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    I'm getting tattooed again! :D

    I've got an appointment for next Wednesday. I'm so stoked. I went and checked out the shop today and it looked awesome, and my artist seems very cool... so I went ahead and paid the deposit to book the appointment. If all goes well I'll go back for the larger upper arm piece that I am planning...
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    120 gallon Tanganyika Cichlid tank, before and after

    Due to an unexpected death of one of our leleupi, which we found on 3/19 behind a giant pile of river rock, we had to tear out roughly 200 lbs of river rock that had been stacked up in the corners. It was certainly no fun, but we had been planning on tearing it out eventually anyway and moving...
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    FS: Fish and Shrimp, nice stuff!!!

    HI all, I've been going a little stir crazy with this awful weather lately, and now that it's warming up I'm itching to ship some fish out of here! All fish are healthy, active, and eating like pigs. I ship within the contiguous US only. I use Priority or Express mail (your choice) and...
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    My first time breeding otopharynx lithobates

    A little back story... I haven't done a whole lot in the past with African Rift Lake cichlids because they basically just die in our soft tap water. When we started our fishroom teardown and rebuilding, we decided that it would be cool to try and breed some rift lake cichlids. To do this, I'm...
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    New fish and surprise eggs!

    Well, I've once again managed to get some extremely nice fish from my local club that I would never see in a pet store. Yesterday I picked up a breeding trio of Protomelas sp. stevenI Taiwan. The male is a big boy at around 6" or so. Females are quite a bit smaller at around 4". According to...
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    For Sale: 10 Pack Crystal Red Shrimp

    Hey all, I haven't shipped anything in forever and I'm itching to get something out the door... lol... plus, my crystal red shrimp are breeding completely out of control and I need to thin the herd! I do NOT grade my shrimp, as I am only interested in breeding attractive shrimp that are hardy...
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    First impressions: The Pleco Feeder

    So hubs called my attention to this product recently from a post he read on Facebook. It looked like a great idea so we decided to give it a shot. Shipping time was pretty fast and The Pleco Feeder arrived this afternoon. Here's a photo of the feeder in its packaging. The design is simple, but...
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    MONEY-SAVING GOODNESS! Is anyone else using Seachem Safe?

    Guys, I have been a die-hard Prime fanatic for about ten years now. A lot of you probably know this already if you know me from my earlier fishlore time. A few weeks ago, I ran out of Prime and I got online to order some more. Crazy people like me tend to order it by the 2L or 4L or whatever it...
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    Want To Sell The perfect package for a peaceful planted tank!

    Alliteration win! Now that I have your attention... I was tearing down tanks in the fishroom today and I've got a few things that I need to sell that would be perfect for a low light planted tank. You're going to get a starter colony of MTS to keep your substrate aerated (at least 50...
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    Rebuilding my entire fishroom

    Hello all, I hope you guys have been doing well. It has been a long time since I've been here and for everyone that sent me a PM, I apologize. I'm clearing out my whole PM box, as everything in there is old and has probably been addressed already by someone you could actually get a hold of. I...
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    Steatocranus tinanti/ Slender buffalo head- feeding time!

    Fighting over some earthworm sticks. I don't know why it looks like I use actinics on the tank, it's actually a 96W PC 10K bulb. Anyway, these are some of my favorite fish. Enjoy!
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    I'm back around, and owe some folks some apologies!

    HI everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. For everyone who has been waiting on PMs from me, I apologize. I don't ship around the holidays anyway, but I recently figured out that my new smart phone (that I got over a month ago, lol) is not set up properly with Tapatalk and I...
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    RAOK gift certificates. Sending out tomorrow, need to be used soon!

    I've got TWO Gift Certificates worth $20 off at Drs. Foster and Smith! Expiration date is Friday, 11-30-2012. I'm not doing a contest of any kind. First two people to respond to this thread will get the gift certificates. You must have your parent's permission, as it will require sending me your...
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    FS: Early Black Friday Deal! GBR sexed pairs- WYSIWYG!!!

    Looking for rams that aren't going to die on you for no reason? Well, I've got some! I'm selling these as sexed pairs ONLY. I will not split up pairs. I have acquired these fish from a local breeder here in north GA. These are much nicer quality than what you're likely to see in most pet stores...
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    FS: some extra nice WYSIWYG stuff plus FREEBIES!

    I've got some nice stuff available that I would love to start shipping out Monday. Everything here, unless otherwise noted, is WYSIWYG and you will receive the actual items shown. Please shoot me a PM with your zip code for shipping quotes. It is likely that a heat pack will be required. I use...
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    It's AUCTION TIME in Atlanta! Sunday, Sept. 16!

    Hey all, in case you hadn't heard about the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association's September auction, it's just around the corner- THIS Sunday! The September auction is one of our twice-yearly biggies. Our last big auction in March had nearly 1000 bags of fish and plants, PLUS dry goods- foods...
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    20 Gallon Tank Breeding project: Multies!

    Hubs and I have been wanting to breed multies so we can get our breeder points on them. They're also just really, really cool fish so we decided to set up a species tank for them with tons of shells. We've got 10 fish in a 20 gallon high from 2 unrelated colonies. We had about 10-15 shells to...
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    Video- Chocolate gouramis, Sphaerichthys osphromenoides

    I find this species fascinating and just wanted to share a quick video from this evening. They're really shy and I had to approach the tank very slowly to get them to stay out in front for a video. They have been here for a week and seem to be doing well so far.
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    FS- Low Light Plants Variety Pack! WYSIWYG

    Hey all, I'm doing water changes today and I'm a little bored waiting on all these tanks to fill up so I decided to put together this really sweet plant package for cheap. This is a what you see is what you get package and you will receive the exact plants in the photo! I am shipping a package...
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    Apisto panduro surprise spawn!

    We've been growing out our Apisto panduro pair since we got them at an auction in March. They have a 20 gallon tank to themselves. I did my usual round of water changes this week and didn't notice anything, but lo and behold I went out to the fishroom yesterday and found a group of free...
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