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  1. GlennO

    BBA on Anubias in CO2 injected tank

    I'm starting to wonder if Anubias are compatible with high tech tanks. I have a nice clump in my tank but I'm struggling to control BBA & GSA on it. I've tried reducing light a bit but I don't want to lower it too much or it might disadvantage my other plants and it defeats the purpose of a high...
  2. GlennO

    Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon (Mogurnda adspersa), anyone have one?

    If you have one I'm just wondering what you feed it. Mine wouldn't eat anything for a couple of weeks. Then I discovered that it would take small pieces of fresh prawn (shrimp). However my Rainbowfish also like it and it's difficult getting it down to him. I'd like to get him onto a wider range...
  3. GlennO

    Do you keep fish that you never or rarely see?

    This might seem like an odd or even insensitive question. Some types of fish, especially many catfish, are nocturnal and/or very shy. For example I've kept quite a few BN's over the years but the one I currently have is the shyest of them all. She hides behind a lump of wood and rarely if ever...
  4. GlennO

    Unsure of Honey sex

    I was in the LFS today and saw a beautiful little male Honey G that I decided to take home. I also picked up a second one but I don’t know if it’s male or female, I don’t have much experience with gouramis. The colour pattern is similar but duller and I don’t know if it’s a female or immature or...
  5. GlennO

    40 Gallon Tank MTS strikes again

    I was feeding excess cherry shrimp from my shrimp tank to my rainbowfish but had a spare tank sitting in the garage that I had previously used for QT. The inevitable happened! Rainbowfish will not be impressed. I guess now I need another QT tank.
  6. GlennO

    How do you guys grow guppy grass?

    I read that it can be used as a floating plant and I bought some yesterday thinking it might be good cover for small fish and shrimp. But it doesn't really float on the surface, it just kind of tumbles around in the tank until it eventually gets stuck on the filter inlet. So I'm just wondering...
  7. GlennO

    My first stressful 24 hrs of Cherry Shrimp keeping

    So the little shrimp tank I decided to set up was cycled so yesterday I head off to the LFS to get some Cherry Shrimp. I decided to get yellow ones and got 2 females and 3 males. $55 for 5 of them, yikes! Oh well, lets hope they survive and multiply! I get them home and in the tank and...
  8. GlennO

    Gold Rams - did I get a pair?

    My LFS had some very small Rams and I did my best at selecting a pair. They are not much more than an inch long. The brighter yellow one has a slightly longer body shape but what was most noticeable even in the store is its more dominant behaviour. Both have a slight pink belly flush, more...
  9. GlennO

    Are these white things Nerite eggs?

    I suspect that they are, but my Nerites are less than 1 cm big, can they lay eggs at that size?
  10. GlennO

    How do people harvest white worms?

    I finally seem to have a decent population going but harvesting them is a pain. I tried putting a plastic cover over the food but they don't crawl on it which leaves me trying to pick them out of the soil one at a time. Any suggestions?
  11. GlennO

    How many shrimp to start with?

    Hi, i have a spare 7 gallon tank that I used to use for raising fry and I intend to set it up as a shrimp tank. My wife likes the yellow cherry shrimp. I can't get them at my local shop but there are online suppliers. What's the minimum number I should get to start a colony?
  12. GlennO

    Fluval canister filter tip

    Hi, I have a Fluval 406 that is over a year old and I noticed lately that it was getting quite difficult to remove and reconnect the AquaStop valve during maintenance. I put some silicone o-ring lube on the two o-rings on the valve and it worked better than new. Just something to keep in mind if...
  13. GlennO

    CO2 diffusion query

    Hi, so I'm considering adding pressurised co2 to my tank. I'm shying away from an inline diffuser/reactor because I don't want to reduce the flow from my canisters plus the main canister is a Fluval with ribbed hoses which makes it more difficult. So since the tank is 4 ft long I'm wondering if...
  14. GlennO

    Does a catfish like this exist?

    I'm not particularly knowledgeable about catfish and wonder if there is a species that can be kept singly, doesn't get very large (max 4 or 5 inches) and isn't predominantly nocturnal? I have a mature peppermint bristlenose cat and she's gorgeous but I rarely see her when the lights are on.
  15. GlennO

    Canister filters and head height query

    I don’t understand how head height works in a closed system like with a canister filter. For example the specs on my Fluval 406 say that it has a head height of 2.25m (7.5 ft). To a simpleton like myself that would suggest that the outlet has to be a maximum of 2.25m above the level of the...
  16. GlennO

    What's Going On With This Rainbowfish?

    I noticed today while doing a water change that my largest male Trifasciata has gone black on one side of his head. From gill cover to nose tip. The other side is normal. All other fish are looking and behaving normally. I tested the water, though it was after a 50% water change, but all ok -...
  17. GlennO

    Rinsing Biomedia In Tap Water

    I recently read an article which contained this paragraph: “Biomedia should be cleaned minimally, just enough to remove all visible debris. You can do this under tap water. I know everyone says to rinse it in tank water so that the chlorine doesn’t kill all your bacteria, but I have not found...
  18. GlennO

    Cichlid Breeding Aggression - What To Do?

    Hi, a few months ago I purchased a mature pair of Rainbow Cichlids and today the female laid eggs. But it was not the happy event I was hoping for. After fertilising the eggs the male started harassing the female and he won't let her go back near the eggs even though she tries. He chases her all...
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