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  1. Convoluted77

    Snail Trap/Oto Catfish?!

    If they fit I would say it's technically possible just based on seeing my otos occasionally wiggle their way into my uplift tubes and take bubble baths for hours. I think your risk is pretty low but sometimes fish do end up in strange places.
  2. Convoluted77

    How much to feed CPD & white clouds

    As long as everyone is getting a few snacks it's likely enough food. Always under feed if you have any doubts. Overfeeding can cause more issues quicker where as underfeeding can be easily corrected if you see a skinny fish or aren't seeing good growth.White clouds can be little piggies in my...
  3. Convoluted77

    Red tiger lilly is HUGE

    I'm jealous of your pond. It looks like a nice place to relax by with a cup of coffee in the mornings. No advice to give on your lily really other than possibly feeding it some root tabs to keep the bulb charged up with nutrients. They really grow like crazy when they have big lily pads at the...
  4. Convoluted77

    Emerald Dwarf Rasbora fry :)

    I'm up to 10 so far.They are growing slowly but they all have made it to a decent size and I don't worry about them any more.They all seem to have found their bearings and are starting to behave like little rascals.They aren't shy at all at this point so it's easy to watch them.I have a...
  5. Convoluted77

    How long to wait before reintroducing my snails

    Sorry for the late reply.It did take me about 4 weeks or so to be honest but partly because I only do 15-20% water changes weekly so it took extra time to turn my full volume of water over.I did run purigen the whole time and attempted to reintroduce a couple of my snails after two weeks but...
  6. Convoluted77

    Alder cones in 10g

    Not sure.i used like 5 cones and could barely see in my tank the next day.Now I use like 1 cone at a time.
  7. Convoluted77

    July 2021 - Aquarium of the Month

    Here's my 29g nano fish mess.Home to 17 ember tetras,6 white clouds,12 emerald dwarf rasboras,6 habrosus cory, 10 pygmy cory,1 oto,1 mystery snail a few nerites and 100s of neocardina shrimp.
  8. Convoluted77

    Beige Clumpy Seachem Purigen

    Yup no issues here. I have a couple of the refill bottles and they both have the darker colored purigen.
  9. Convoluted77

    Sponge filter in small tank with fry

    correct me if I'm wrong but I think you want a control valve not a check valve.Control valve has the knob for adjusting air flow while a check valve is for stopping water from traveling back through your airline and potentially damaging your pump.
  10. Convoluted77

    Is the clay from ohko stone safe for cherry shrimp?

    I have a bunch of dragon stone in with my shrimp and haven't heared any complaints.
  11. Convoluted77

    Emerald Dwarf Rasbora fry :)

    *Update* The fry are doing pretty good! I think there's 8 of them.They have been eating a combo of 1st bites,sera micron and vinegar eels and the largest can just barely gobble up a baby brine shrimp.I don't have a seperate fry tank so I've just let nature take its course and surprisingly the...
  12. Convoluted77

    Small fish for oversized 10 gallon

    Least killifish are super tiny livebearers.Not the most colorful but they can do great in a 10g tank.Not picky at all and probably don't even need a heater if you have a stable room temperature.
  13. Convoluted77

    In which Basil attempts to grow stem plants yet again

    Your tank looks amazing and I can't wait to see if/when you add the kubotais. I think they will look awesome.
  14. Convoluted77

    Emerald Dwarf Rasbora fry :)

    Wow that's a crazy price. I hope you can find some reasonably priced sometime soon.They are such a cute and playful fish in the right setup. They have kept me entertained now for about a year and half in several different tanks.I plan to always have them lol.
  15. Convoluted77

    Emerald Dwarf Rasbora fry :)

    Just took a quick peek at my shrimp tank which also houses a half dozen adult edrs and something caught my eye.Then about 10 somethings caught my eye .Cute little fry tootling about.My 1st fry so hopefully some of them make it.
  16. Convoluted77

    Need help understanding TDS

    Glenn is correct. True ohko dragon stone is inert and will not effect water params but there's plenty of "dragon stone" out there that isn't true or has calcium deposits or whatev in it. If you have any leftover stone or want to remove a piece from your tank you can do a vinegar test on it to...
  17. Convoluted77

    Tips for baby shrimp survival?

    If its a shrimp only tank I wouldn't do much of anything.if they've made it to a size that you can see them clearly (which they have) then they have already figured it out and are eating the same thing as mom and dad and they are well on their way. Grats on the shrimplets.
  18. Convoluted77

    20 Gallon Tank Tap & tank water parameters changed, what to do?

    You may be right on the replenish haha.I use salty shrimp pretty religiously tho to reminieralize my ro water but it does raise gh and kh both.As for the coral I find that it has a high limit around 7.8ish meaning it just stops dissolving and won't skyrocket past that.If you use smaller amounts...
  19. Convoluted77

    20 Gallon Tank Tap & tank water parameters changed, what to do?

    If it becomes a problem you could always add a dash of buffer like saltyshrimp gh/kh+ or seachem replenish to your water changes.Just enough to bump your kh up a tad.Crushed coral works good as well but it's kind of trial and error on how much ya need and it's a little less controlled.
  20. Convoluted77

    I made trading cards of some plants!

    So nerdy . I love it!
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