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    New Platys hiding..

    Hey you guys. So I got a bigger aquarium. It's 112 liters. Fully cycled and water is fine. I got 8 platys in there with a betta and a few Cory's and kuhlis. 6 of the platys I bought yesterday. 3 of them are hiding constantly, and not that interested in food or eating of the plants. They...
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    Life hack for kuhli loaches in filter.

    So I have a couple of Kuhli Loaches that I absolutely adore. I've gotten used to their emense hiding skills, however today, as I redecorated and planted new plants they were simply nowhere. So, after turning everything over, there was two options. They either escaped the aquarium or went into...
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    Inactive platy, and corydora, and overactive kuhli loach.

    So I am a beginner in aquariums. I hav a 52 liter with a total of 15 fish. It's been going well for months now. However a 3 weeks ago i got a new platy. It's female and I think it might be pregnant, as I am pretty sure her belly is growing. Now, over the last few days she's become very...
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