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  1. ayeayeron

    Angelfish and Guppies

    Hey there! I’m wondering if it would be okay to keep guppies with my angelfish pair. The tank is a 46g bow front so pretty big, and I have 10 rosy red minnows in there that the angelfish occasionally chase away but do not nip at. And if it is possible to keep them, what would be better, male...
  2. ayeayeron

    Want To Buy WTB Aquaclear 70

    Hoping maybe someone here has an aquaclear 70 they’re willing to sell or maybe trade :) mine is seriously a piece of junk and I don’t think replacing the impeller is going to do much at this point. I’m located in NC and am will to pay for shipping if needed.
  3. ayeayeron

    Both are risky, what’s the better option?

    Okay, so I was a bit impulsive and ended up taking a few guppies home after a teacher in my school was breaking his tank down. Right now, the guppies are in my clown killifish tank. However, I really don’t want them to end up taking this tank over because there are killifish fry and Id like to...
  4. ayeayeron

    Guppy help

    It being the end of the school year, there happened to be a teacher breaking down his guppy tank and… well, I couldn’t resist. I ended up taking home 6 guppies- 3 adults (1M 2F) 2 fry, and one juvenile. Although the fry look too small to sex, the juvenile might be old enough. I suspect she’s a...
  5. ayeayeron

    Ugh! Is this definitely ich?

    Noticed my peppered cory was acting weird, and noticed he looked dusted with white :/ I added three mystery snails to my tank about a week ago, so I suppose some ick could have hitchhiked that way. I am looking close and can notice some spot on other fish, but they are so minor that they might...
  6. ayeayeron

    Ditherfish for Angels

    Hey there. I'm looking to stock a ditherfish in my 46g as I have an angel pair who tend to pick on each other a lot. Additionally, they are rather nervous parents so the quiet of the tank likely doesn't ease their anxiety. I was originally looking at a school of tetras or something similar, but...
  7. ayeayeron

    Strange snail, never seen before

    I just spotted this little guy about 30 seconds ago lol. I’m wondering if this is a baby piano snail? I only own one but perhaps it had been fertilized in the store. The shell spirals to the right. (I am referring to the spiral gray snail on top of the mystery snail)
  8. ayeayeron

    Money tree insight

    Hey! So we got this money tree about a year ago and it’s gotten very large, and we know it’s not gonna fit in the house much longer. Unfortunately it’s just a bit cold here to plant it in the ground... we think. I live in hardiness zone 8, and the recommended zone for the money tree to thrive...
  9. ayeayeron

    CMACS Aquarium - Charlotte, NC

    To my other carolinians, I would like to make a LFS recommendation: CMACS Aquarium. They are my primary place to go for whatever I need! They are very small and family owned, and the owners know my name and recognize me immediately lol. They have a MUCH bigger selection then a big box store...
  10. ayeayeron

    Eggs or no

    I’m wondering if these are killifish eggs? (White dots on moss) They look a little like nerite eggs however this moss has not been in a tank with a nerite so it can’t be those. I’ve been studying this tank hoping for killifish eggs. Lol.
  11. ayeayeron

    Microscopic adventures

    I got a microscope for my birthday and I thought I’d start a photo thread to share all the cool things I’m finding in my fish tank. These are the photos so far! Here is a worm and pod? looking thing Seed shrimp Flatworm? Plant cells of some kind Hair algae First picture closer up Feel free...
  12. ayeayeron

    Microscopic Critters in Aquarium Sludge

    I got a microscope recently and was checking out some aquarium sludge from my filter and saw lots of cool things in it. I was wondering if anyone could help me ID them, just for knowledge purposes. This first one features a worm and a small pod looking thing Same sample on x10 These look...
  13. ayeayeron

    Erinw347’s 20g high

    Okay so, Sunday is my birthday! And because of that, my mom agreed that part of my present would be I could go to the fish store and go ham. That is when I will be getting everything I need for this tank. It is going to be a killifish breeding tank with cherry shrimp, so I will log how the...
  14. ayeayeron

    So disheartening

    I’m so stressed out with how this is playing out. I started out with 6 angelfish and got three pairs out of them. So I eventually rehomed two of the pairs. I kept my favorite female and her boyfriend. But not it looks like they’re going through a “divorce”. He is being so rough with her and...
  15. ayeayeron

    C. paleatus thoughts

    Hi! This is no emergency, but I wanted to get insight on the situation Im in with my corydoras. As a beginner, I mixed species of corydoras and as a result I now have 9 C. aeneus and one lone peppered cory. To clarify, I am now aware that corydoras should be kept with their own species, and...
  16. ayeayeron

    Corydoras spawning

    I remember how excited I was the first time I got cory eggs... now they’re doing it once, twice a week! at 80F!! So much to the point where I don’t even remove the eggs anymore! I leave them there, and see if any fry make it (one has so far) Someone needs to get them some family planning...
  17. ayeayeron

    Weird test results

    I would like to start out by saying that I am quite familiar with the fish less cycle and have read lots about it especially on here. However, this is my first actual fishless cycle. I have a 20 high that had an angel pair in it temporarily to breed. Now that I have moved the pair back to...
  18. ayeayeron

    20g high- 9 corys, one betta, yes or no

    Title kinda says it all. I had this stocking in a 29g (with a clown pleco too but he is going to a different tank) but I need the 29g as a grow out for angel fry. I know a 20 long would be better but I already have the tank. Is the footprint enough for the corys? Just to clarify, this is not...
  19. ayeayeron

    Why are my angel pair locking lips?

    I have a breeding pair that has spawned several times now and they’re currently raising a batch of fry that’s a little over 1 week. Today I noticed they were nipping a lot and locking lips. However, they were not shaking each other while lips were locked which is what I’m used to. The male seems...
  20. ayeayeron

    Want To Sell Angelfish Fry

    Hi! So since some people like to know in advance when fish may be ready to sell, I thought I’d go ahead and make this thread so people can watch it and know when the fry are ready. The oldest babies are 5 weeks old tomorrow, so it will be 1-2 months before of age to ship. ALL of my current fry...
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