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  1. JEGuerra

    Will Bristlenose Pleco eat snails?

    So, I've got a 55 gallon tank I use for breeding guppies, (I am so close to my first batch, the females are so huge!) and when I bought guppy grass, the seller unknowingly sent me some unborn snails with it, so now I've got 7 snails in my tank ( I think mystery but idk i've never done snails...
  2. JEGuerra

    How can I tell when my Guppies are going to give birth?

    I got 5 HB red rose gups a little over a month ago, and 3 of the 4 females look pregnant, and I'm wondering if they'll birth anytime soon, or if I should expect to wait a while longer. Pictured below is one of my females, but the other two are about the same size, belly wise
  3. JEGuerra

    Is light required?

    Now I have 2 tanks, and for my tanks I've got led bars for them, however my earth and space teacher recently introduced 2 10 gallon aquariums to our classroom as some class pets. So the tanks, as far as I can tell are similar to those aqueon 10 gallon kits that come with the hood and filter, and...
  4. JEGuerra

    Want To Buy Longfin Albino or Calico Plecos?

    I'm currently breeding guppies in a 55 and want to breed some plecs in there aswell, let me know if you sell or are lookin to get rid of any plecos. I know the title says longfin calico or albino, but please let me know whatever variations you have and are lookin to get rid of/sell!
  5. JEGuerra

    75 Gallon Tank is cloudy

    I have 40 tropical fish in this 75 gal, you can see my stocking from my profile. My aquarium water has been pretty cloudy and I don't know if the filter I have just isn't doing enough or if its something else entirely. Pic attached
  6. JEGuerra

    Breeding Guppies Mollies and Plecos?

    I've got a 55 gallon tank right now that I have 5 HB red rose gups in to breed and sell. Soon I plan to add in some mollies to breed aswell(havent decided strain but most likely gold dust) and I was wondering, I know breeding tanks should primarily just have the 1 species in it, but do you think...
  7. JEGuerra

    Breeding HB Red Rose Gups

    Hello all! I made a post here awhile back about wanting to get into breeding gups and mollies and I recently purchased 5 4 month old HB Red Rose gups, arriving this thursday from pwillysfishemporium after on of y'all recommended them to me. I am very excited to finally start this breeding tank...
  8. JEGuerra

    Where to buy guppies?

    So I have started a 55 gallon tank to breed mollies and guppies in, it's just about ready and I have been looking at where to find some guppies to start with. My 2 LFS's don't really have any good options for guppies, but if I order off some website shipping is like 60 bucks. Anyone know where I...
  9. JEGuerra

    Should I seperate my mollies?

    I've got a 75 gallon with enough plants for my small mollies to just make it by, but I have 2 mollies who seem to be annoying them really bad. For a bit more context I've had 2 gold dust mollies for a couple months (both males) and I just got 3 more (female) and needless to say, they're younger...
  10. JEGuerra

    Guppy Grass for fry shelter?

    I recently made a post asking for advice on breeding guppies and mollies, so first off thank you all for your wonderful advice, but I have myself a new dilemma. I have never been a live plant guy, the one tank I have I use all artificial plants and it's been great. However, I am using a 55...
  11. JEGuerra

    Starting my journey to breed mollies/guppies 55 Gallon Split Tank?

    I bought a 55 gallon tank off marketplace awhile ago and after asking you guys and some other pros I know, I have decided to use it to breed. Originally I was just going to breed mollies in it but after doing some research I want to breed both mollies and guppies. My question is do you think...
  12. JEGuerra

    Breeding or Flowerhorn

    I recently bought a 55 gallon aquarium off of marketplace and have been having some trouble on what I should do with it. My 2 contenders are either to breed guppies or mollies in it, or put a flowerhead in it, let me know what you think I should do!
  13. JEGuerra

    My Aquarist Journey

    Hey all! Recently I joined this forum page and have made a few posts, to which all of you have given me amazing advice and responses. I want to say thank you all for that.
  14. JEGuerra

    How rare are Super Red BN Pleco?

    I was at my LFS a week ago, and I saw they had a SR BN Pleco, I asked how frequent they get them and they told me that they're super rare, and only had 2 come into their shop in the last 30 years. Are they really this rare?
  15. JEGuerra

    Bristlenose Pleco Shy?

    I currently have a 75g with 37 fish, you can look into my aquarium details for the stocking list. In the tank I have 2 Bristlenose Pleco, and for the most part they just sit behind a couple rocks in my tank and I'll scarcely see them out and about. I know they're a bit shy when young, but how...
  16. JEGuerra

    Looking into breeding?

    So, I am still pretty new to fishkeeping, only starting a 20 gallon 4 months ago and upgrading to a 75 gallon 2 months ago. I know I've still got tons to learn, but that being said I have been researching and getting really interested in starting to get into breeding some fish. First question...
  17. JEGuerra

    75 Gallon Tank Canister Filter v HOB Filter

    I have a 75 gallon tank I started a couple months ago, and just use a hob filter rated for 75 gallons. After awhile my Grandpa became very interested in my tank and decided to start his own aquarist journey and he picked up a 55 gallon for himself. I helped him with getting all the starting...
  18. JEGuerra

    75 Gallon Tank Fairly New Aquarist!

    Hello everyone, I am JEGuerra, and I am a pretty new aquarist, owning a 20 gallon for 3 months then upgrading to a 75 gallon and have had this for 4 months. Currently in my tank I have 10 cherry barbs, 10 zebra danio, 10 cory cats, 2 bn pleco, 1 clown pleco, 2 gold dust mollies, 4 serpae tetra...
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