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    10 gallon interesting

    Looking for something different than just a community tank in my 10 gallon. Some cool niche fish or maybe an amphibian? Looking for something cool and different.
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    Bleach Treat Aquarium

    I had a nice tank but then it got Hydra. I moved all the livestock to different cycled aquariums. Ive still got the plants in the tank. A trusted person at my lfs told me to just use bleach to kill the hydra since I have no livestock it it. I was told to put 1/4 cup in my tank every 72 hrs and...
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    I just built my shrimp a new bowl and moved them in yesterday afternoon. Today, I was checking the old tank to make sure there was no straggles, when I notice some Hydra. Do you think I'm ok bc I moved them, or should I treat the new tank? Also can I make sure plants are safe by bleach dipping?
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    Dhg Carpet

    Looking to grow this into a carpet. Just freshly planted yesterday. If I want to encourage it to spread, sould I trim it short, or leave it for now?
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    Pleco turning off-white in some spots

    Saw my pleco this morning during feeding and I noticed he was turning off-white in some spot. Do u guys know what this could be?
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    Crested Gecko Soil

    Ive got a bioactive setup that I have my crested gecko in. The soil is pretty dry and I have no water in my drainage layer. I also noticed that none of the poop is being eaten even though I did add a clean-up crew. How wet should the soil be? Thanks, Anthony
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    Crayfish With Neos

    Do any of you know if it would be safe to add a dwarf Mexican crayfish into my orange pumpkin neo tank? Would it eat babies at all? Anthony
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    ISO Rare Snails

    Looking to buy a super cool snail for my shrimp tank. Msg me if you've got anything. Thanks!
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    Rare Snail

    Looking for a cool rare snail to put in my shrimp tank? I'd be willing to spend a little more than usual. Any species suggestions?
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    Iso Frogbit/ Water Lettuce

    Looking to buy some for my shrimp tank. Thx!
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    My Java Fern is turning yellow. What deficiency is this?

    Hey guys, My Java Fern is turning yellow. What deficiency is this?
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    Ich-Like Disease

    My Blue Acara has had these ick like spots on him for a bout a week now. I know in the ick life cycle it falls off after 2 days. Also, none of my other fish have been infected. The spots are mostly on his forehead and by his tail. What could this be? See pics attached. Thank you!
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    Small Ramshorn And Bladder Snails

    I've got some some small Ramshorn and bladder snails. 20 cents each. I also have one large trident Java fern. It has a few daughter plants and I'd say it's about 10-12 inches tall. $10 Only local Chicago area. Pm if yr interested!!
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    Two Lined Salamander

    I want to keep some of those guys in my 5.5. Advice and could I even? Thanks! If not what newts would be good in a 5.5?
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    Mexican Dwarf Crayfish

    Right now I breed shimp and when I was at the fish sore this weekend I noticed the next dwarf crawfish. If I wanna breed them in 10 gal what should I know? I know nothing abt these guys. Thanks!!!
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    White line

    This shrimp looks kinda weird. He has a white line vertically down his back. Not horizontally in the middle. Any ideas what's wrong? I'm testing my water right when I get home. Thx
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    Anyone got some spirulina powder? If u do, msg me. Thanks!
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    What Fish Is This?

    Got this from my lfs. Pretty cool. But I think he may have killed one of my rummies.
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    Sick Emperor Tetra

    I just got 3 emperor tetras from my lfs. 2 have died and one is not eating and looks very faded. The other 2 look really good. Also, I found one of my neon tetras today without most of its body. Everything was fine before I added the Emperor Tetras. Ammonia: .25 ppm Nitrates: Nitrites: Ph...
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    Neos With Amano

    I have 10 neos in a tank with 3 amano shrimp. Every time I try to feed them, the amano shrimp comes and grabs the food and swims into his cave. What should I do?
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