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  1. Redviper

    Very different results from gravel cleanings

    Greetings! Without any major changes over the last couple of months, all of a sudden I'm not finding near as much dark detritus when we vacuum. What I see mostly now are tiny bits of white material and thin clouds of detritus. This is a good thing, I think! We vacuum a third of the tank (72in...
  2. Redviper

    Spray bar setup

    I've never seen any indication of the precise way a spray bar SHOULD be setup. That being true, whenever I've configured with surface agitation in mind (O2 injection). This, for me, meant mounting at the water line pointed slightly downward. Since I have configurable kit that allows for tons...
  3. Redviper

    Flow Tamer spray bar.

    So far this unit has been a great purchase. I've thought for some time that Fluval should come with a robust spray bar. Flow Tamer is a fits the bill. The cutting and drilling is top notch, so is the attachment tubing. It comes with 3-sections of large rigid tubing with large holes. The unit I...
  4. Redviper

    BGA removal

    Greetings! I'm looking for an easy removal method, that has no effect whatsoever on my fish. I added the caveat because I care deeply about my fish, but one is an older BR parrot that's coming up on his end time and I don't want to hasten that unfortunate event in any way. Another question that...
  5. Redviper

    PVC and silicone

    I read that it's possible to coat PVC with substrate by coating the PVC first with silcone "something" and applying some substrate. Would that reference be to something like silicone glue, or something else? Of course whatever it is it must be safe for my livestock and water. Here she blows!
  6. Redviper

    Current USA Serene SUN LE Pro. Now what?

    The family CFO told me that it was fine to go ahead and buy the fixture I thought was best, because I hadn't whined about before. She was nicer than this, but I'm sure you get the point. So I popped for what I thought looked good, in terms of features and such. The problem is that after a month...
  7. Redviper

    Sintered media for cannister filters?

    I'm interested in what you guys think of this type of bio filtration.
  8. Redviper

    Why are all the treads closed?

    I recently rescued a female black pacu from a terribly maintained tank where I work. During the nearly 6-months I watched her suffer I learned a great deal about the breed. I'd very much like to share my adventure, and learn about the experiences of others with this magnificent animal. My...
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