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  1. Magua

    SIP Rally the Rescue

    Welp…after a tough week of losing color, losing finnage, bloating, and pineconing…my poor lil rescue betta is gone. Totally bummed. Even my “oh my god, not another fish” husband is bummed. Dang it. He was such an ugly duckling turned gorgeous swan too. I wish I knew what the heck happened…but...
  2. Magua

    Rally boy isn't looking good...ideas??

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 7.5 gallons How long has the tank been running? 7-ish months Does it have a filter? yes Does it have a heater? yes What is the water temperature? 78* What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) Rally the betta and one...
  3. Magua

    Paraguay tetras - they should be called Murder Tetras - alternatives?

    We’ll, I got 10 3-spot Paraguay tetra yesterday to add to my tank and they’re absolute jerks. My tank was stocked with the most peaceful fish ever and those 3-spots started wreaking havoc as soon as they hit the water. It’s been less than 24 hours and they’re torturing my simple neons. Called...
  4. Magua

    Any hope for my mystery??

    I’ve searched other threads and can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. Mystery hasn’t moved in a week and a half. He’s in his shell but the trapdoor opens a little. When I touch the trapdoor he pulls it closed tightly. So, he’s not dead…yet. But the fact that he hasn’t moved in SO long seems...
  5. Magua

    How do I only have one MTS??

    I found one teeny MTS months ago and came here for help IDing it. When I did, I was told to prepare for MANY more to show up. The MTS has quadrupled his size…but I have yet to see another anywhere! How is that possible?? I definitely thought I’d have bunches by now (and dreaded it! Lol).
  6. Magua

    Other leaves besides IAL?

    I like to have a dead leaf in my tiny shrimp tank for them to nibble on, but I'm wondering if I can use leaves I don't have to buy? I live in the Mid-Atlantic area of the US...lots of deciduous trees around. Anything safe?
  7. Magua

    Filter rec for 3g RCS tank?

    Hiya! I have a little RCS-only 3 gallon cube with a very small Aqueon internal filter (with a sock over the intake). The filter is making more noise than it should and barely any water is coming out. Even after I clean the sock and take apart the sections to make sure it’s not clogged, it make...
  8. Magua

    Looking for aquascaping inspiration for small tank

    Hi all, Looking for ideas on rescaping my 7.5 gallon betta tank and was hoping to see some pictures of your small (3-8 gallon-ish?), naturally aquascaped tanks! Would you be so kind as to do a total photo dump here of small, scaped tanks???
  9. Magua

    Best way to rescape 7.5g betta tank?

    Hi all! I'm not loving my betta set up right now and would love to rescape it using the same plants and rocks, but different substrate. I don't have a quarantine tank to put my betta in, but could fill a bucket or container with his current tank water and put his filter on the side of it while...
  10. Magua

    To add otos or not to add otos…

    Not knowing they were a swarming fish and needed groups, I added 2 otos to my tank a couple of months ago. After the first couple weeks of loads of activity (they were SO fun to watch!) they now hide 95% of the time. The only time I really see them is after all the lights are out and it’s dark...
  11. Magua

    I'm a Grandma!!!

    I got my first cherry shrimp about 6 weeks ago (maybe less? Aquarium time seems to pass differently). 2 males and 1 female and the female's eggs FINALLY hatched. I was really feeling sorry for her and remembering being a million weeks pregnant. The babies are SO TEENY and adorable. BUT...
  12. Magua

    3.5 gallon cube tank

    Is there ANY fish you'd put in a tank that small?
  13. Magua

    Is there anything I can do for my sad otos?

    I got two otos six weeks+ ago. My tank was about 3 months young when I brought them home. It was fully cycled but probably not established. I also keep (kept) it super clean. After reading lots on here, I know the mistakes I made. I stopped keeping it so clean. My formerly WILD and WACKY otos...
  14. Magua

    Is this a blob of ramshorn eggs?

    I have 4 little ramshorn in a vase and just noticed this blob on the glass…it’s a clearish blob with teeny white blobs in it. Sorry the pics are blurry…tried to get close!
  15. Magua

    2 week vacation - how many feeds for shrimp?

    Hi all! I’m going on a 2 week vacation and have a neighbor kiddo that can feed my fish every 3 days. I have. 29 gallon community tank and a 7.5 gallon betta tank that won’t get WCs but will have food. But what about my lil shrimp tank? It’s 3.5 gallons and has 2 male and one berries female RCS...
  16. Magua

    What the heck are these tiny white things stuck to the glass?

    Just discovered these teeny tiny white things in my commute tank…I see maybe a dozen scattered around. A couple are on the glass, a few at the edge of the glass and substrate, a few on plants. They move, albeit slowly. What might they be??
  17. Magua

    First berried female! Now what??

    When I moved my betta up to a 7.5 gallon, I decided to use his old 3.5 gallon for shrimp. I added a ton of Java moss and other plants and got 3 cherries (2 male and 1 female as that’s all petco had). I’ve been staring at them daily for weeks and just noticed EGGS on my female tonight! I’m so...
  18. Magua

    Rally the Rescue update. :)

    Hi all! Been a minute since I brought home a free, sad, colorless betta. Rally the Rescue is a total rock star and is happy and healthy and so, so nosy! He got upgraded to a new 7.5 gallon cube and I’ve added loads of plants. He like to twist into a cinnamon roll and wedge under a leaf or...
  19. Magua

    3g RCS tank - microscopic white “bugs”?

    Hi all, I started a 3 gallon RCS tank (1 female, 2 male) a month or so ago (using seeded filter, rocks, plants, substrate from an established tank). Just yesterday I noticed these barely visible white dots swimming erratically and climbing the sides. They’re too tiny to get a picture or even...
  20. Magua

    Do I need to raise my kh?

    Hi all… Still feeling like a newb and doing lots of research to get things right. I have a 29 gallon community tank. Water Parameters this morning: Nitrate 10 Nitrite 0 Ph 6:5 (hovers around 6 though) Kh 30 (usually around 40) Gh 120 Stocking is: 18 neons 1 DG 6 dwarf cory hasbrosus 4 false...
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