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  1. BigOlePappy

    Will my new stow away Nerite snails (i think) eat my anacharis?

    I got some anacharis from Petco and looks like they included some free snails without my knowledge. Will they eat the anacharis?
  2. BigOlePappy

    Brown Recluses all over my house...would I be able to call an exterminator....

    ...and have aquariums at the same time? I hear that they use a lot of volatile chemicals that "bomb" the entire house. I don't know how I would remove my aquariums to do that in my situation.
  3. BigOlePappy

    What are your favorite genre of fish and why?

    I thought I would ask this since there are so many types of fish in the trade and an infinite about of niches that are popular. By genre I loosely mean category or type, not necessarily scientific subsets. You could even name a specific species...
  4. BigOlePappy

    Platy eats too fast for my other fish to catch up.

    I think his tankmates are becoming malnourished because he gobbles up so much of the food before they. My neons and blue ram are much slower to react to food and don't gobble near as fast. My platy is a monster.
  5. BigOlePappy

    Platy killed an adult shrimp somehow!

    I have a colony of shrimp in my small 10 gallon platy tank. Its pretty heavily planted with Java Moss, JAva Fern, Water Wisteria, Bamboo, Mopani wood. I noticed my platy picking at something aggressively and to my horror it was a dead shrimp. I don't think it was already dead as it was still...
  6. BigOlePappy

    Can Java Moss grow through mesh?

    I have moss sandwiched between mesh like I a saw on a mesh wall guide. Its tied together with fishing wire, but it looks like it would be hard for the moss to grow through.
  7. BigOlePappy

    New Water Wisteria plant turning pale and dying

    Its in my 10 gallon low tech tank. Currently also have Java Moss, Bamboo (temporary) and Java Fern which are pretty happy. I don't use any ferts except Flourish Excel, which I have been told is safe to use with Water Wisteria. Please help! I love this plants look. It is sort of disintegrating...
  8. BigOlePappy

    Can Aquarium Plants lower waste levels?

    I have heard kind of mixed opinions on this. I mean, it seems like they would though.
  9. BigOlePappy

    Can I keep khuli loaches with cherry shrimp?

    Its a 10 gallon decently planted tank. Normally fish cannot find the babies, but I hear khuli's like to hide where the shrimp like to.
  10. BigOlePappy

    Can a ten gallon tank cycle?

    Can A 10 gallon tank cycle
  11. BigOlePappy

    Most Ghost shrimp are large now. Will they attack and kill my betta?

    I saw them feasting on my last betta's corpse when he died, but he might have died then they scavenged the corpse.
  12. BigOlePappy

    Humane office setups?

    I want a Betta in my office, but of course I can't do a 10 gallon set up in my small space. I would love something smaller that is heated and filtered. Maybe it doesn't have to be a betta, it could be a mini shrimp colony, but my experience with those is they population explode fast and are...
  13. BigOlePappy

    My favorite platy dissapeared! He's nowhere to be found.

    I returned from a weekend retreat to find my favorite platy, Bumblebee, to be missing in my 10 gallon bow. Its a small tank with 1 platy, 4 neons, and cherry shrimp. Its not very big but well maintained and planted with moss. Its small enough of a tank that if he were a corpse he would be...
  14. BigOlePappy

    I need a solution for my aggressive Platy problem.

    About a month ago I got a new Platy named Magellan. I asked the LFS keeper to give me the smallest fish in the tank and he literally have me the biggest platy they had. I guess its my fault for not saying anything. Anyways I put in in my 10 gallon with another play and he started harassing...
  15. BigOlePappy

    Temperature suddenly very cold in my 10 gallon

    We did get insane cold weather for where I live (30 degrees at night). Its a 25W in a 10 gallon so I have had problems with it getting a little too hot usually (79 degrees instead of 77-78) All of the sudden my tank get very cold (70 degrees) and now my thermostat light isn't on.
  16. BigOlePappy

    Important Guppy only able to swim at bottom of tank. Please help!

    My favorite metallic blue guppy, Johnny Depp, is only able to swim at the bottom of the tank now. He's by far the most active fish I have ever had (had him about 2 years now). So I know this isn't his normal behavior. He can still swim up when he really struggles (its a visual struggle)...
  17. BigOlePappy

    Question neon tetra shriveled up and died

    I have seen neon tetra disease and it didn't look like it. There was no curving of the spine, or bloating. He would still school with the other tetras. For some reason he just started shrinking very small and losing all his muscle. He still kept his color but got very small. Next thing ya...
  18. BigOlePappy

    do aquariums run up your electricity bill?

    or more specifically, mine. I have a 5 gallon aquarium and 10 gallon aquarium. one with a small fluorescent light and another with a 25 watt LED light. both are heated and filtered. My last bill was higher than I thought and I can't think what could be eating my electricity except my...
  19. BigOlePappy

    Question Questions about Flourish Excel in a 10 gallon?

    1.How much is the dosage for a 10 gallon? 2.Remove my whisper carbon filter? I don't want to soak up the fert. 3.Does the chemical contain anything that will harm my shrimp? 4.The bottle says that it will last a 50 gallon 1-2 months (or more), but at the capful a day dosage per 10...
  20. BigOlePappy

    Anyone ever water their plants w/ used aquarium water?

    I have heard that it is very good for plants and that it has lots of delicious nutrients for plants. They love the ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, fish waste, gravel debris, ect....

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