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  1. qldmick

    New 1000L Goldfish pond

    Decided to turn this tank of mine into a goldfish pond, plants arrived this week and have been potted up, tank was filled yesterday and 2 goldies went in today. This will be for singled tailed goldfish only, but they must have long, even, undeformed fins. I have a orange goldie and a white...
  2. qldmick

    Truly yellow goldfish

    I don't know where you are, but are these the type your after? Long flowing tails x 3 Yellow Marigolds ,13-14cm *Ourmix1/Pdoor price is for 3 fish
  3. qldmick

    Fish Personalities

    You reminded me of the clip I found a while back.
  4. qldmick

    Advice for 75g tank

    These were the first africans I kept, along with labeotropheus trewavasae, they are great fish and one of the smaller africans. Here is a youtube vid to give you an idea what a colony would look like, just add a rock scape and your set. I would go with NLS Algae Max for these guys, or mix...
  5. qldmick

    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Have about 5m 10f left over, looking forward to them breeding soon as it warms up. Some females have molted recently but haven't found any eggs yet. Day temps are good but nights are still a bit cold.
  6. qldmick

    Blue LED lights at night ?

    In my marine aquarium I have blue and white lights on all day and just blue for 2 hrs at the end of the night, from 7-9pm.
  7. qldmick

    55 Gallon Tank I am so exited! I got a new juvenile red tailed shark!

    I have kept both and its definitely the RTS sharks that are more aggressive. They grow quite fast and soon become hyper aggressive. I keep them with african cichlids (aggressive) but had to remove the one below as he was to rough for some of my female Africans. These girls are now bigger and I...
  8. qldmick

    Pvc pipe for freshwater aquarium

    I'm not sure where you live but I'll show you a couple of options available where I am, Holman 100mm x 1m PVC DWV Pipe Holman 150mm x 1m PVC DWV Pipe You could make several hides out of each one.
  9. qldmick

    40 gallon breeder with yellow labs and peacocks

    You should look into Pseudotropheus Saulosi, their smaller than Electric Yellows and you get a nice blue, yellow, mixture with the male/females. Here's just an example I found for you,
  10. qldmick

    Cichlid Female changing to a Male

    Hey I've had a male OB Malawi Eyebiter hold eggs, maybe your 'female' (yellow blue face), spawned as a male and held some of a females eggs, making you think it was a female. I hate hormone type foods, some shops get peacocks and haps in hormoned and others treat normal stock so all juvies...
  11. qldmick

    Fish ID plz

    Looks like a Florida Flag Fish to me.
  12. qldmick

    What's the next fish you're getting?

    Just arrived, 1 arrived upside down but I'm hoping It'll recover.
  13. qldmick

    Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon (Mogurnda adspersa), anyone have one?

    Hey mate I had a wild caught one I kept it in a filter less tank and fed half grown guppies I breed in my pond over summer. I know this isn't great but I was a kid so what do you do? Anyway I also caught a baby SPS Gudgeon in a cows footprint of water along with a Gambusia. I think people in...
  14. qldmick

    My crayfish has ticks?

    Yer I'm not sure, the tems I saw were larger, but that was the first thing I thought of.
  15. qldmick

    What's the next fish you're getting?

    Have 5 Malawi Eye Biters on the way.
  16. qldmick

    My crayfish has ticks?

    I think they may be Temnocephalida, I have caught spiny crays in Australia and they usually have some on them.
  17. qldmick

    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Just an update, Sold 4 medium size males and 6 small unsexed, making room for females and more smaller ones to grow more. There is a massive size difference between the smallest and the largest. Here is my biggest boy raised from my breeding, he's a champ,
  18. qldmick

    Can someone tell me what type of cichlid this is?

    def not carbro, first fish looks like a ob peacock x hap or something, and second looks like an electric yellow x something.
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