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  1. GouramiGuy714

    Cory with swim bladder disease? Is it something else?

    I have a sick venezualan cory. Also I noticed some reddish poop from the guppies that is the same colour as the cattapa leaves. It may not look that red in the picture but it look quite red while on the guppy. Parasite? I can’t find the cory right now but I will send a video when I find him. It...
  2. GouramiGuy714

    Am I overstocked? (29 gallon tank)

    So I’m wondering if my tank is overstocked or if I can get a few more otos and panda cories or guppies 1 male thick lipped gourami 2 male guppies 6 harlequin rasboras 1 oto 1 panda cory 3 venazuala cories 29 gallon tank, 30 percent WC’s every week and 2 Java ferns The bits floating around...
  3. GouramiGuy714

    Ammonia or bullying? Sick thick lipped gourami

    So about 5 months ago I got two male thick lipped gourami. They have been getting along fine with only a little bit of chasing from the bigger one. Lately the smaller one has been acting more lethargic and is being chased around and nipped at by the big one. He has lost a bit of color all around...
  4. GouramiGuy714

    High chlorine/chloramines in water lately

    So I made another thread on how my fish keep dying and I’ve just constantly been researching anything that could be wron. I came across the fact that in these summer months, more chlorine and chloramine have been added to the water in some places. If anyone knows more about this, please reply...
  5. GouramiGuy714

    Fish keep dying. Maybe parasite?

    So in the last few weeks 2 guppies have died and this morning a panda corydora (the one who I’ve had the longest) is sick and thrashing and very pale. Ammonia-0 Nitrite-0 Nitrate-10 Where I live we can barely get any fish meds so I don’t know what to do if it is a parasite or some sort of...
  6. GouramiGuy714

    Pearl gourami is sitting in bottom corner of tank

    I’ve had my female pearl gourami for about 6 months now, and recently she has started hanging around the bottom corner of the tank. She eats normally but it seems like she is a bit bloated and has to really push with her fins to move forward. Every 5 minutes or so she will slowly come to the...
  7. GouramiGuy714

    I’m new here.

    Hello everybody! I’m new to fishlore and I’m exited to get started. I have found lots of threads here helpful so I decided to create an account of my own.
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