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    Mexican Dwarf Crayfish in a dirted tank

    If you do a dirted tank I would just go with shrimp. The craws will dig a lot even if you cap it. Shrimp love durted tanks especially with lots of plants. And it looks great
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    What counts as a well established tank for a dwarf crayfish?

    You can add a betta but you have to make sure the betta has hiding spaces and places up away from the craw. Were the craw cant get to him. I definitely wouldnt put more than 1 craw in there. But you can do 2 Brazos dwarf crayfish. They are much nicer than the cpos. Or you can add some small...
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    Dwarf Orange Mexican Crayfish - stocking level??

    Hello first welcome to the forums we are all happy your here. Second so I had 3 cpo crayfish together in my 10g. They fought from time to time. But never bad. And as long as you have a tank with lots of cover down low were they are they will be fine. And I'd say light cover only do 2 per 10g...
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    Tips on keeping dwarf crayfish

    Okay I understand. my betta could care less about the crayfish. He has been pinched before and now says away from them. I used to have 3 of them in the tank. Idk why 2 died it didnt look like it was a craw that did it. I think its do to my tank got uncycled for a bit and during that time I lost...
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    Tips on keeping dwarf crayfish

    So I'm hoping to get 3 more dwarf crayfish to put with my betta and my 1 dwarf crayfish. Has anyone kept 4 dwarf crayfish in a 10g tank before. There is a good amount of hiding places but I plan on adding more asap. Hoping before I get the craws. Here is a picture of the tank
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    2 of my crayfish are dead and idk why

    So I had 3 dwarf crayfish in my 10g tank with my betta. I noticed one of them lost a claw while molting. Then it started looking pale orange. But it was eating and it was fine. Then all of a sudden one of my other craws died idk what happened this one looked just fine. It was eating and molted...
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    What is this plant?

    They sell amazing products. I just didnt specifically ask for each plant to be separated since I dont know what they look like. Lol that is on me. I've gotten amazing things from him. Everything has been very healthy. And those small bits of I believe guppy grass were free I purchased 2 feet of...
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    These are my 3 tanks and my pond what yall think

    Thank you. I really owe it to everyone who's helped me on here.
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    What is this plant?

    I just got it with an order on friday. In the order I got jungle valasneria and guppy grass. So it's one of those just trying to figure out which lol. But my main thing is the sword in the last picture I want to know what it is so I can figure out how it reproduces
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    What is this plant?

    I do think your right. Thank all of you. Do you know how to propagate the sword. Because I really want to plant it in my pond. I think it would look good.
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    What is this plant?

    Is the first and second picture guppy grass? Third picture what is this I want to get more of it I just forgot what it is. Thank you for the help.
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    These are my 3 tanks and my pond what yall think

    So first is my 10g tank 1 male betta, ton of snails lol, and 2 dwarf crayfish. next is my 1.5g just shrimp. Then my 20g tank. Which has snails, shrimp, 3 black mollies 2 adults And 1 baby born back in june it was in my 1.5 but just moved it 3 days ago it loves it's new home, 4 cardinal tetras...
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    Help i dont know what this baby fish is

    So the baby I found is without a doubt a molly. I had it in my 1.5 tank till it was safe in my 20g. I just moved it yesterday and its loving it's old/new home. It has black stripes on it. It's about an inch long. and boy is he fat lol. He doesnt eat flake foods or any food I put in he eats those...
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    Hello so i need ideas for my 10g

    I've have some danios in my 20g but I'm honestly not liking them anymore. I had 5 of them together in my tank. And 1 of them has killed 2 of them and it kills a good amount of my shrimp. And I had them in with my betta at one point and they nipped his fins a lot. But I definitely do want to get...
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    Ideas for Getting Rid of Algae in Outdoor Tub

    Jet is definitely right. If you have a good fast growing plant like he does it will help stop algea from growing. Especially since the plants he mentioned grow fast so they use up more nutrients. I'd definitely recommend getting guppy grass its easier to work with. You can plant it in the gravel...
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    Ideas for Getting Rid of Algae in Outdoor Tub

    Add more shrimp. And maybe some ramshorn or bladder snails. I have a 30g tub pond on my porch here in southern oregon and I never have algea problems in any tank or pond. I have rams horn snails and some guppies in my outdoor pond. I'm leaving the pond out there year round. It's just now getting...
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    WTB Bulk Cherry/Blue Shrimp/Plants/Snails/Fish

    You should definitely check out his website I just placed an order from him yesterday. And I did order shrimp from him about a month ago and they came super healthy and matter in fact 1 or 2 are pregnant now. Should be getting some babies soon.
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    Want To Sell Out-of-Hobby Sale; Everything Best Offer; Shrimp, Fish, and Equipment

    Hey do you still have the stand? If so how much would it cost to ship it. I have a 20 long and the stand it's on is for a 20 tall lol. So I've been wanting a better stand for it. Also you wouldnt happen to have any shrimp left would you.
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    Can I add pea puffers

    Yeah they are starting to level off. But I know I'm guilty of over feeding so it starts leveling off then bam more snail eggs lol. I no joke have atleast 70 snails just in my 20g tank. 40 in my 30g pond, and 30 in my 10g tank. And 4 in my 1.5 lol
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    Can I add pea puffers

    Maybe it's just a but ruff for my son to see and my wife lol. I dont mind I used to put them in the garbage disposal but wife walked while I was doing it and got mad lol. She agrees there are way to many snails. But doesnt like any way I have gotten rid of them. I've put them in a pot of cool...
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