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  1. NYFishGuy

    Suspected Columnaris, Guppies Cannot Close Mouths

    The first step is making sure ammonia and nitrite are 0, some people say " they are fine" but numbers are >0 which means not fine. Other than this and other possible disease I had issues with guppies that were either due to weak genes or my soft water was dropping in PH because of low KH so I...
  2. NYFishGuy

    Tap Water In Tank Following Prime

    Yes your friend is telling the truth
  3. NYFishGuy

    [planted Tank] Help With My Algae Boom

    Water changes, pull out by hand / siphon / long tweezers. Snails would help a lot, I like ramshorn snails.
  4. NYFishGuy

    20 Gallon Long Overstocked?

    Sounds about 50% of what I have in mine, but I have more plants and weekly wc keeps nitrates around 20ppm. I would add 3 more cory and more plants is always good
  5. NYFishGuy

    Custom Vinyl Backgrounds?

    Should work fine, ideally the proportions and resolution should match the dimensions of your tank or it will get stretched/ distorted during printing but its going behind water anyway.
  6. NYFishGuy

    Betta Very Curious About Mystery Snail, Is This Aggression Or Curiosity?

    Snail antenna looks like worms I think, occasionally they get pecked at. I don't think its a big deal
  7. NYFishGuy

    Funny What Part Of Fish Keeping Do You Hate Most?

    Once I got past the 3 tank mark I bought test strips, so much quicker. I have soft water so I can keep an eye on things a lot easier. If something looks a little off I'll use the API kit to double check.
  8. NYFishGuy

    Water Changes With Sand Substrate

    The coarse grain sand is easier to deal with but the really fine stuff is a pain. I just hover slightly above and move the tube around to get the stuff on the top.
  9. NYFishGuy

    Some Questions On Multies

    Thanks,yes that's it. I need to take another pic its much bigger now. The mother is right around 1 inch, all the others seem much larger.
  10. NYFishGuy

    Some Questions On Multies

    Yes, she even goes by the other males if food is there. I think they try to win her over but no luck. The baby is double+ the size now a month after this pic I have the frogbit on top and ive seen them moving it by grabbing the roots and swimming
  11. NYFishGuy

    Some Questions On Multies

    Maybe they are all male/female? I have 1 female 3 males in a 10G. The female can freely move around the tank, only the males chase each other a bit. One male and female paired up and have their own group of shells at the front of the tank. I got 1 baby after the first 2 months and now about 2...
  12. NYFishGuy

    Tank Bowing, Center Brace Broke

    Just upload to the forum, guessing only you can see them because your logged into the google account you uploaded them to.
  13. NYFishGuy

    What's Your Most Useful Non-aquarium Tool (for Aquarium Use)?

    1 gallon milk containers, when cut as pictured its very sturdy when using the handle. Top use: Cleaning sponges! I found myself cleaning sponges in the water drained into a 5 gallon bucket couldn't get all the gunk out because the whole volume of water was instantly contaminated. Now I use the...
  14. NYFishGuy

    Aqua Clear 50 Media

    It came with 2 tubes, I found 1 to be long enough for 13" tank depth on my 20L's. I use the same aquaclear foam to cut intake sponges, cut the size you want and cut a "X" in the top for the tube. I have these on 6 different intakes, never fall off, easy to take off and put back on
  15. NYFishGuy

    Accidentally Been Dosing Tank With Ammonia With Surfactants

    Contrary to the other responses, 'surfactant' doesn't necessarily mean 'soap' There's many people using similar ammonia and cycle their tank without issue. I even watched a local hobby breeder dump it in one of his tanks as he told me he'd been using it for years without issue. I would...
  16. NYFishGuy

    Dead Rasbora, Any Ideas?

    This may be a case of 'fish sometimes die', nothing jumps out at me promoting a csI investigation.
  17. NYFishGuy

    Mini Meetup In Nj 2/16

    Looks like fun, anyone know what size tanks those are top left? gallons/dimensions
  18. NYFishGuy

    Plant Help, Seachem Flourish

    Another +1 for mixing dry. CSM+B in 1 bottle has all the micros and potassium nitrate etc goes in the other bottle
  19. NYFishGuy

    Plant Help, Seachem Flourish

    They also have the dry ferts which you can mix your self into 2 separate bottles. I think the cost of buying 1 bottle is equal to buying the dry that will make 20+ bottles I have a bunch of tanks so this made more cents.
  20. NYFishGuy

    Nyfishguy's 10 Gallon And Early Mts

    Here is the tank, about 8 months old now. Will need to move it soon, building a new rack soon to hold about 7 tanks.
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