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  1. Lilthuglet

    10 Gallon Tank Did someone say Betta glow up?

    Wanted to share my latest Betta glow up with y'all. Warning - the story starts a bit sad. This is The Infishitive, Adam for short, the day I got him in late July: He was sold as a silver veil tail. I saw him on his own, the only fish left in the cups. I honestly thought he was going to die but...
  2. Lilthuglet

    Decision making help please :)

    Hi all, I have a decision to make I was hoping y'all could help me with. The quarantine tank is up and running and I'm off to the fish shop tomorrow. But am I going to get... Another 3 guppies with beautiful black and silver spots to go into my planted 20g long with 9 guppies and 2 nerite...
  3. Lilthuglet

    Large, shallow tanks. Buy? Build?

    I've been looking for large, shallow tanks for aquascaping and maybe one day for an Axolotl. But they're really hard to find. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to buy one? Or if they are as hard to get as they seem to be, any recommendations on building a fish tank from scratch?
  4. Lilthuglet

    Maybe not worms? Very thin Platy

    Hi all, me again, not having much luck here. I have 5 platy fish in a 112l/29g planted tank with 10 ember tetras. Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates <5.0. Water hard, temp c25*C. A while ago one platy got quite sick, lethargic and clamped fins and not very interested in food, and they all had...
  5. Lilthuglet

    Algae eaters to go with Pea Puffers

    I have a 112 litre / 29g planted tank with 6 pea puffers in it. They are adorable, voracious little murder beans who go after small shrimp and snails like little missiles. In most of my tanks I use nerite snails to keep the algae down and they work.well, but I don't think they'd be safe in...
  6. Lilthuglet

    My fish are pooping brown poop!

    I am so unreasonably happy about brown poop. I wanted to share my joy with people who might understand instead of looking uncomfortable and sliding slowly away . Y'all may have been aware that I've been struggling a bit recently, losing a load of cory cats and some platys as well as trying to...
  7. Lilthuglet

    Snail keeps falling over

    One of my nerite snails fell on his back in my Betta tank and I think he got beaten up whilst he was down. I moved him, and the other nerite, into a new tank that had a load of algae build up to recover. Initially he barely moved for nearly a week, just lying with his 'door' half open. I kept...
  8. Lilthuglet

    Sick snail

    One of my Nerite snails isn't right. It keeps opening it's little door a little but not coming out or moving. Every time I think it's dead and try to fish it out it curls up and closes it's little door. It doesn't smell. It's been a couple of days. I think he may have been bullied by my Betta...
  9. Lilthuglet

    Anyone know of any vets that'll treat fish in Essex, UK?

    I feel so irresponsible. One of my local vets listed exotics including tropical fish on their website when I checked before I got any fish, now I'm trying to get treatment and they won't treat them. None of the vets in the county seem to. Is anyone in the area who knows of anyone? It's stupid...
  10. Lilthuglet

    29 Gallon Tank Would I be overstocked if...

    I am loving my tanks. I now have a 10g with a happy Mr betta in it. I have a 29g with 6 murder beans (pea puffers) in it. I have a 20g that I'm putting the first plants into on the way to cycling for a monochrome guppy collection. I have a 29g with 5 platy fish and 10 ember tetras in it. I now...
  11. Lilthuglet

    DIY scapes and plasti-kote flaking

    I've made a concrete scape and covered it in platsti-cote, which is working well. I also put plasti-kote on the plastic and the glass. That didn't work as well - it's flaking off. So I've scrubbed the flaking bits off pretty well now, and I need to suction out all the flakes with my siphon...
  12. Lilthuglet

    Anti-Parasitic for Pea Puffers

    I've just got some baby Pea Puffers and they are adorable. I've been doing some research though and I've found a lot of people saying that internal parasites are pretty endemic in new ones. A couple of them do look a little skinny as well. Sooo I need to treat for parasites. However, all the...
  13. Lilthuglet

    5 Gallon Tank New snail and daphnia tank

    I've been busy... I decided I didn't have space for a new tank. Then I realised I did, if it was a tiny tank. And live daphnia and pest snails would be the ideal food for my new pea puffers. So now I have a tiny tank in my kitchen with daphnia and bladder (I think) snails in it.
  14. Lilthuglet

    Deletion reasons

    Is it possible to get a reason when a thread is removed by mod? It really triggers my anxiety if I don't know what I did wrong or how to find out.
  15. Lilthuglet

    How do you cope with loosing fish

    I've just lost a platy. This comes hard on the heels of loosing 13 corydoras consecutively with water parameters at 0ppm ammonia and nitrite, <5ppm nitrates, temps stable at 24-25*C, pH of 7.4-7.5 and kH and gH high but stable, treating for parasites, bacterial infection and fungal infection...
  16. Lilthuglet

    Greying sand from spider wood

    Hi Guys, I got some spider wood which immediately produced the wierd whitish stuff it usually produces. I checked it out and was told it was perfectly safe so I just hoovered it up in my weekly water changes and it is pretty well not coming back now. However - where the spider wood touches...
  17. Lilthuglet

    Tail type and Colour

    Introducing Glorfishicus, Ben for short: I've been told that he is a plackat - do y'all agree? I know he is red but is there any special name for the colour? I'm loving his little personality
  18. Lilthuglet

    Hard water and smallish catfish

    Are there any corydora or ottoinculus type catfish that like harder water? <4 inches or so full grown.
  19. Lilthuglet

    10 Gallon Tank 1 Betta or 2 Pea Puffers

    Hi all, I'm thinking about restocking my 10 gallon planted. I have a dilemma... Bettas are beautiful, magnificent fish. Pea Puffers are the cutest little rage balls ever. So, which would be more suitable for a 10 gallon planted tank with a pH of 7.5 and pretty hard water? Which would you...
  20. Lilthuglet

    29g/112l tank re-build...

    Soooo... now down from 13 to 5 pygmy corys and no clues as to what is wrong with them so I have done a complete strip down of my tank, put the remaining fish in the quarantine tank and cleaned eeeevvverryyyytthhiiinnngggg. I'll be rebuilding and re-cycling once it all dries properly and I have...
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