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  1. Willj626

    Freshwater Dip for Macros?

    I am setting up a macro display tank and I'm concerned about pests like flat worms and hydroids and such. Would a freshwater dip on Macroalgae be effective in removing any pests they may harbor? Would a freshwater dip harm the macros? If not how long could I leave them in? Is there some additive...
  2. Willj626

    Copepods and mechanical filtration

    Would it be possible to keep a breeding population of copepods in a tank that utilizes mechanical filtration? I'm in the process of setting up a 5 gallon aio tank that uses a pump to draw water through an insertable filter area. I plan to just use filter floss and a sponge in the insertable...
  3. Willj626

    5 Gallon Pico tank?

    I'm finally ready to take my somewhat first steps into the salty side of things. After Christmas I will be setting up a larger reef tank, but that's not what this thread is about. I currently have a Marineland 5 gallon portrait contour tank that I would like to convert into a saltwater tank. I...
  4. Willj626

    Just lost my Paradise fish

    Today I came up my room to get my laptop and I found my little buddy dead! Crystal was about 4-5 years old so I suspect it was old age that got her. She was one of my favorite fish to keep, she had so much personality and was so beautiful to watch! I have never had a fish who loved black worms...
  5. Willj626

    Want To Buy Pearlweed

    Im interested in buying some pearlweed, so if you have some you want to part with please send me a PM and we can work something out!
  6. Willj626

    Using Lava rock as a freshwater version of Live rock?

    I have been wondering about this for a while now and I've begun to test it out but I forgot I don't have any new tanks to set up and I wanted to see what others thought. My idea is that by keeping crushed and chunks of lava rock in a well established cycled aquarium, you could use them to seed...
  7. Willj626

    Funny ID'ed at the pet store

    So I was not aware that at petco you now need to show ID and be 18 years or older to buy fish, which I am all for as it helps keep animals safe. However the woman at the checkout this Friday, did not believe that I was over 18 (maybe I just look that young, I had the same problem at the...
  8. Willj626

    My first betta in years!

    So I was out Black Friday shopping at the pet stores, as one does, and at Petco I saw this little guy and I just couldn't resit. I saw him and I immediately knew he was coming home with me, I had a 5 gallon indoor pond-esc tank I had intended in just keeping plants and snails in but I figured it...
  9. Willj626

    Want To Sell Duckweed and water poppy

    I have had an outbreak of these in my tanks and I need to thin them out a bit. Right now I have: - 5+ snack size ziplocks of duckweed, $1 a piece - 15 water poppy (more soon), $2 a piece Shipping should be around 8 dollars.
  10. Willj626

    Water Poppy

    Has anyone ever grown water poppy in their aquariums? If so did it grow well, how'd it look? Did it ever flower for you?
  11. Willj626

    Which tank for a Paludarium build?

    This will be my first paludarium build. I've been wanting to build one for a while and now that my college has moved entirely online (which has really upset me) I have nothing but time and the resources to do a project like this since I don't have to worry about moving into my dorm- I figure...
  12. Willj626

    A road side find

    Yesterday while I was driving some back country roads home from work I saw something catch the light. I kind of thought "hey that was a a fish tank", so I backed up and sure enough there in the ditch amongst the weeds was an aquarium sitting upright with sand still in it. As I am always looking...
  13. Willj626

    Black worm culture

    Would it be feasible or possible to just release a black worm culture into a planted five gallon tank? My thought behind this being that it would be a kind of free range food for the dwarf frogs I have living in it. Would the worms be able to live long term and if so would they reproduce? Thanks...
  14. Willj626

    Saltwater curious

    I'm looking to set up my first saltwater tank. I really like the 32 gallon coral-life BioCube tank because it comes with the filter built in- is this a. good tank for beginners? My dad really wants a pair of clownfish in it so what would make them happy in the tank? What are my stocking options...
  15. Willj626

    Options for a 8 Gallon Tank

    I'm setting up an 8 gallon tank for my boyfriend as a gift. Obviously it'll be a few months before anything but plants are added while the tank cycles but I'm curious what the stocking options may be- I'm open to any suggestions! My boyfriend really likes my guppies but I'm unsure of guppies...
  16. Willj626

    Leggy Plants

    I had a light break and I'm just replacing it this week- for the past month the tank has been getting light from a bunch of desk lamps I have. Unfortunately a lot of the plants have become quite leggy from the lower light levels. Now that I have proper lighting again will those leg areas fill...
  17. Willj626

    Floating plants and sponge filters

    I have never been able to successfully grow floating plants besides 2 heads of water lettuce- all my other plants in my tanks seem to take off and grow quite nicely, floating plants come to my tanks and just die. I've been trying to figure out why this might be and my best guess is that it is...
  18. Willj626

    Riparian planter

    How do people have it where plants grow out of the tank in the water? How do I make a planter in the tank for that? Will it need some kind of substrate- what kind? I have pothos, creeping Jenny, and some kind of rush I want to have growing out of the tank. Thanks for any help?
  19. Willj626

    Any Canadians?

    Hi, I will hopefully be attending the University of Saskatchewan for my masters degree (fingers crossed I get accepted; its low-key my dream program and I'm a huge fan of the program chairs works). If all goes well I'll be making the move to Saskatoon, Canada in the fall of 2021! So I'm...
  20. Willj626

    New Ember Tetras

    I just bought 6 ember tetras after work; after I acclimated them I set them loose in the tank. So far I'm slightly concerned- one tetra just kind of sits at the bottom and occasionally swims like a centimeter, a few others are huddled in a corner and the rest have disappeared into the dense...
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