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  1. oceansfish

    75 Gallon Tank Should i just give up?

    my tank doesn't have any real problems. it's a nice hefty marineland one. i have chronic generalized anxiety disorder and it feels like i've aged years over worrying that the tank would give out. i LOVE fish, and this is like my dream tank. but i don't know how much more i can handle. i've also...
  2. oceansfish

    Curing Fungus on snails, preventing the spread?

    hey fish friends! i've got a little problem that i'm trying to prevent from spiraling out of control. the brother and i went to petco and picked out some mystery snails from the adoption tank. while i was in the store, i just thought they had a cool two-toned pattern. after i got home and was...
  3. oceansfish

    10 Gallon Tank Snails and Black Fungus

    -- @mods if you could delete this thread, that would be great! (reposted with different details elsewhere)
  4. oceansfish

    75 Gallon Tank 75 gallon stocking ideas?

    it finally has happened!! my tank cycled, and i couldn't be happier. seeing the readings at 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5.0 nitrate. i'm trying to get some ideas of stocking loadouts. so far i'm thinking 6x white skirt tetras, 4x mollies (all female), 6x various platys (bumblebee and panda, all...
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