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  1. philly27

    Where to move aggressive Bolivian male ?

    helllo! i have 4 bolivian rams in a community tank. yes i didnt take the advice that they may not get along in the long term... i figured since they're brothers and sisters they'd be pals. i was wrong, one boliv is a dominant trait fish as he aggressively chases the other male and the 2 other...
  2. philly27

    What does B-Grade mean

    ive seen this before online with different types of plants and mosses.. never purchased. BUT, now im seeing this term with types of mystery snails. what does that mean? i have an idea, but not entirely sure what it means. sorry if this is a dumb question
  3. philly27

    Ick or fungus on bleeding heart tetras

    Hello, I have a 55 gallon with 15 bleeding heart tetras and 2 electric blue acaras. One Bleeding heart tetra is showing some what I think is to be fungal infection. I have super ick cure, general cure, aquarium salt, and e.m. Erythromycin. 0-ammonia 0-nitrites 20ish nitrates 7.4 pH
  4. philly27

    When to add centerpiece fish?

    hello, so i have 2 electric blue acaras in a 29 gallon tank which one of them is about 3-3.5 inches and the other 2.5-3 inches. I'm dying to put them into my 55 gallon tank that's occupied with 15 bleeding heart tetras (1.5-2 inches). Im still debating on what other potential fish to get maybe...
  5. philly27

    Julii corys dying in QT tank

    I recently bought 3 julii corys from my LFS and 2 have died in the QT tank. i got them 3 days ago and one was dead when i woke up and one just passed. My levels are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 5-10 nitrates, 7.6 pH, 77 degrees. i did do a 90% WC 6 hours before adding the juliis. i drip acclimated...
  6. philly27

    I have to leave town in a

    i have to leave town in just over 48 hours. not to bore you guys but i have to leave town on Wednesday for several days and this was not planned. i will be able to feed my 4 active tanks twice on Wednesday. ill be gone all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and most of the day Monday as i...
  7. philly27

    I just started watching the Game of Thrones

    holy cow! this show is beyond fascinating and intriguing. i never watch things in the present... but boy am i annoyed i never started watching this show earlier. im not even half way through the 2nd season. WINTER IS COMING
  8. philly27

    Signs betta fish is getting old?

    so i have 2 bettas in a 6 gallon divided tank. both were purchased from a big box pet store 5/6 months ago. so im assuming they were almost a year old. its a shame i bought them there, as my LFS has them at 1/3 the size i originally bought them at. ive noticed my male is starting to miss "hit"...
  9. philly27

    Do you fertilize every water change?

    quick question: Do you guys liquid fertilize every water change? i have easy green. and i do 2 water changes on multiple tanks a week and was wondering your process of fertilizing? should i still do it once a week on the same day? or should i replenish the water volume replaced with doses of...
  10. philly27

    Best light timer/controller

    looking for a good light timer for my tanks. not looking for a prong light timer that plugs into a wall. more of a controller that plugs into the cable. preferably from amazon. thanks
  11. philly27

    Filter cartridge ruptured

    so one of my filter aqueon cartridges burst while cleaning in it tank water. all the carbon started ripping out. so i put a new cartridge in and patched the old one up and put it beyond it in the filter. my question is, should i expect a mini cycle? or do you think ill avoid issues? ill monitor...
  12. philly27

    Should i move female pregnant mollies?

    i have a community tank with 7 danios, 2 honey gourami's, 4 Bolivian rams, 2 nerite snails and 3 Dalmatian mollies (1 male, 2 female). i know one molly is pregnant as the male will not leave her alone as he "sniffs" her analfin area continuously and another female who i believe may or may not...
  13. philly27

    Re-watching star yoda great..or misplaced?

    yoda never kills a sith load or really anybody of he still in high esteem? he went into exile cause of his failure! please, tell me he redeems himself??? love yoda but the story neglects him! btw i love star wars and im re-watching.
  14. philly27

    Bladder snails in cycling tank...what to do?

    i have a 55 gallon tank thats in the home stretch of its cycle. id assume i have around a week left (7 weeks in RN). Well i added some plants several weeks back and noticed a cute little what i believe is a bladder snail. well now i have 20-30+ little babies crawling around or still on the...
  15. philly27

    Best sports movies that nobody knows

    im a big sports fan. what are some great sports movies or docs about sports? thats not well known? right now mine is "The greatest game ever played" directed by the late great bill paxtson about golf. what do yall got? sorry its US open time so im in a golf zone.
  16. philly27

    My cats obsessed with pineapples

    My cat goes gnarly for pineapples.he loves the leaves. I have to put it in a cabinet so he doesn’t attack it. I once saw him hugging one kinda with his back claws deep inside with him biting the leaves. He makes deep bellow meows when I bring one home and don’t let him have it. What things does...
  17. philly27

    When Bolivian rams venture to the top of the tank...majestic

    My Bolivian rams usually stay at the bottom third of the tank, but when they venture up towards the top half of the tank all those colors get magnified by the lights and its beyond majestic.. i love these creatures so much. ill even open the food door to watch them inch up selfishly. im glad my...
  18. philly27

    How important is consistent lighting?

    i have 5 tanks and i live a nervous nelly about leaving things on in my townhouse when im gone. for example when i use my oven and then go to bed hours later i have to get up and check its off and open it up to ensure its cold and not warm/hot. a fire in my childhood home burned 50%...
  19. philly27

    Dalmatian Mollies pregnant?

    Hello, I have 2 female and 1 male Dalmatian mollies in a community tank. And I believe one if not both are pregnant. The male is a little nosey and gets into their (females) personal space. I’ve had them for about 60 days now. I do have all the sine qua non things if they’re pregnant. The one in...
  20. philly27

    What to do with baby Ramshorn snails?

    so i purchased 2 ramshorn snails several weeks back and they instantly left clutches.. one of my Bolivian rams killed one of the originals. BUT, i do have some babies and want to know what to do what them? i dont want an overpopulation as ive purchased 2 nerite snails to better clean the algae...
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