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  1. Lucas35

    Help! Parasitic mussel larva on Bettas!

    Yesterday I put a mussel in my aquarium that I had found. I had done this before without problem but I now realize this was a bad idea. The mussel has had its parasitic larva and they are attached the the Bettas in the divided tank! In the wild the larva do not kill the fish but those fish would...
  2. Lucas35

    What could be causing very high nitrate?

    I have had a constant problem with water quality in this tank since December. At first the pH got very low causing the cycle to crash and ammonium to build up to an unbelievable amount. I drained and refilled the tank and it took a few moths to cycle again because the pH kept going down...
  3. Lucas35

    Apple snail help.

    Some time last week one of the teaches at school that teaches a different class asked me and one of my teachers if we wanted some snails that his son had too many of. I asked what species they were and he didn't know but showed me a picture and gave me 2 shells. He said that they just die in the...
  4. Lucas35

    The difference between bladder snails and pond snails

    Few people know the difference between pond and bladder snails. Most people think they are the same but they are very different. I decided to make this post to inform people about the differences and give some information about both. Bladder snails (physa acuta) are in the physidae family (the...
  5. Lucas35

    Is it true that certain types of Betta are more prone to certain health issues?

    I have seen some websites say that most colours and fin types are each prone to something. How true is this? I know some kinds are (e.g. Rosetail, dragonscale, doubletail) but what about the others? I have only been keeping Bettas for a few months so I don't have much experience with that...
  6. Lucas35

    New Betta with very bad fin rot

    Yesterday I bought a Betta for the right side of my newly divided Betta tank. He had been at the store for quite a while. He had bad fin rot so they moved him to a 0.5 gallon filtered but unheated tank (obviously it still kept getting worse). I have also never had a divided tank and he got past...
  7. Lucas35

    Honey gourami jumped out of water

    I recently found out that my 35 gallon community tanks cycle had crashed (in summary I don't normally test kh, it got low so pH got low, then ammonium built up to like 30-40 ppm and the BB probably starved) so I put all the fish in a 1 gallon bucket while I did a 100% WC. At one point I heard a...
  8. Lucas35

    Impossible ammonia (and weird pH) readings from API master test kit

    A few minutes ago I tested the pH and ammonia on my 35 gallon community tank. The pH was 6.8 (normal is 7.6) and ammonia was so off the charts that it was black. My fish are fine so it must be wrong. Right? I used the same test to test my Betta tanks water yesterday and it gave a reading of 0.25...
  9. Lucas35

    Guppys always swimming at the surface, one now has a cloudy eye?

    My male guppies have been swimming at the surface for quite a while now. They are in a 35 gallon community tank but before they lived in a 10 gallon tank were they never did this. Since everything else was fine I never really thought about it. Now one has cloudy eyes. Why do they do this? It...
  10. Lucas35

    Weird thing sticking out of Bettas head?!

    I came home today and noticed something weird sticking out of my Bettas head. What is it? So far it doesn't seem to be bugging him.
  11. Lucas35

    Betta fish age estimate?

    I have a Betta (named Neptune) that I'm having trouble determining the age of. He is a rescue that originally was owned by family of a friend (he was kept in about a gallon with no heater or filter as well as water changes only every few months). Bettas are about 5-6 months old when at stores...
  12. Lucas35

    Betta fishes lip damaged?

    Earlier today I noticed that my Betta Neptune has some damage on his upper lip. It appears ripped with the piece still hanging on. What could have caused this and what should I do?
  13. Lucas35

    Neon tetras are swimming sideways and sometimes vertical!

    I have had my tank set up for 4 months and I do weekly water changes. With how the decor is set up I didn't know how to vacuum the gravel without messing it up. It was looking a little dirty so today I did vacuum the gravel. While I was I noticed that my 13 neon tetras are swimming sideways and...
  14. Lucas35

    Female Betta in community tank?

    I am thinking of adding a female Betta to my 35 g community tank. The stocking is currently as follows 4 honey gourami 13 neon tetras 3 male (fancy) guppies Snails 5 cherry shrimp 4 Amano shrimp The temp is 75°F but I could turn it up to 77°F and that would work. Not ideal for the Betta but it...
  15. Lucas35

    What species of lymnaeidae is this?

    I found some of these snails in the lake near me (British Columbia). At first I thought they where baby lymnaea stagnalis. Eventually they stoped growing at only about 0.4" though. Then today I found two baby snails that couldn't be from any other species (there is a radix peregra but it was in...
  16. Lucas35

    Completely clear ramshorn snail!?

    This morning I turned the lights on in my 35 gallon community tank that I have breeding rams horn snails in (among many other snails) and saw something I've never seen before. It was on the leaf of a fake plant. At first I thought it was a weird ball of biofilm. Then I saw its heart and realized...
  17. Lucas35

    Help! New Neon Tetras are bloated?! One is dying!

    On November 11 I bought 15 neon tetras. One became sick within hours of being put in the tank. His symptoms where as follows (listed in the order they appeared): loss of colour, didn't want to join the group, heavy breathing, resting in plants, difficulty swimming. I separated him into a breeder...
  18. Lucas35

    What species of anetome/clea is this?

    I went to the LFS store today to buy some assassin snails. Last time I was there they only had one living assassin snail witch I bought. There was tons of empty assassin snail shells like usual (this store just doesn't seem to have much luck with assassin snails) and I had never really payed...
  19. Lucas35

    What types of snails do you keep?

    I am wondering what types of snails are most common among members. I keep Malaysian trumpet snails (Melanoides tuberculata), apple snails (Pomacea diffusa), Freshwater limpets (ferrissia fragilis), Mini ramshorn snails (Gyraulus chinensis), bladder snails (physella acuta), Zebra nerite snails...
  20. Lucas35

    Assistant shrimp?

    I was at the LFS a while ago and in one of the tanks they had some shrimp. They where the size of young cherry shrimp and there was black ones and yellow ones. The tank wasn't labeled so I asked what type of shrimp they where and they told me they where "assistant shrimp". To me they look like...
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