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  1. PenguinTetra38

    20 Gallon Tank Synodontis lucipinnis in 20 gallon?

    I have a 20-gallon tank that has 6 lemon tetras, 5 harlequin/porkchop rasboras, 1 synodontis lucipinnis, and 1 lone serpae tetra (there used to be more but the school slowly dwindled as the years went by). I used to have a bristlenose pleco but unfortunately, it passed away a couple of days...
  2. PenguinTetra38

    Snails shells looking pitted, need higher KH?

    My 2.5 gallon Shrimp and Snail tank has 2 mystery snails and some MTS. I've recently noticed that their shells are getting pitted. I have a low KH at 40 ppm but a high GH at 150-300 ppm. Is my low KH the root of this problem and how should I solve it? I've heard crushed coral will raise KH...
  3. PenguinTetra38

    Weird black things in Shrimp and Snail tank.

    Yesterday I noticed some tiny black bug, like things on my mystery snails and I'm wondering if they are harmful and if anyone can ID them. Thanks in advance.
  4. PenguinTetra38

    Wacky! Java Fern Leaves grow roots and leaves!! o.0

    So my newly planted java fern in my 5-gallon pea puffer tank grew roots off of its leaves and leaves off of those roots!! I've attached pictures below. What should I do about this? Should I trim them off? They look kind of cool. This is my first fully planted tank so IDK what is happening...
  5. PenguinTetra38

    Flashing Super Red Bristlenose pleco. I need your input.

    I have included the emergency template to inform you as to what my tank situation is. Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 20 Gallons. How long has the tank been running? 4.5-5 years Does it have a filter? yes an Aqueon Quietflow 20 Does it have a heater? Yes 100 watts. What is the water...
  6. PenguinTetra38

    Puffers in a 20 gallon?

    I would like to put a puffer(s) in my 20-gallon tank sometime in the future, but I want something larger than a pea puffer. Do you know of any freshwater puffers that aren't pea puffers and could live happily in a 20 gallon? (I'm fine with doing a species only/1 fish only tank as I know some...
  7. PenguinTetra38

    Funny My snail made an appearance yesterday.

    My random snail, who hitchhiked its way into my 29 gallon when I put fish into it, decided to grace me with its presence yesterday! What a nice Mother's Day present! (Except I'm not a mother or even a girl...) Anyway, here is a picture of him/her! I'm not sure what kind of snail it is (but I...
  8. PenguinTetra38

    My 50th post

  9. PenguinTetra38

    Here's how my day has been going :(

    This is a summary of my day so far. Today my super red bristlenose pleco and my dwarf petricola catfish decided they didn't want to share a cave anymore. They've brawled 5 times that I've seen and probably many more times that I haven't seen. To make matters worse it appears they are...
  10. PenguinTetra38

    ID fish/possible gill flukes?

    I recently caught a fish in my local creek and brought it home. It is currently in a 4-gallon Sterlite container for QT before I introduce it to my other fish. I think it is a fathead minnow but I'm not sure. Here are some pictures of it. (I'm sorry that they're garbage my phone has a bad...
  11. PenguinTetra38

    Is this guppy pregnant?

    I have a 2 and a half-month-old guppy that looks like its pregnant. Her gravid spot seems larger and darker. I'm worried that she is too small to give birth and will die in the process I will attach some pictures but they are horrible quality (sorry.)
  12. PenguinTetra38

    GloFish opinions.

    I'm bored (because of quarantine) and I was wondering what your opinions are on GloFish. I'm not looking to start an internet war or anything I just want to know what people think. I for one am against them because I think it is cruel to the fish to inject dyes. Stay safe
  13. PenguinTetra38

    New Member

    I just made this account and I was told to make a thread about me. I have been keeping fish for about 4 or 5 years but I only got real serious 6 months ago. I currently have 3 tanks, a 20-gallon community tank, a 29-gallon community tank, and a 1 3/4 gallon tank for guppy fry.
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