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  1. Pescado_Verde

    Current USA Customer Service

    About a year ago I had a problem with one of their lights and posted about it here... Current Usa Customer Service | Reviews - Equipment, Products, etc. 414090 Anyway the tl;dr is they were fantastic on that occasion and so when I needed more lights I went back to Current USA. I ordered them...
  2. Pescado_Verde

    Baylor University - A Walk Around Campus

    I was hoping to get some nicely lit buildings at dusk, trimmed in holiday lights but no such luck. I did wander around a bit and took some pictures anyway but not what I was hoping for. So if you've never been to Waco there's more than just Chip and Joanna here, consider this the $0.05 tour of...
  3. Pescado_Verde

    Christmas Hunter/Jumper Horse Show

    Some photos from a horse show.
  4. Pescado_Verde

    A Trip To The Zoo

    Like the title says, it's pictures from a trip to the zoo.
  5. Pescado_Verde

    Good Wood For Pleco To Graze On?

    All of my driftwood is Malaysian driftwood and the stuff is super dense and hard as a rock. I'd like to put something in the tank for my BN to gnaw on successfully. I've seen common Plecos in the wild and they're usually attached to some rotting vegetation. I'm just not sure what I could put in...
  6. Pescado_Verde

    Funny Happenings?

    I have my own thread to discuss my fish tanks in the Freshwater Build forum. I posted in that thread about 8 hours ago. I then went to bed. I got up and had a reply in that thread. I quoted that reply in MY reply and weird things happened. Somehow my last post in that thread from 8 hours prior...
  7. Pescado_Verde

    Texas N.b.h.a. Championships

    Took the camera with new lens to the barrel racing today. Had a little trouble acquiring focus but was happy with the fact that I could at least get enough light to get good exposures. Still have a few hundred pics to look thru, just the first one I came across that was semi-decent.
  8. Pescado_Verde

    Senior's Pro Rodeo

    Age 40-70+, pretty cool stuff! Just a couple of quick video clips and after I get done going thru all of the photos I will hopefully have something that I think is good enough to share. Just a lady on a horse, in a hurry. This lady missed her calf and she was not happy about it.
  9. Pescado_Verde

    Reining Horses Show

    I went to a reining horse show this weekend to take pictures and thought I'd share here. One short video clip that goes in and out of focus and a not so great photo of a rider slamming the brakes on. Pretty cool stuff to watch in person!
  10. Pescado_Verde

    Current Usa Customer Service

    Last year I bought a couple of their Pro Plus light kits and set them on a shelf, planning to use them eventually. So this week I finally unpacked one of them while I was putting together a 20 long for the new Cory cats I bought and the light wouldn't work. The LED unit would just...
  11. Pescado_Verde

    Images Not Loading

    I could see the s as they were uploaded but not once I posted. Someone else commented on my pics so I know others can view but I'm not currently able to see any pics on the site. I've restarted the computer and am using Chrome on a W10 desktop. Help?
  12. Pescado_Verde

    Injury Or Columnaris?

    I noticed this patch on the head of one of my Mollies. Thoughts? I'm thinking injury but not being familiar with fish diseases I'm hoping someone who is could maybe make a diagnosis or at least give an educated guess.
  13. Pescado_Verde

    Breeding Nerite Snails

    I'm seriously considering giving this an attempt and would like to hear any and all suggestions or firsthand knowledge on how to go about such a project. Thanks in advance!
  14. Pescado_Verde

    Is This A Thing?

    I've been thinking of rearranging my tank and hit on an idea that I want to fly by FishLore. I know next to nothing about art, form, or much of anything really, it is just a thought and I'm looking for some guidance on a general concept. Here's a rough sketch - Is this just a bad idea...
  15. Pescado_Verde

    Koi Bettas (houston, Tx Area)

    Every so often I like to look at the Bettas on this website They have a number of Koi's right now, some are very nice! I might have to add one of these to my small collection of Bettas in the coming months.
  16. Pescado_Verde

    Had Edit Feature Been Disabled?

    Or modified with a time limit? Or maybe I'm just losing my mind, lol. I wanted to edit one of my posts but can't seem to find the button now. HELP? I'm using Chrome on a desktop if that matters.
  17. Pescado_Verde

    Gravel Substrate- How Much/how Deep?

    I'm redoing the substrate on my 55 gallon planted tank and wanted to get some thoughts on the "optimal" depth of the gravel. It's CaribSea Peace River gravel. It's sort of a very large grain sand or a very small grain gravel hybrid. Grain size is 1mm-3mm. Because it comes packed in water I'm...
  18. Pescado_Verde

    Recommend Me A Plant!

    I like the looks of Valisneria but want something that would only grow to between 10"-15" or so. Something "grassy-like" that would max out in height around the water surface level in a 20 gallon long. Would be helpful if it likes to spread via runners as well. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  19. Pescado_Verde

    Country Music Awards (cma's)

    Don't know if anyone on here watched the show but Garth Brooks debuted a new song and I'm proud to say that the song was co-written by one of my nephews. That's all I got.
  20. Pescado_Verde

    Furcata Blue Eye

    Are these fish compatible in a peaceful planted community tank? I've got a mix of fish now, Platy, Molly, Gourami, BN Pleco.. just wondering if 10 or so of these guys would work in a 55 gallon tank. Temp is ~78F.
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