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    Best Live Plants For A Beginner?

    Marimo moss balls, anubias, and java fern are the easiest and can survive most things. Slightly above that, duckweed, java moss, susswassertang, crypt wendtii, hornwort would be good to try.
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    Live Plants In Tank

    Goldfish like eating plants. Duckweed should grow fast enough to compensate for that, anubias is tough enough to withstand most goldfish, and parrot's feather my goldfish have not found delicious.
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    What Is This

    It seems to be a hydra.
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    Water Flow Too Strong For Mollies

    Coarse sponge like this is great. Petco sells it; I've used it on plenty of tanks.
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    Shubunkins In A Temporary Tank?

    Shubunkins are single tailed goldfish. They need ponds not tanks.
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    Meet Gibson The Goby!

    Blue neon goby.
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    Meet Gibson The Goby!

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    Meet Gibson The Goby!

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    Feeling Crafty?

    The last one looks cool!
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    Help Me Choose My Schooling Fish!

    Diamonds are my first choice with silver tips second.
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    How Long Have You Guys Been Keeping Fish?

    For real about 4 years. But I've 'kept' them since I was 5. But I don't really count that. I didn't care for them properly.
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    Black Ghost Knifefish

    Do you already have a huge tank to put it in after a few months?
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    It was divine. 9/10.
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    Black Ghost Knifefish

    No. A full grown one wouldn't even fit in a 20 gallon. They can get up to 20 inches long.
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    So I just found the best food ever. It's brown sugar ham on homemade challah bread with M&Ms on top. One of the best things I've eaten in my life.
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    Betta in a Planted Tank

    Tons don't require CO2. Depends on your lighting and whether or not this is a column tank.
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    20 High Stocking Plan Okay?

    Pick between the dwarf gourami and the honeys. Do 3 honey gouramis if you go with them. Otherwise looks fine. Wouldn't do a BN pleco in this setup mainly because of bioload. What sort of corydoras do you have?
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    60 Gallon 16th Birthday Tank Build!!

    Thanks! I have harlequins as my schooler.
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