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  1. Cowardlyslimeball

    40 Gallon Tank Restock and rescape!

    Hi everyone! I've been trying to figure out what to do with my 36 gallon bowfront, the goal is a heavily planted, low tech tank with a good hardscape (I'm exceptionally bad at aquascaping so any advice is much appreciated haha) Currently it's got salvinia minima, java fern, anubias and a tall...
  2. Cowardlyslimeball

    Want To Sell Salvinia minima for sale!

    Hi everyone! I have some extra salvinia minima for sale as I am thinning my tanks. I'm thinking $5 for a couple handfulls plus shipping! :)
  3. Cowardlyslimeball

    Best low budget digital drawing tablets?

    Hi everyone! I've been looking into a drawing tablets for a couple months now. At first, I went for no screens since it was cheaper, but I had some extra money from my last paycheck, so I thought I might be able to upgrade. I was looking at the huion insparoy Q11k v2 tablet, and I want to get...
  4. Cowardlyslimeball

    One thing you love about fishkeeping!

    Hi guys! I just finished a lot of work on my tanks and I'm really enjoying the hobby right now!! So I thought we should just sit back and enjoy the fish we spend hours taking care of. What's one thing you really like about fishkeeping? And maybe a picture of your favorite fish or tank! I'll go...
  5. Cowardlyslimeball

    Tips on selling aquatic plants?

    Hi guys! So I'm upgrading my tanks and getting a UV light and plants for my 40 gallon, as well as some floater plants. I plan on selling trimmings if I can, so any tips? I know the basics but you veterans probably know all the details. ;) What do you like to ship them in and how? What...
  6. Cowardlyslimeball

    Are garden hoses aquarium-safe?

    Hi everyone! I've been working on a water changimg system, and I was wondering which hoses are aquarium safe. The one I found on sale at the hardware store today is lead free, bit it doesn't say it's drinking safe that I can see. What I'm most concerned about is phosphate. It doesn't say not to...
  7. Cowardlyslimeball

    40 Gallon Tank Fancy goldfish stocking recommendations?

    Hi guys! Over the summer I'm going to get some fancy goldfish for my 40 gallon, I'll probably get them from king koi and goldfish, (free shipping woohoo!) So I have some fish in there right now, but when I get the Goldfish, there will only be 2 small bristlenose plecos and maybe my platy, Rosie...
  8. Cowardlyslimeball

    Want To Sell Free neon tetras, glass catfish, and glowlight tetras

    Hi everyone! When I rescued my 40 gallon 2 years ago, there were a ton of different kinds of fish, and now I'm trying to find a good home for the remaining fish, since I want to have fancy goldfish in there instead. There are 3 glowlight tetras 1 neon tetra And 1 glass catfish. I don't know...
  9. Cowardlyslimeball

    Digital art tablet recommendations?

    Hi everyone! I've been trying to find a good digital art tablet for myself, I've never done digital art, but I draw traditionally. I want to invest in something high quality, but not super expensive. Somewhere between $80-$300ish. If there's a good one that has a screen, I'd love that. But I'm...
  10. Cowardlyslimeball

    Black spots on underside of houseplants leaves?

    Hi everyone! I just got this plant and noticed that there are black spots on the bottom of the leaves. I think it was there when I bought it. Do you think it's spider mites or something else? And how do I treat it?
  11. Cowardlyslimeball

    Any good places to buy salvinia online?

    Hi everyone! I need some suggestions for good places to buy salvinia online. I only need enough for my 5 gallon, and then I'll grow it out and put it in my other tanks. Thanks!!
  12. Cowardlyslimeball

    20 Gallon Tank Help! Tomogatchi doesn't look so good

    Hi everyone My oranda, tomogatchi has been laying on the bottom of his tank, sideways all day. It could be swim bladder, but he looks too lethargic and like he's dying. Please help!! He just got over dropsy and ammonia burns, I've been so worried since he's my favorite fish. Here's the...
  13. Cowardlyslimeball

    20 Gallon Tank He survived!!

    Hi guys!! My goldfish, tomogatchi has had dropsy and bleeding on his fins and body for about a week, but this morning, his swelling was gone! He's covered in black scars, which I assume is good because he's not bleeding anymore and it's healing over. I was doing epsom salt dips 3 times a day...
  14. Cowardlyslimeball

    20 Gallon Tank Dropsy, fin rot and black spots on fins and face, help!

    Hi everyone, My goldfish has been in a 20 gallon quarantine tank for 2 months now, I've been treating ripped fins and fin rot with aquarium salt for that whole time, luckily he's been healing really well. A couple days ago though, I noticed that his sides were bloated and he was pine coning. I...
  15. Cowardlyslimeball

    Funny My sisters "helpful tips" for fishkeeping

    "why are you putting your fish in a salt bath, just roll it around In salt a couple times and put it back in the tank" "dropsy is water in his organs? Just put him in a bag of rice. Why are you freaking out so much" :hilarious:
  16. Cowardlyslimeball

    Goldfish dropsy - safe to treat with aquarium salt and a salt bath??

    Hi everyone This morning I noticed some really concerning symptoms in my goldfish, tomogatchi. I'm just going to fill out the emergency template so here goes: Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 20 gallons How long has the tank been running? A couple of months Does it have a filter? Yes...
  17. Cowardlyslimeball

    5 Gallon Tank Good and inexpensive plant lights?

    Hi everyone! I have a 5 gallon betta tank with a couple different kinds of plants, java fern, a type of rotala, and some lilaeopsis brasiliensis. I have a LED strip in the tank but it's not enough for the plants. I've tried the small tank plant lights at my local petco but they're WAY to bright...
  18. Cowardlyslimeball

    What would I need to breed bettas?

    Hi everyone!! I've been thinking about breeding fish, and I think bettas would be my favorite fish to try. I don't think I'll do this anytime soon, at least not until I can find some room for more fishtanks haha What would I need to start? I have a 5 gallon and a 2 1/2 gallon, a couple baby...
  19. Cowardlyslimeball

    African dwarf frogs???

    Hi guys!! I'm cycling my 2 1/2 gallon and was wondering if it's big enough for one (or are they better with more??) I also have a 5gal betta tank, but are bettas and African dwarf frog compatible?? Anyway, I just wanted to know if this was even possible.. Thanks
  20. Cowardlyslimeball

    Any other snowboarders?

    Hi everyone! I'm at a ski resort right now, in front of a warm fire after six hours of snowboarding. Let's just say I'm not moving tomorrow haha I've been out snowboarding 6 or 7 times, and I finally got it down. Aggh it's so fun. Anyone else know the feeling?
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