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    New Live Plants help!!!

    ive recently aquired a few plants as i wanted live plants in my tank and planted them in on thursday. i just brought amazon swords, wisteria and cabomba the amazon swords are not looking great they look like their dying whereas the others are fine. ive got 2 large 25w bulbs in my 160l tank i...
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    just noticed my parrot fish has a black marking on his fin and seems to be very occasionally scratching himself on the ournements he also has slight black/dark grey spots on his body (not very many and very small). also one of my dwarf gouramis has a slight discolouration black mark on his fin...
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    Help need drastic help

    im in serious need of hel everythings going wrong and i dont know what to do i swapped my tanks aroundmid november to a bigger tank and now everything is going wrong. I noticed that one of my guppies had fin rot when i introduced my red parrot am really wishing i noticed before i got the guy. as...
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    Stocking suggestions

    Ive just swapped my 60l hex tank and now have a 180l tank but dont know what to stock it with. currently i have a red tail shark 5 neon tetras 2 guppies 2 pearl gouramis 2 platys and 1 bristlenose pleco. i am going to move the guppies and platys back to my hex once set up at my mothers house but...
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    Help Transferring Fish to new tank

    ok so im in a serious dilemma of how to do this I have a new tank which is double the size of my hex and am really cofused of how to transfer the fish and stuff over to the new tank. I cant run both at the same time so am looking for a way to transfer them over and in need of some help. I want...
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    Help needed

    have just purchased 2 dwarf gourami's to add to my tank which has 2 platies 5 neon tetras and a bristlenose catfish!!! would like a couplle mre fish if i can but really need some that hang around the top any suggestions????
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    how's my tank

    ive just bought a few tetras so i now have 7 neons 2 platys and 1 bristlenose catfish in my hex!!!! i know im near fully stocked but would love some fish that are top dwellers any ideas/ suggestions????
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    Gravel Vac!!

    Should I Be Doing A Gravel Vac Every Week When I Do My Partial Water Change????? Also When Should I Change The Carbon/foam In My Filter???? Or Does This Not Need Changing!!!! Thanks In Advance!
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    after all the trouble ive had with the tank and bad fish from a dodgy fish shop everything is running smoothly now. I HAVE 1 BRISTLENOSE 2 PLATIES AND 1 NEON TETRA(ONLY SURVIVOUR FROM THE DRAMA) I am going to add another 5 tetera on saturday to cheer up my lonley neon!!! was just wondering...
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    white parasites!!!

    ive got some sort of white parasites which has latched onto the glas they are very small and kindof look like bits of fluff.ive had my temp up at 30oC for almost 2 weeks.yesterday i don e a 50% water change and removed half my gravel as well as doing a gravel vacum and wiping down the...
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    Help Its All Gone Wrong

    ive had my tank for a few months it was cycled and had 6 neon tetras a bristlenose catfish and everything was fine fish were healthy and doing great for a few weeks.i then found this fish shop different to where ive always been before and purchased 2 mollies. 1 mollie died after about 2 hours so...
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    betta trouble

    i have just seen this morning my bettas tail is half gone and im very worried how can i solve this problem will it ever grow back!!!
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    help:: white spots on 1 tetra

    after the fiasco of introuduicing a sick mollie the other day then takking it 1 day later ive had 1 neon tetra go completley missing and 1 now appers to have white spots on it!!!! help what can i do to stop this spreading???
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    How Do I New Arrivals

    ive juust purchased 2 mollys to go in my community tank which has 6 tetra an 1 bristlenose. i put them in over an hour ago doing all the necssary steps. the mollys seem to just be hanging around the top one at the surface. my readings before i put the in were 0ppm 0ppm 20ppm. what can i do just...
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    stocking suggestions

    I've got 6 Neon Tetras and 1 Bristlenose Catfish (I Know will get too big for my tank but will put in to bigger tank Relativley soon) Just wondering if anyone has any stocking ideas for my hex tank!! somone on here suggested angel fish who would be good in a hexagon tank but then read that...
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    may seem silly....

    hi this may seem silly but just wondering how i vacum the gravel. do you just skim alon the top of the gravel or push it down so the gravel rufflles up???? i know is a silly question but thought i should ask as i dont want to harm my gorgeous fish
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    Water Parameters!! Testing with API Test Kit

    Hi everyone, have only just got my api liquid master test kit today FINALLY ive been running my tank for well over a month now and currently have 6 neon tetras in there at the moment which are all fine and swimming along nicley. have just done my first tests to see how everythings moving...
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    tetra hurting my guppies???

    i added a few neon tetras to the tank a couple of days ago and ever since my 2 guppies have been at the surface gasping for air!!i have now found out this is most probably the cause of ammonia poisoning which im doing water changes to try and rectify.also ive noticed that one of my guppies has...
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    am having problems i had 4 guppies for about 2 weeks last week 2 died and i tried to find the root cause of the problem when i found my daughter had unplugged the heater!!!i still had 2 which have been fine ever since i added 6 tetras yesterday and ever since theyve been hanging around the...
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    Who Goes Best??

    I have 4 gorgeous guppys in my tank already and was wondering which fish are most compatable with them??? i want to get an alge eater/catfish next and then a few of something else but am stuck with what to get?? (anything but tetra) any ideas?

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