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  1. Spudsssy

    20 Long Planted Pea Puffer Build

    Love pea puffers. Following And good luck!
  2. Spudsssy

    Should we have the light bulb button?

    Mines always in dark theme..
  3. Spudsssy

    Bettas + Dwarf Puffer???

    It probably possible under certain conditions but it's best never to mix fish that most likely won't work out.... Iv done some experimenting in the past and I regret it now as it's the animals that end up suffering for our curiosity.
  4. Spudsssy

    How many more fish can I add to my tank?

    That's a tuff one. You have 5 schooling species in very low numbers... Minimum is considered 6 but for 55gal you should be aiming for much more. If was me I would focus on rainbow fish and do a larger school and re-home the rest. I wouldn't add angel fish with 3 dwarf gourami's. I would focus...
  5. Spudsssy

    75 Gallon Tank Can i stock my 75 gal. tank like this

    Get around 30 Kuhli loaches. You will never see 7 in a 75gal. They are very active and you will see their true behaviour in a group.
  6. Spudsssy

    Request for feedback on stocking plan

    Clown loaches love to be in large groups... And with a tank your size I would get 25 clown loaches instead of zebra loaches.
  7. Spudsssy

    125 gallon stocking

    If you want an active tank I would do the following. 40 rummynose tetra's 20 Cory catfish 6 honey gourami's (1 male 5 females) 12 Amano shrimp 1 red tailed shark. 1 whiptail catfish This covers all areas of tank and feeding types for a pretty balanced tank. Would suit lots of bogwood and plants.
  8. Spudsssy

    125 gallon stocking

    Wow plenty of options with 125gal. Single Red tailed shark is perfect. Any aggression will be limited to his territory which would probably take up around 25gal of space.. just provide a cave. Plenty of cichlid options. Group of blue Acara for example. Dwarf cichlids would be no problem...
  9. Spudsssy

    55 Gallon Tank I am so exited! I got a new juvenile red tailed shark!

    Iv kept a few different red tailed sharks over the years and they all had different temperaments... I consider 55gal min for community tank and 75gal safer.... They sometimes single out a fish they don't like lol... I never had major problems with them. Just make sure you provide a large cave...
  10. Spudsssy

    Hello! :) And, check out my new shrimp!!!

    Welcome! I would recommend airstone in bowl for shrimp if you don't have one already.
  11. Spudsssy

    Feeding fish kombucha scobi.

    Found paper on using kombucha tea to enhance feed for African catfish. They found it increases growth rate, immunity etc... They spray the 'tea' on the fish feed rather then use the bacteria disc as feed. The fish are still ingesting the bacteria either way so I'll give it a go in my tank and...
  12. Spudsssy

    No heater discussion

    If your climate matches fishes temp range then sure you don't need a heather..... Or if you wanna crank up the heating 24/7 during winter lol..... Fish can handle wide temperature ranges for periods... We got seasons after all. For home aquariums it's best to keep it at optimum temperature...
  13. Spudsssy

    Kuhlis: Double down or Fold?

    Kuhli loaches feeding time I have 21 in 25gal (click above for vid). If you want them to be comfortable and active you need numbers and lots of cover!
  14. Spudsssy

    Feeding fish kombucha scobi.

    I'm will scour the depths of the internet and see what I can find. People feed dried scobi to dogs anyways.
  15. Spudsssy

    Feeding fish kombucha scobi.

    Title says it all. Has anyone tried this? I can't find anything online. A clump of bacteria sounds like the perfect meal for my bio film grazers!!
  16. Spudsssy

    What are these snails?

    Standard pest snails and they are generally introduced with plants. For me I love snails... they are only a pest if you overfeed or there are too much nutrients in substrate. Use them as an indicator of how well your tank is doing.
  17. Spudsssy

    Planted tank using natural sunlight experiment

    Yeoy I'm finding all sorts of stuff living above waterline...... woodlice, snails, spiders! When I remove water lettuce and give it a good shake in water my fish have a field day eating all the little critters living in roots..
  18. Spudsssy

    Planted tank using natural sunlight experiment

    Hi all, Major success with this tank. I have now two lights, one running 6 hours and one running 12 hours and natural sunlight. I have 6 rainbow stiphodon which are super algae eaters along with Otto's and a twig catfish. I have bamboo shrimp which filter feed from water and loads of cherry...
  19. Spudsssy

    I'm running out of things to learn about aquariums

    Information and topics are endless trust me. People spend half their lives studying topics like animal behaviour for example. I spent a year on a single topic relating to fish and only scratched the surface. Behaviour, chemistry, biology, physics, Construction/DIY, ART. Fish keeping literally...
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