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  1. fishfoodlady

    Hello Everyone!!!!!

    I used to keep endlers, and I would separate the males and females as soon as I was able to sex them. The male will grow a gonopodium, and the female's anal fin will round out. When the males start to develop their gonopodium, move the females to the betta tank. I don't believe the betta will...
  2. fishfoodlady

    Bottom dwelling fish other than plecos and cories

    My black kuhlis make an appearance when I feed them. Dojo loaches are fun and entertaining; however, they prefer a sandy substrate to bury themselves in, and a well-covered tank.
  3. fishfoodlady

    Opinions on items I'm looking to buy & Questions

    They're only 2.5 gal. (I use them for raising tiny endler fry), but the heaters may work well for you where you live.
  4. fishfoodlady

    Opinions on items I'm looking to buy & Questions

    As far as heaters go, I would look for one with a titanium tube. I've had the glass ones crack on a couple of occasions. I use these in my fry tanks. They're safe, and they keep the water temp at around 80 degrees, and they continue to heat up every time I need them. The only con is they're at...
  5. fishfoodlady

    Hair Algae

    Uggghhh. I had this issue after introducing a miramo moss ball into my old 29 gal. The tank was near a window, which didn't help. It was growing on my HOB, rocks, plants, wood, etc. I dipped all but my filter in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, and it worked really well. I kept on top of pulling...
  6. fishfoodlady

    HELP! I just got a goldfish!!!

    He's cute! He does look like a fantail. I used to keep goldfish, and I would vacuum their tank at least once a week. I didn't use a heater, but I live in CA where it never gets too cold. You could add a heater and keep the tank at around 70 degrees. He may be more active in slightly warmer...
  7. fishfoodlady

    2 Gallon Tank Alternate tank cover

    I've used 5x7 frame glass for years to cover open gaps in the back of my tank. I purchase the frames with glass from the dollar store, if one should break. I'm keeping my fish in my two gallon quarantine/fry tank while I tear down my old tank, and set up a new tank. I broke the lid to the 2...
  8. fishfoodlady

    Blue rams bullying?

    If you see the golds mostly hanging toward the top of the tank, and not hiding amongst the landscape, they're stressed. Look for torn fins, too. Most dwarf cichlids dwell toward the bottom of the tank, and stay close to their territory. An occasional incident of being chased away from the Ram's...
  9. fishfoodlady

    Blue rams bullying?

    If you don't have a lot of plants already, try adding more plants to break up the line of sight. If you provide a lush, jungle-like landscape, the golds will have a place to hide. Rocks and caves amongst the plants are great for providing hiding spaces too. Even adding silk plans for now, while...
  10. fishfoodlady

    Before internet

    We had local fish stores, who sold nothing but live fish, aquariums, and supplies. I would hang out in the fish stores, and pick the brains of the owners. There is nothing like browsing a dark store, with isles upon isles of beautiful aquariums, filled with beautiful, quality fish. You could...
  11. fishfoodlady

    Should I add a dwarf cichlid?

    If you can find a blue ram, that may be what you're looking for. Bolivian rams aren't blue, so you probably won't be satisfied with their lack of color. Personally I have Bolivian rams, and they're great fish, but the only colors they show are a touch of red and yellow against grey. The blue...
  12. fishfoodlady

    Help ID this fish, please

    They look like silver hatchetfish.
  13. fishfoodlady

    Adding Declorinator

    You want to dechlor the water before adding it to the tank. I usually mix for about a minute before pouring into the tank. A stream of chlorinated water can be damaging to the gills of your fish. I once forgot to dechlor a bucket of water before adding it to my tank, and sadly, I killed a few...
  14. fishfoodlady

    Gravid Spot On Skinny Guppy

    A dark spot, or gravid spot, is completely normal. I have 7 virgin female Endlers, and some are plump, and others are thin. They all have dark gravid spots. If she starts plumping up in a couple of weeks, she may be pregnant. She’ll deliver at aprox 4 weeks, and her body may take on a boxy...
  15. fishfoodlady

    Filter Gets Insanely Dirty, How To Prevent?

    Are you vacuuming the tank weekly, along with filter cleanings? Also, overfeeding can quickly dirty a tank and filter. Uneaten fish food and excessive poop turns to sludge. Is your tank overstocked?
  16. fishfoodlady

    Can I use betta water conditioner for any fish?

    I live in San Diego. Because of algae blooms in the aqueduct, our water is heavily treated. Thank goodness for Prime! And I mis-typed the levels. It tests at 4.0 ppm, not 400. Lol. Oops.
  17. fishfoodlady

    An Old Man Fishing

    Hi! Newbie here, too. I’ve had great success with Flourite as a substrate, and root tabs for plant roots, and water fertilizer for the water column. Years ago I had a tank with a CO2 system, but I find Seachem Flourish Excel to work just as well. I also use Iron and Flourish Advance, alternating...
  18. fishfoodlady

    Hi! Newbie Member

    Thank you! I love it.
  19. fishfoodlady

    Hi! Newbie Member

    I'm not a newbie to the hobby (30+ years and counting), but I'm a newbie member. I've been using Fishlore as a reference for many years, and I'm happy to now be a part of the community. Over the years, my hobby has included all size tanks, up to 100 gal. After years of keeping several tanks, I'm...
  20. fishfoodlady

    Guppy Fry Killed Because Of Filter

    When they get big enough to withstand the power of the filter, cover the intake with a piece of panty hose and a rubber band. This works perfectly for me.
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