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  1. Claire Bear

    Koi In The Winter, How Often Do You Feed?

    We have 20 koi in about a 30,000 gallon tank (converted swimming pool) but not sure how often we should be feeding. We are only feeding every few weeks and they seem okay but not sure.
  2. Claire Bear

    Seahorses are really adorable fish! :)

    Seahorses are really strange fish when you think about it. The males have the babies. They float around and do there thing without bothering anyone. Each eye operates separately and they are very curious! I love my seahorses probably more than any of my other fish-with maybe the exception of my...
  3. Claire Bear

    Using what was "live rock" for freshwater tank worried about the ammonia.

    I broke down my 120 gallon reef tank. I now have 55g, 36g, 29g, and 10 gallon saltwater tanks. I am using the 120 gallon with sump to house my Oscar, JD, and an African leopard fish as I needed the 150 gallon for African Cichlids. Now, I did not have any large aquarium decorations for the 120...
  4. Claire Bear

    The shipping price for live fish is outrageous-unless I am missing something!

    Hi, I have listed on ebay some of my young African Cichlid Zebras. However, the shipping for UPS one day is out of this world! Is it safe to ship fish express? I bought the breathable shipping bags and they will be here today. I know that my price is good but my shipping is eating my...
  5. Claire Bear

    I have calibrating the flow rate!

    I have had a pretty easy time calibrating my sump pumps and returns. I was able to do the 120 gallon as it was plumbed and I only had to reconnect everything-no problem! My 55 gallon has an overflow box and I just matched the size pump with the size overflow box I purchased-or I got really...
  6. Claire Bear

    Things that tingle and the purpose of a sump!

    I was piddling in my 55 gallon saltwater tank and felt a tingle. This tank has a sump and until last week, a titanium heater. I read, and hopefully correctly, that titanium heaters will discharge water. Anyway, I just ordered three rods from MarineDepot to address the issue. Any one use these...
  7. Claire Bear

    Male seahorse is pregnant-ideas on how far along?

    Hi, I am uploading a picture of my pregnant male seahorse. I would love if some of you breeders could guesstimate how far along he is?
  8. Claire Bear

    Not sure how to rid seahorse tank of aiptasia anemone!

    Hi, I have my seahorse tank up and running and all looks good. However, I have placed live rock in the tank and there must have been a hitchhiker as I now have several aiptasia in the tank! I have a file fish and I had some nudibranches in the tank that had aiptasia. That aiptasia is now gone...
  9. Claire Bear

    I need help getting this Antenneta Lionfish to eat. He is hidden all the time.

    I would appreciate any tricks the saltwater folks have on engaging their lions in eating. I am using bait fish, shrimp, and Mysis and nothing has drawn him out. I read they like live food so I bought a dozen freshwater feeders-my puffer bit chunks out of them but the lion has not been...
  10. Claire Bear

    New Lion fish, file fish, and blue spot puffer fish-how do I catch the mandarin?

    HI all, the seahorse tank is progressing and after much research, I have changed my mind on the sps tank. It now houses a blue spot puffer, two file fish, and a lion fish. The mandarin will be moved to the seahorse tank (I am trying to capture as we speak and help is appreciated). Here is the...
  11. Claire Bear

    Seahorse, LPS and SPS updates plus question on tank capacity!

    The seahorses appear to be quite healthy and are eating heartily! They are larger than Spunky but Spunky is fitting in nicely! I also picked up a clown so I now have two clowns in the 55 gallon tank, along with a new file fish and mandarin (wild caught). That file fish may eventually transfer...
  12. Claire Bear

    They are here! The three new H. erectus arrived yesterday! :)

    HI all! The seahorses are here and very active and appear very healthy. My Spunky is so happy to see them! Amazing how she perked up with new friends! They are not the bright colors of Spunky but they are feisty! I had just fed them and some of the food is on the plant and the horse is looking...
  13. Claire Bear

    36 gallon tank plus 8 gallon hob refugium ready for coral

    My SPS coral tank, 36 gallon plus eight additional gallons in sump/refugium is ready to rock and roll. It is in need of corals and I will probably move the clown (plus one additional) to this tank now that I am happier with the build. I would love to get your opinions on what first corals should...
  14. Claire Bear

    Should an Oscar be in a large aquarium?

    This is a video of my Oscar and Jack Dempsey. I can't imagine them in a smaller tank. This is a 150 gallon tank. The young Oscar in a 55 gallon tank. Doesn't look very stationary imo.
  15. Claire Bear

    Seahorse doing well and more on the way.

    I have one healthy seahorse that appears to be doing well. They are not loners but do best in groups/herds-or at least a pair. I have ordered three female H. erectus and they will be here next week-I hope. I decided that I would have to bite the bullet and do it but I ordered from a different...
  16. Claire Bear

    One seahorse left! I was worried about these guys with good reason! :(

    I lost three of the four seahorses. My spouse sort of slacked off on the care-I work and he is retired. I had an expectation of him caring for them as he had the first group but life got in the way! I got into my really busy time at work and didn't notice their declining condition until it was...
  17. Claire Bear

    Spanky and the crew-New Seahorse family

    I was finally able to get two of the horses to the trough. They are so very small. Here is their first picture 1971roadrunner and I will try and get more later to add to the saltwater fish thread! They are growing on me!
  18. Claire Bear

    Picture of my new Basilisks are in a 125 gallon but will need bigger eventually!

    We have three of the feisty buggers! They are a hoot. They torment the cat by staring Little Kitty down! Here they are in their new habitat. The crested Gecko has his own pad. And the gecko has a new pad!
  19. Claire Bear

    Crushed! All seahorses perished over night! :(

    I am very upset. I debated on whether or not I even wanted to post this but I lost all my seahorses. The four remaining-including one pregnant male were doing great! All were eating vigorously and then the day before Thanksgiving, there appeared to be an issue with them all. So, after testing...
  20. Claire Bear

    Meet our new little buddy Freckles, the Crested Gecko!

    Here is the new lizards, they are basilisks! Now in a 125 gallon tank. 1971roadrunner, what do you think of the Basilisks? I have a new critter here, he is a baby Crested Gecko. He is adorable and he is hanging out in his new home. He was scoped out by our two cats but as soon as they found...
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