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    Goldfish changing colour

    HI folks My goldfish has a small bit of black colour on the top of his tail. It has always been there since I got him. its part of his natural colour, funnily it looks like hes a swordtail, because he has the same sword edge at the end of his tail fin. The past couple of days ive noticed...
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    Found black Snails - are they bad?

    HI everyone I woke up this morning and did the usual tank check and I found there was 2 small black snails on the top of the water surface on the glass. Would they have come in on the plants ? and is this a bad thing ? thanks C W
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    5 Gallon tank

    I have a 5 gallon tank and it has been cycling for about 2-3 weeks. I'm thinking of putting some white cloud mountain minnows in there? but could I put anything else in with them ? I have a spare fluval filter and air pump that I put in 2 weeks ago also. I put 3 Elodea plants in there as well...
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    fish missing scales

    HI everyone my goldfish are missing a number of scales on 1 side. I know its been my bristlenose female. Can I do anythin 2 stop this ? The goldfish are still eating and swimming fine but could this become more serious ? Is there a reason why my bristlenose is doing this ? thanks C W
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    This place has wild changed lol

    Yo! how is everyone doing ? its been a while since i've been on fishlore! Well I still have my fish tank its goin very well ! I have two silver dollars and a few mollies and swordtails in there but that's it really! I have opened up my passion for hamsters again and recently got 2 russian dwarf...
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    identify this fish?

    HELLO EVERY1!! hope every1 is keepin well! I recently purchased this small fish and I'm not sure what species it is! could some1 please help me and direct me 2 a page where I can read up on it!! thanks very much!! C W
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    results r in!

    I got 3 B's and a D in my AS-levels I got a B in history a B in english lit a B in RE and a D in my fourth sunbject ancient history which I'm droppin next year! I'm very pleased I'm still in shock I did so well I found it tough this year next years goin 2 b worse though! C W
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    getting rid of fungus

    there has been an ongoing problem with fungus on my fishies taials the past couple of weeks especially on my silver dollar I keep treatin it with king british it goes away but then always comes bak how can I get rid of it for good ?? C W
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    silver dollar ?

    my silver dollar has sum GREY PATCHES fin I thought these were just healing marks as when I got him his tail had been shreadded but I think it could b sumthin else but I don't no what hes still swimmin about normally and it doesn't seem 2 b annoyin him , any ideas ? is it fin rot or a fungus ...
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    fish acting strangely!?

    all ny fish were in a big huddle in 1 corner as a big group when I came in 2 feed them then I put food in and they went hyper it liked sumthin had really scared them it took them a while 2 get the confidence 2 come up 4 food but they eat it all they r goin really hyper at the minute makin sum...
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    the new tank setup

    this is the new set up every1 lol yes the gravel just keeps on gettin crazier 4 me I went 4 sum Liverpool FC red this time lol sum of my swordtails u can just about make out C W
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    lighting for my plants

    I hav had an aqua glow 15watt bulb in my current tank I looked 2 c if u could get a 22inch aqua glow bulb but u cant the bulb I'm gettin with my new tank is a 20watt bulb and I do not think its flourescent, will this b ok 4 my live plants ??? thanks C W
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    2 female swordtails fighting

    2 of my female swords seem 2 b fighting a lot they swim round in circles then peck at the side of one anothers bodies is this normal behaviour ? could they b fighting over the male swordtail ? C W
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    seems my pH has gone up 2 between 7.0 and 7.2 or maybe 7.3 will my fish b ok under these conditions ? C W
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    bristlenose sucker fish and driftwood

    I got a new bristlenose 2day due 2 my last 1 dying on me (he was far 2 small) I got a bigger 1 2day but I was wonderin does the driftwood in my tank effect it in anyway due 2 it eating off it ?? C W
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    my red tail

    my red tail seems 2 b hiding a fair bit these days but brfore he was wimmin all over the place he hides in the same place nearly all the time and I hardly ever see him out and about anymore is he ill or is this normal behaviour ? C W
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    lyretail molly

    my black molly now has sum big white spots on his tail and 2 on his body but there not pin head white spots could it possibly b sum fin rot ?? I did a big water change the other day and that got rid of the other fishes small white spots plus turned the temp. up a bit, all these white spots is...
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    adding aquarium salt ??

    will adding some aquarium salt 4 the new mollies I hope 2 get 2day effect my other fish in any other way ??? or will it help them in anyway ?? C W
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    white spot on gourami ?

    now my gourami has about 3 small white spots on his tail but no where else on his body the platy still has 1 on its tail ?? what is the cause of these spots they r still so active and eating brilliantly well C W
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    drivin theory test 2moro!!!!!

    I hav my car theory test 2moro, in the UK test u hav 2 get at least 30 out of 35 in the questions part (400 questions they can choose from!!!) then in the hazard perception test (visual test) I need 2 get at least 44 out of 70 2pass then if I pass it I can do my drivin test in the summer hope I...
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