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  1. Catappa

    I can no longer access videos!

    Even videos that I post! When I click on a link, the area becomes black. Does this have something to do with me being in Europe? It used to work just fine.
  2. Catappa

    Surprise population explosion

    I bought 10 (minimum order) Sakura Red Fire shrimp back in April. I can usually find up to five in the tank, because they camouflage well with my red-leaved plants and were also small when I got them. Now they are big and beautiful with very intense color. I always ordered my shrimp from this...
  3. Catappa

    Live food and hitchhikers

    I used to breed mosquitoes in a pail outside and also scoop daphnia out of my small ponds to feed my fish. After a horrendous murder spree carried out in an aquarium by an invasion of damselfly nymphs years ago, I stopped feeding live. The damselflies most likely came in with plants (since then...
  4. Catappa

    Help me ID my mystery Rasbora

    After reading through this, maybe someone here has an idea what my little fish is. This is the sixth day my little Rasboras are living with me. I wanted to start with a small school of maybe 10, but was only able to obtain 5. I have an order in for at least another 6, but no idea when that will...
  5. Catappa

    Lemon Tetra

    Lemon Tetra (Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis) Is anyone interested in a rather unnerving-looking fish? I just saw a photo of albino Lemon Tetras carried by an importer over here. EEK! Suitable for a Halloween tank! They are white, semi-transparent fish (you can see most of their skeletons) and have...
  6. Catappa

    Outdoor mini-pond: Do you protect your fish against predators?

    I don't do anything with my two existing small ponds. One has salamanders every year. The other is, as yet, uninhabited. I'm planning to create some mini-ponds and keep tiny fish in them (Medakas, maybe also Guppies). Those of you with ponds: do you protect your fish against predators? I only...
  7. Catappa

    How to post an article

    I'm busy writing an in-depth article (and yes, I've searched and there isn't info all in one easy-to find place, plus I have a lot more to add). Once it's ready, how and where do I post it? Does it have to first have approval?
  8. Catappa

    How do I use bold type in a thread title?

    I've searched, but can't find this info. Many thread titles are in bold.
  9. Catappa

    Catappa's 55 liter nano

    February 24: Set up tank with Vinyl background outside tank, Prime-treated water, Deponit substrate and black Dennerle shrimp gravel. Temporary aquascape with Mopani wood, imitation wood tree stumps and following plants: Microsorum pteropus,,Lysimachia nummularia aurea", Micranthemum monte...
  10. Catappa

    No longer a dirty dog

    My Leonberger Makwa was turning into a Mudberger! But it was actually warm today, so I got out pails and a large sponge and the dog shampoo, locked us both into the outdoor kennel and managed to do one lathering, massage and rinse. This was all I could manage and have been resting with pain...
  11. Catappa

    Advice needed about my LED lighting

    I bought a "kit" from a very respected LED lamp supplier. He advises which (waterproof) LED strips to purchase and has online instructions about how to glue them inside the hood of your aquarium. I bought everything needed and also a time controller (that also determines daylight, dim light...
  12. Catappa

    My Cat Family

    I already introduced my dog in the dog thread. I am owned by five neutered male cats that are all indoor cats. I had a bad experience many years ago when there was a cat poisoner in the street I lived in back then and decided I would only keep indoor cats after that. My cats have lots of...
  13. Catappa

    Another fishless cycling question

    I need advice, but need to give background info first. Sorry that it is long. I put my questions in bold at the end. After over half a century of keeping fish, you'd think I'd know by now, but my stroke affected patches of memory! I still have one quite neglected 110 liter aquarium upstairs in...
  14. Catappa

    DIY Tree Tutorial

    I'm a firm believer in saving money (money? what's that?) and making my own decor. It's not only fun to be creative, but you also have something unique. It's easy to make your own trees for your aquascape, either for a forest look or Bonsai. Buy some driftwood in a shape that appeals to you...
  15. Catappa


    Hi Fishy Friends! I've been lurking briefly and decided to join, as this is certainly a friendly and informative forum (unlike a few others I've looked at). I am OLD, lol! I started with tropical fish back in the dark ages when I was a young teenager and learned all I could from books and...
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