    Wondering if Anyone Owns the Fluval Flex 15g?

    The one I had was actually the Fluval Edge. Worst designed tank ever!
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