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    Want To Sell Dwarf Sagittaria

    I am selling 15+ ‘stem/bunch’ packs for $20. This includes a $10 priority flat rate box. Your package will likely contain more than 15. I feel this is a good number to start a good sized area. If you need a large pack (3x what is offered) we can work something out. These are very healthy Dwarf...
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    SAE identification

    I know this isn’t Oblongus, Langei or a flying Fox. Thinking c. Artimilis or c. Obcurus...anyone know?
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    Will Ich-X stain an acrylic tank?

    Getting a lot of conflicting information from google. Anyone use this product in an acrylic aquarium and did it stain it? Not talking about silicone tubes or ornaments or silicone sealing. I am talking about an/the actual acrylic tank. Never used this before.
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    Osage Orange Bois D'arc or Bodark driftwood

    I just bought a piece of this wood for my tank: Large Natural Unfinished Freshwater driftwood/Aquarium | Etsy I am excited to try it. I have never even heard of this kind of wood. I’ve done a lot of reading and as long as it’s weathered I read there shouldn’t be an issue. The seller said it...
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    Need help identifying what’s wrong

    Tank: What is the water volume of the tank? 60G How long has the tank been running? 6 months Does it have a filter? Yes, canister over filtered Does it have a heater? 300 W What is the water temperature? 78F What is the entire stocking of this tank?: 10 (now 5) Cardinals, 3 ADF (now 1), 2 Honey...
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    Crossochelius Reticulatus vs. Crossocheilus Langei/Oblong (SAE) for BBA

    I am looking for a fish that will eat my BBA. I am familiar with the SAE species listed but upon search I have come across the Crossochelius Reticulatus species. Does anyone have experience with this species? According to my preliminary research - this species is the most superior BBA eating...
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    Sap from wood

    This piece of wood has been soaking for over a month. It is 100% hardwood but I have no idea what kind. Problem is I found a few spots of sap coming out from it. I am not too concerned about the inhabitants more worried this will stick to my acrylic tank and be a pain to clean off. What do you...
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    Weight for driftwood

    So I bought an amazing piece of driftwood and have been water logging it...for a month. And it still floats. So I have done a bit of reading and see I need a stainless steel weight since it won’t rust or harm fish. I am having trouble locating something I can simply screw on the bottom but not...
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    Kudos to Aqua Huna

    Please move thread to vendor review if needed, I have no idea where that is sorry! Just wanted to give a shout out to Gerry and Aqua Huna. The bigger sites use overnight shipping but Huna uses Priority - $12.00 shipping. I was very hesitant because of this. While I am never opposed to...
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    API Nitrate Test

    I used it about 2 weeks ago and everything looked fine. For the past few days (tank is finishing up cycling), as soon as I put in drops from the first bottle it’s like brown almost black. Then the second bottle doesn’t do much. It stays like a brown color and I can tell if it’s faulty, it does...
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    Best $80 you’ll spend

    Maybe I am old and in my day we had either used very inaccurate manual timers or just physically turned stuff off and on. But plants and fish do much better on a schedule much like all of nature, much like ourselves. This strip is by far the best money I have ever spent on all of my equipment...
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    Custom 60 gallon acrylic high tech

    Is this where the build thread/journals go? If not, please move! So I have a lot of tanks in the basement for lots of purposes from plants to breeding but nothing fancy. This build is a peninsula tank, on a reinforced dividing wall between my kitchen and living room. And I plan for it to be...
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    Need check valve for atomizer?

    No co2 sub forum or am I missing it? Is this needed? My regulator is above my atomizer but is below or right at tank water. I’ve heard hit or miss water coming out of the air hole in the atomizer, just don’t like connecting another piece of plumbing that could cause an issue.
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    New house water parameters

    I just bought a new house and no longer have my RO water filter and don’t want to deal with another one. My fish are not used to these new parameters. My tap comes out a ridiculous 210 ppm GH and 160 ppm KH, 7.8/8.0 PH, 0 nitrate, 0 nitrite, 0 phosphates. Now before anyone says that water is...
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    Will Glofish school with others of a different color

    So my tanks are always natural. Heavily plants, rocks, wood, moss. I am setting up a new one and my girlfriend is begging me to put Glofish in there. At first I said no, but since they’re not injected I agreed. I honestly don’t like bright, unnatural neon colors whether it be plants or...
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    Covering a tank to cycle

    So I have cycled a lot of tanks. My tanks always begin heavily planted to get a jump start fighting algae. I hate algae. Still, I always get some algae for 3-4 months until I can fine tune it a bit. Since I normally put plants in right away (dry or wet start), I must use lights. During this...
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    Eheim Classic vs. Pro 4+

    I always used the classic series, they’ve been great. But it seems the 4+ Pro 600 will be just as much money as the 2217. This would only be visual for me, as I don’t care about baskets, but the Pro is much better looking. Then I read about leaks and issues. I love Eheim and have about...
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    Inline External Heaters

    Anyone use these? Thinking of replacing my Aqueon PRO or Fluvals with them. Less stuff in the tank and less cleaning. Drawback is not heat of filter is off but can’t think of much else. Might have trouble keeping it vertical none seem to have suction cups. I use remote controls. Anyone use...
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    U or J glass that’s 80mm or bigger

    Found some really nice ones from BorneoWild over across the pond but can’t find anything in the USA. At this point I don’t care if it’s metal or glass just need something to go over 3 inches of Eurobrace, any suggestions?
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